Yesterdays 10th Anniversary Show Chat From About An Hour Into The Show For Those Who Are Interested In Who Said What

Timestamps are in Hawaiian Time... Do your own math from there!
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Equix: Hi VH mate (10:25am)
TNG_3B: He's either drinking Urine Ale, Piss Lager or Semen Stout(10:25am)
VikingHelm: Hey man!(10:25am)
Equix: Hello DB ! (10:26am)
DAMNTHETORPEDOES2: I didn't get you all a my middle finger will have to do, Happy Birthday;.(10:26am)
ChosennOne: JON, DO WE HAVE ANY EMAILS(10:26am)
NiceLady: Are you running LiveLeak as your hobby?(10:26am)
mikeoxmoore: cheers every bloody(10:26am)
chickadee2: I think you should grant Pardons to all that have been booted..At least the originals..Come on Hayden what do ya say? In the spirit of the day?(10:26am)
Sherbert: stfu(10:26am)
Kopernikus: Bran, lift your glasses if you read this(10:26am)
xer0: Hayden plays the guitar like Lister from red dwarf(10:26am)
Sno0opy: 10 yrs old now... could I touch your girlfriends boobs dad?(10:26am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Any emails ther Graeme, I sent one at the start of the show(10:26am)
willybilly: my favorite liveleak video is when ronald mcdonald visits a mcdonalds in the uk
PiiaBrazi: have to say i do like the accent from yorkshire (10:26am)
DESERT RAT: There's a street by my house named Yorkshire..(10:26am)
FFFfffap: Is that Fred 'fhritp' inbetween Keith and Graham?(10:26am)
drast: clinton is a disaster(10:26am)
chocotorro: never ever ever, click on the hot girl ad(10:26am)
TNG_3B: or possibly an I.PEE.A.(10:26am)
XxGaLoSxX: first video i ever saw was Budd Dwyer(10:26am)
DildoBaggins: SUP EQUIX(10:26am)
agardenchair: haha that smoke(10:26am)
FreeEntertainment: no(10:26am)
Billy Grimpill: no(10:26am)
Cup Of Tea.: Lazy northern scum.(10:26am)
ZANGADO: Liberalism is a cancer to society(10:26am)
Sno0opy: DILDOBAGGINS!!!(10:27am)
Equix: all good mate (10:27am)
MacDuff: Yes on internet explorer(10:27am)
DESERT RAT: I fap to some of the ads.(10:27am)
willybilly: i wish liveleak had more ads(10:27am)
moppa: dosent bother me(10:27am)
Kopernikus: not just pictures(10:27am)
agardenchair: is Hayden a dragon(10:27am)
LolBananaFuck: (((adblocker) fixed(10:27am)
Sordid: there are ads?(10:27am)
Sno0opy: DESERT RAT!!!(10:27am)
Ben Yair: wtf is conor mcgregor doing here(10:27am)
NiceLady: Hey! People in Germany also watch you(10:27am)
xer0: Post an Advert for haydens Vape Mod, ill buy it(10:27am)
DildoBaggins: Snooooooooooooopy(10:27am)
ChosennOne: Click bair(10:27am)
mikeoxmoore: Liberalism is fail and AIDS(10:27am)
FFFfffap: I do hate adds that play before a youtube embed(10:27am)
Kopernikus: pictures from Jim Carrey(10:27am)
first archangel: the russian girls are a distraction(10:27am)
VikingHelm: Hey DB(10:27am)
Sordid: Sloop 0/(10:27am)
DESERT RAT: snooopy(10:27am)
DildoBaggins: Sup VH(10:27am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: I like the adds some have boobies(10:27am)
ZANGADO: Kill liberals with fire(10:27am)
Jayjo: Nothing pops up when I Liveleak(10:27am)
Sno0opy: WILLYBILLY!!!(10:27am)
drast: EU is ebola(10:27am)
Sordid: same @Jayjo(10:27am)
carlos333: An old yorkshire couple go to spain, The wife was unpacking and said, Oh george we have forgot the bisto, Go and ask the English couple next door if t..(10:27am)
xer0: Projectile sheeeeeiiitt(10:27am)
TNG_3B: Sloop for Pres, vote mah nigs(10:27am)
chocotorro: I got HIV from one of the ads(10:28am)
wetherby: JAYJO!!(10:28am)
willybilly: wazzup sno(10:28am)
Ugbug: Snippets of LiveLeak(10:28am)
Cup Of Tea.: Play it.(10:28am)
ZANGADO: Spay and neuter liberals(10:28am)
Sherbert: who dafuq is this guy(10:28am)
first archangel: Sadam(10:28am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: teo girls one cup you sick fuck(10:28am)
xer0: yeeeahhhhhhhh(10:28am)
drast: wtf(10:28am)
manlyman785: I'd like to advertise my goat porn site. How much for a small ad on the homepage?(10:28am)
willybilly: here is that bull vid hayden likes
Jayjo: Hi, Wetherby (10:28am)
carlos333: hey have any, He knocks on and says " Ast any bisto?"(10:28am)
Madmoses75: penis(10:28am)
VikingHelm: Spraytanned!(10:28am)
TNG_3B: What the fookin el, mate?(10:28am)
chocotorro: WTF???(10:28am)
Billy Grimpill: speaks bloody volumes that hayden loves this video i reckon(10:28am)
wetherby: DCMFOX??(10:28am) dad?(10:28am)
fat belly: 30 mic mic killing muslims so my fav(10:28am)
DESERT RAT: bullshit_detector & dcmfox(10:28am)
Sordid: what in the bloody hell!(10:28am)
LiveleakShowUsername: god damn(10:28am)
Madmoses75: lol(10:28am)
tanktop: FUCK IS THAT YOU?????(10:28am)
ChosennOne: OMG THAT IS(10:28am)
MajorGeneralDespair: fapping to sprayed shit, wtf(10:28am)
Sordid: Fire it up!(10:28am)
JustSomeUsername: looks like a nice civilized place(10:28am)
Sno0opy: WHAT in the FUCK!?!?!?!?(10:28am)
TNG_3B: fuckin freaks!(10:28am)
first archangel: o the jungle(10:28am)
xer0: can we rerun that, i missed a bit(10:28am)
Kopernikus: why am i not surprised(10:28am)
chocotorro: okay I'm blind(10:29am)
FFFfffap: play it again!(10:29am)
carlos333: The English lad says " Fuck off you spanish cunt"(10:29am)
SomeTosser: lol(10:29am)
Cup Of Tea.: Smeblee ?(10:29am)
Sordid: He passes the gay test(10:29am)
XxGaLoSxX: LMAO(10:29am)
Wagz_zgaW: Im hungry now(10:29am)
FreeEntertainment: lol(10:29am)
drast: dafuk was that shite(10:29am)
TNG_3B: Shitspray(10:29am)
xer0: lol(10:29am)
agardenchair: a true highlight of the history of mankind(10:29am)
Sordid: lol(10:29am)
Tolien Soren: spraysausage(10:29am)
DAMNTHETORPEDOES2: never seen it.(10:29am)
dan123: Anyone want roast chicken?(10:29am)
chocotorro: put some of that in a sandwich.. mmmm....(10:29am)
ChosennOne: Have you heard of broken wrist symdrome.(10:29am)
FFFfffap: Duke's father has run away(10:29am)
xer0: I get that after a bottle of whiskey and a bag of monster munch(10:29am)
fat belly: someones not in there seat(10:29am)
Billy Grimpill: rofl(10:29am)
SomeTosser: sloop(10:29am)
galloping_nob_rot: lol(10:29am)
Sordid: ha ha!(10:29am)
zero-g: oh sureeeeee, but I upload a little war porn and,,,,(10:29am)
Sno0opy: SLOOOOOOOOOP!!!(10:29am)
Madmoses75: HEYDEN....TRUMP OR HILLARY?(10:29am)
chickadee2: lol(10:29am)
TNG_3B: Sloop runs shit round this bitch(10:29am)
ZANGADO: That was gay(10:29am)
LiveleakShowUsername: jesus christ turn your mic down gram graham whatever beardy man(10:29am)
LolBananaFuck: TOO LOUD U HIPY CUNT(10:29am)
carlos333: Legend(10:29am)
littleb242: rhis is what happens when human are left unsupervised(10:30am)
MajorGeneralDespair: I sent an email half an hour ago(10:30am)
bugman78629: TRUMP 2016(10:30am)
MacDuff: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! http//
altFfour: You folks all look like old pimps in their 60s. Probably former AOL users.(10:30am)
chocotorro: okay everyone calm the fuck down, you are typing to fast(10:30am)
littleb242: Niether(10:30am)
ZANGADO: TRUMP 2016(10:30am)
TNG_3B: Where is Bran, eating his Bran Flakes, I suppose(10:30am)
Hurricane64: look for the stain on mcgregor when hes back lol(10:30am)
Weird Beard: Swedish Freddie Flintoff(10:30am)
xer0: lmfao former aol users....(10:30am)
MajorGeneralDespair: I sent an email half an hour ago(10:30am)
PiiaBrazi: young man, im older(10:30am)
carlos333: 44 my ring(10:30am)
Delaypat: fake(10:30am)
DAMNTHETORPEDOES2: wtf, trump because he's more likely to be assassinated.(10:30am)
MacDuff: <b> F </b>(10:30am)
Hurricane64: aol lol(10:30am)
Sno0opy: I'm older than Hayden - FUCK !(10:30am)
xer0: i was more a compuserve(10:30am)
userwank: yess(10:31am)
TNG_3B: McGregor got himself a cold one(10:31am)
first archangel: enjoy the brew folks(10:31am)
PiiaBrazi: calm down snoopy, so am i (10:31am)
MacDuff: We still pay monthly(10:31am)
fat belly: remember the BUFFFFFFERING (10:31am)
Hurricane64: who remembers the dial tone(10:31am)
agardenchair: good times(10:31am)
DESERT RAT: I just turned 40..(10:31am)
Sno0opy: Piia - heehee(10:31am)
egalite: free 49 minutes(10:31am)
SomeTosser: I miss the dial up log in noises(10:31am)
TNG_3B: the dial tone... Nooooooo(10:31am)
xer0: anyone remember the partyhouse dot com?(10:31am)
wetherby: Piia, me too.(10:31am)
LiveleakShowUsername: pay per minute was horrible(10:31am)
TonySpain: hi there(10:31am)
MajorGeneralDespair: yes hurricane(10:31am)
MacDuff: y I Just turned -122(10:31am)
Madmoses75: buuuuuhhhh(10:31am)
zero-g: kids today,,, they have no clue the commitment it took(10:31am)
chocotorro: YouPubes(10:31am)
xer0: ooooooo i member(10:31am)
carlos333: Jewtube(10:31am)
bugman78629: DID MCGREGOR GET AIDS.....(10:31am)
Billy Grimpill: its crap(10:31am)
Minchia: zero-g(10:32am)
SomeTosser: 28k(10:32am)
DildoBaggins: I once knew a hooker and her name was red she had no teeth but she gave great head lol(10:32am)
JustSomeUsername: korean(10:32am)
MacDuff: popeye(10:32am)
snoopAhLoop: Hello All(10:32am)
Cup Of Tea.: Mac Duff I love u stuff. etc(10:32am)
galloping_nob_rot: lol(10:32am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Watch NARCOS(10:32am)
TNG_3B: Welcome to the LeakTube(10:32am)
AngryFourByTwo: first archangle...BLOCKED...(10:32am)
Equix: 14,4 lol(10:32am)
egalite: 28k, i remember(10:32am)
willybilly: gingers have red blood(10:32am)
Sordid: Brilliant episode(10:32am)
PiiaBrazi: hey snoopaloop(10:32am)
MacDuff: tThank you Cupof Tea(10:32am)
Sno0opy: DB - LMAO!!(10:32am)
Kopernikus: hey RAGING BULL;let bran sit on the couch you ungrateful fuck(10:32am)
hellyhood: ok bye happy birfday(10:32am)
snoopAhLoop: Hi Piia(10:32am)
DESERT RAT: Reaction videos are gay as fuck..(10:32am)
egalite: windows 93 or whatever it was(10:32am)
DildoBaggins: Lol snoopy(10:32am)
MacDuff: t the moment to cover it(10:32am)
Jouco: 95(10:32am)
Equix: 95(10:32am)
chocotorro: guys guys chill out(10:32am)
Sno0opy: Yes Piia?(10:32am)
xer0: DOS 6.0 ftw(10:32am)
AngryFourByTwo: WANK...(10:32am)
egalite: before 95(10:32am)
zero-g: minchia !!!!! (10:32am)
UsiSusi: sup wimps and muppets (10:32am)
XxGaLoSxX: feminism(10:33am)
dan123: Leave Trisha aloooooone!(10:33am)
PiiaBrazi: said hi to snoopahloop , snoopy (10:33am)
patsnaso: they have a relation with the cast(10:33am)
Equix: before 95 it was 94 lol(10:33am)
Sno0opy: HAHA(10:33am)
Billy Grimpill: the whole world needs to man the fuck up(10:33am)
agardenchair: people cry because they want to cry(10:33am)
LiveleakShowUsername: 3.11(10:33am)
MacDuff: loll(10:33am)
zero-g: stupid no pm feature(10:33am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, do you consider yourself a celebrity(10:33am)
egalite: thanks equix! (10:33am)
userwank: she was laughing(10:33am)
snoopAhLoop: Can someone summarize what I missed so far?(10:33am)
Madmoses75: better than vertical filmed(10:33am)
xer0: what a joke(10:33am)
Sno0opy: Piia - I'm drunk(10:33am)
HaunebuDrei: WIN3.1(10:33am)
chocotorro: 8=o(10:33am)
Equix: np egalite (10:33am)
HaunebuDrei: C64(10:33am)
willybilly: i hope they make virtual diseases too(10:33am)
egalite: 3.1 dare it is(10:33am)
PiiaBrazi: well, im getting there so, no worries (10:33am)
LolBananaFuck: Hayden your site is slowly becoming youtube so.....(10:33am)
DAMNTHETORPEDOES2: I'm wasting my time here. You suck at this, hayden. laters. Fuck your birthday and stick up your ass.(10:33am)
userwank: gta v rape(10:33am)
xer0: feminism gone mad..(10:33am)
SomeTosser: Get me some of that virtual pussy(10:33am)
carlos333: lmao(10:33am)
Sno0opy: French fries... not potato chips(10:33am)
Topple215: I came here thinking everyone would be having fun but Hayden screaming like every show(10:33am)
MacDuff: Hilary rally *(10:33am)
agardenchair: this guy is pretty tough he can look at bloody videos(10:33am)
JustSomeUsername: we got a hillary voter here(10:33am)
chocotorro: 8=O(10:33am)
altFfour: lol(10:33am)
TNG_3B: I would grope women on Playstation Home (10:34am)
Hurricane64: put your balaclava on and itll be ok(10:34am)
Sordid: Second Life(10:34am)
4Promille: grab em by the pixels!(10:34am)
snoopAhLoop: Will there be any analysis of the Cubs World Series game?(10:34am)
Sno0opy: YES!!!!(10:34am)
drast: ghritp(10:34am)
Madmoses75: come on Heyden....(10:34am)
chocotorro: Penile(10:34am)
MacDuff: Negan(10:34am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:34am)
xer0: gta rape mod..(10:34am)
LolBananaFuck: SHIT PARTY IM OUTA HERE(10:34am)
SanMiguel: faggots(10:34am)
MacDuff: Yo Ut UB E(10:34am)
Sno0opy: Grab her by the.... umm(10:34am)
Equix: LOL(10:34am)
Dogdu Nuffin: JPEG's expire in 48 hours...WHY?(10:34am)
PiiaBrazi: (10:34am)
willybilly: hahaha(10:34am)
Jouco: bahumbug,.. it brings in traffic(10:34am)
Madmoses75: WE don`t(10:34am)
Billy Grimpill: lol fucking right(10:34am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:34am)
chocotorro: I hate blacks(10:34am)
FFFfffap: Could you wait a little bit before doing the quiz? I don't want to miss it but I have to take a poo...(10:35am)
drast: lol(10:35am)
MacDuff: Happy Birthday Youtube!!!(10:35am)
zero-g: OGRISHHHHHHHHH(10:35am)
fat belly: Do you Remember the AWFUL BUFFFFFFERING (10:35am)
userwank: Piona art(10:35am)
snoopAhLoop: W H A T I S G O I N G O N H E R E??(10:35am)
DildoBaggins: Sup DEVILHORNS(10:35am)
Sophisticatedchaos: bring back
XxGaLoSxX: we all hate them(10:35am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:35am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Islam will take over Europe?(10:35am)
OCEANBLUE: Look in the background, someone is waiting for the party pasties and pies.(10:35am)
TNG_3B: I have to get coffeee FFFfap(10:35am)
zero-g: (10:35am)
Jouco: Porn buffering was the worst!(10:35am)
MacDuff: Happy Birthday Cunts!!(10:35am)
xer0: wheres the gawd damn CAKE?(10:35am)(oO,)_
,,/: yo db(10:35am)
bugman78629: SAME THING.....(10:35am)
Sophisticatedchaos: just kidding(10:35am)
drast: I'm not a big fan of blacks either(10:35am)
Jayjo: I wish people didn't hate(10:35am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:35am)
Sno0opy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCKERS!!!!(10:35am)
Sordid: lol Duke(10:35am)
Madmoses75: we ALL hate Muslems!(10:35am)
zero-g: (10:35am)
agardenchair: i'm a tough guy too, I watched "death by horsecock" 4 times(10:35am)
PiiaBrazi: Oooo, i want to squese those boobs (10:35am)
Sherbert: I am a Muslim(10:35am)
chocotorro: I'm fapping to this(10:35am)
TNG_3B: Moo Slum(10:35am)
NiceLady: Did you know that you also have spectators in Germany?(10:36am)
Sophisticatedchaos: wheres that birthday cake and bigern who eats it?(10:36am)
userwank: can we have animal love(10:36am)
zero-g: you said it wouldn't be bran's tits lol(10:36am)
JustSomeUsername: yeah yeah smartass(10:36am)
MacDuff: FUCK HIM(10:36am)
willybilly: muzzy scum!(10:36am)
MajorGeneralDespair: whats the email address ?(10:36am)
AngryFourByTwo: MUZLIM(10:36am)
bigdawg1888: I hate muzzys(10:36am)
XxGaLoSxX: we do all hate them tho(10:36am)
dusty666: happy birthday people(10:36am)
LiveSeal: Happy BDAY LiveLeak (10:36am)
Billy Grimpill: NO YOU ARE WRONG(10:36am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:36am)
Sno0opy: CHEERS TO ALL!!! Drink!(10:36am)
drast: ahmed is now in a relationship with a goat(10:36am)
Sherbert: DEAL WITH IT(10:36am)
Cup Of Tea.: G = facist(10:36am)
Mr Minty: ooooh touchy(10:36am)
zero-g: bran you sexy beast(10:36am)
MacDuff: LOL(10:36am)
Madmoses75: need any?we got enough of them here in germany(10:36am)
fat belly: i dare anyone to smell grahams hat(10:36am)
TNG_3B: GoatWivesMatter(10:36am)
Sophisticatedchaos: shoenice to eat a tasty birthday cake.(10:36am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are leading up to WW3?(10:36am)
Jouco: serious smoke!!!(10:36am)
KoRnPuff: where's your man-bun to go with that vape?(10:36am)
first archangel: the upper CASE PLAGUE(10:36am)
Sordid: Nicolas Cage is the cure for anything(10:36am)
AngryFourByTwo: ARCH ANGEL IS A MUZLM(10:36am)
chocotorro: what are you drinking man?(10:36am)
agardenchair: they used that smoker in Dracula movies(10:36am)
xer0: <bold> what happened to HTML tags? </bold>(10:36am)
NiceLady: what a steam machine(10:36am)
userwank: paywall there(10:36am)
willybilly: .....greetings liveleak(10:36am)
MacDuff: If Hitlery gets in yes(10:36am)
JustSomeUsername: moooooooooosleeeeems(10:36am)
OCEANBLUE: Guess who is hoping the birthday cake is a giant Pastie with candles on it.(10:36am)
zombiestench 2: Where are viral video and dailypicksandflicks?Why aren't they here? hmmm. Because they aren't real members.(10:36am)
Sno0opy: I'm thick I guess(10:36am)
FFFfffap: all this smoke makes this show look like a 80's music video(10:37am)
Discumas: Hi Hayden, greetings from Holland, can you tell me the brandname of your e-smoker?(10:37am)
Sherbert: Allahuekber(10:37am)
XxGaLoSxX: we see the same people doing the same shit everyday, hard not to hate them(10:37am)
MudFlapShoes: metamuclim.(10:37am)
Kopernikus: E4Z3 UP F®4NC!S(10:37am)
PiiaBrazi: hey bran - remember i do have that tent place in your backyard still (10:37am)
FFFfffap: do the QUIZ already(10:37am)
HaunebuDrei: TYPICAL BUNCH OF SHY NERDS PARTY! :/(10:37am)
bugman78629: THAT HAIR IS A DISEASE...(10:37am)
MacDuff: Happy Birthday Youtube!!(10:37am)
chocotorro: did I hear a fart?(10:37am)
Sordid: jupp(10:37am)
agardenchair: wasn't me(10:37am)
xer0: limitless...nice(10:37am)
TNG_3B: Vote Sloopers(10:37am)
Sordid: Might have been me(10:37am)
Discumas: Allright thanks mate(10:37am)
MajorGeneralDespair: vaping shammy . LOL(10:37am)
drast: islam is the sickest sect(10:37am)
chocotorro: what are you drinking ??(10:37am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: If muslims take over there will be no alcohol or bacon allowed(10:37am)
bugman78629: LOL MCDUFF....(10:37am)
egalite: $$$$$$$$$ KA CHING(10:37am)
JustSomeUsername: why did you ban shammy(10:37am)
KoRnPuff: muslims will NEVER take over(10:38am)
Cup Of Tea.: Let Bran and Duke speak and stab.(10:38am)
Billy Grimpill: urg facebook(10:38am)
Sno0opy: NO BACON?!?!? Hell no!!!(10:38am)
manlyman785: LL is a vast group of people who come together to find solutions to problems in the world.(10:38am)
wetherby: Hayden, Get a sub tank :-)(10:38am)
egalite: LL just made 5000 pounds(10:38am)
FFFfffap: that was cause shammy was from sweden(10:38am)
ikkymetal: Been lurking since the beginning guys..... you got a great site THANKS!!(10:38am)
TNG_3B: Lil Smokies rock(10:38am)
MacDuff: _-_-_-__-___-____-______-(10:38am)
egalite: netherlands(10:38am)
blue_medic2: holland(10:38am)
VikingHelm: He is from the Netherlands(10:38am)
HaunebuDrei: NO WEED NO PARTY!!!(10:38am)
Kopernikus: more like kurd migrant in NL(10:38am)
Sherbert: Shammy is from Bosnia(10:38am)
Madmoses75: oranges...(10:38am)
SomeTosser: Shammy's head looked like a grape(10:38am)
Weird Beard: with the sound off this looks like university challenge(10:38am)
willybilly: willybilly(10:38am)
MacDuff: Shamrock vodka(10:39am)
altFfour: Most liveleakers are insane. That makes good people here easy to spot.(10:39am)
first archangel: ALABANIA(10:39am)
TNG_3B: Shammy shim sham(10:39am)
chocotorro: what are you drinking?(10:39am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: this is like that program about the moaning fuckers in a boat (10:39am)
agardenchair: what are these people on the couch doing(10:39am)
Sorry for my french: Love you guys. Happy birthday. Thanks(10:39am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: whats your favourite show?(10:39am)
PiiaBrazi: @ BRAN - my tent space in your backyard!(10:39am)
bugman78629: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUTUBE.....(10:39am)
chickadee2: What ever happened to Bolo?(10:39am)
TNG_3B: Put the show on hold, gotta piss(10:39am)
JustSomeUsername: walking dead(10:39am)
Acid Addict 90: Hayden, would you consider an Independent film section???(10:39am)
Juxtaposed: Universally Challenged I think you mean!(10:39am)
HaunebuDrei: Better of with Jägermeister!(10:39am)
fat belly: this has to be the worst party ever no music or drink(10:39am)
Billy Grimpill: Westworld!(10:39am)
userwank: HillARY IS CUNT VOTE 4 TRUMP(10:39am)
Sno0opy: What's the answer to life?(10:39am)
chocotorro: what are you drinking?(10:39am)
patsnaso: that will be awesome!(10:39am)
MacDuff: G A Y Face(10:39am)
fat belly: gameface is never live(10:39am)
snoopAhLoop: ..i..(10:39am)
zombiestench 2: Where are viral video and dailypicksandflicks?Why aren't they here? hmmm. Because they aren't real members(10:40am)
ChosennOne: Jon, Do we have any emails.(10:40am)
PiiaBrazi: my freaking tent space dammit!(10:40am)
FFFfffap: (_x_)(10:40am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:40am)
MacDuff: Their bots(10:40am)
Cup Of Tea.: Vid's ffs.(10:40am)
KoRnPuff: When I get caught watching LL at work my boss tells me to "stop leaking off"(10:40am)
Kopernikus: speaking of content.......(10:40am)
wetherby: Where are you Denver Girl?? I know you're here!(10:40am)
Madmoses75: hahahaha...(10:40am)
egalite: the cutters need razor blades(10:40am)
Sno0opy: 28!!!(10:40am)
Jouco: Did you watch Narcos?(10:40am)
altFfour: Is Duke Brazi ok?(10:40am)
TNG_3B: ( * ) ( * )(10:40am)
Jayjo: Has anybody else lost the screen? I can see the comments but that's all(10:40am)
PiiaBrazi: BRAAAAN, my freaking tent space!(10:40am)
Billy Grimpill: Narcos is good(10:40am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Play the next vid Graeme(10:40am)
SomeTosser: I can see the screen Jayjo(10:40am)(oO,)_
,,/: hey snoop(10:40am)
ChosennOne: FirstArchAngel(10:41am)
willybilly: .....greetings liveleak(10:41am)
Sherbert: hi Opa(10:41am)
drast: who's this fag(10:41am)
egalite: oh no(10:41am)
RustRocket: Refresh Jayjo.(10:41am)
XxGaLoSxX: seems like more than 10 years(10:41am)
chocotorro: get out of here Fag(10:41am)
Sherbert: rip(10:41am)
Mr Minty: so serious(10:41am)
Cup Of Tea.: This cunt should be killed(10:41am)
Jayjo: Ok, ST...thank you, it must be my computer(10:41am)
VikingHelm: No Jayjo all good here(10:41am)
Sno0opy: Is he going to blow his brains out in the car?(10:41am)
AngryFourByTwo: BLOCKED(10:41am)
agardenchair: lol(10:41am)
willybilly: hahaha sno(10:41am)
zombiestench 2: GortEvans on tv: ( (
==D~~ ( v )(10:41am)
Sophisticatedchaos: he looks like a mafia boss(10:41am)
egalite: where's the cheezy muzac?(10:41am)
SomeTosser: @jayjo just refresh your browser page(10:41am)
RustRocket: Yeah , that happens.(10:41am)
ChosennOne: I found LiveLeak looking for ISIS beheading video(10:41am)
chocotorro: FAG !!!(10:41am)
Acid Addict 90: zero censorship is a great site for Isis videos(10:41am)
Jayjo: Ok, Rusty, I'll do that now(10:41am)
FFFfffap: I think the trafficlight is green(10:41am)
Sherbert: no(10:41am)
Homer Hart: **How Did I Get Here? Where Will This Chat Lead Me and Will I Be Arrested For Involvement? I Am Not A Conspirator**(10:41am)
Discumas: Good one(10:41am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: does he have aids(10:41am)
ChosennOne: He lives in his car(10:41am)
Al Bundy: Can we start a gofundme page for Frankie so we can get him a hooker?(10:41am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
bugman78629: MCGRANDE.....??(10:42am)
drast: chocotorro: why the hate brah(10:42am)
egalite: hush your mouth bugman!(10:42am)
Sno0opy: refreshing poo... LMAO!(10:42am)
ChosennOne: LOL(10:42am)
Jayjo: Thanks ST and Rusty...all good now (10:42am)
HaunebuDrei: Snorring coke on the toilet?(10:42am)
XxGaLoSxX: is ISIS still releasing quality vontent?(10:42am)
Homer Hart: **How Did I Get Here? Where Will This Chat Lead Me and Will I Be Arrested For Involvement? I Am Not A Conspirator**(10:42am)
wetherby: HAHAHA(10:42am)
RustRocket: (10:42am)
SomeTosser: wb jayjo(10:42am)
chocotorro: I'm not your brah buddy(10:42am)
XxGaLoSxX: content lol(10:42am)
snoopAhLoop: What a nice fella(10:42am)
Sophisticatedchaos: guy in the middle reminds me of Silent bob(10:42am)
zombiestench 2: Fuckin vunt(10:42am)
PiiaBrazi: still asking about my tent space at brans dammit(10:42am)
KoRnPuff: Kaotic has all the ISIS videos now(10:42am)
Kopernikus: grammar nazis(10:42am)
willybilly: isis is a great band. "panopticon" is a cool cd(10:42am)
drast: I hate coke. but I love the smell of it(10:42am)
Jayjo: Cheers, ST (10:42am)
Acid Addict 90: Check zero censorship...and YEA even better tbh...they're fucking angry(10:42am)
SomeTosser: video content(10:42am)
Sno0opy: Drast - LOL!(10:42am)
PiiaBrazi: nobody never sees what i write lol(10:43am)
Madmoses75: LOUD!!!!(10:43am)
LanaSky: hey Everyone (10:43am)
chocotorro: i'm not your buddy mate(10:43am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
Richard Coit: Thank you LiveLeak(10:43am)
VikingHelm: Hey Lana(10:43am)
Billy Grimpill: turn you mic down!(10:43am)
PiiaBrazi: hey Lana!(10:43am)
gutzbravo: Hi Lana.(10:43am)
Homer Hart: LANA's in - Da House!(10:43am)
Sno0opy: This IS a family show... right?(10:43am)
SomeTosser: Hi Lana(10:43am)
wetherby: Hi Lana!!(10:43am)
RustRocket: The members grew?(10:43am)
Cup Of Tea.: Ogrish Obv's.(10:43am)
Jayjo: Hi, Lana(10:43am)
LanaSky: xxoo(10:43am)
willybilly: dear diary, i'm here to stay(10:43am)
Hurricane64: thats going back some years(10:43am)
zombiestench 2: MY MEMBER GREW!(10:43am)
Sno0opy: LANASKY!!!(10:43am)
zero-g: yes(10:43am)
altFfour: Who is lana?(10:43am)
gutzbravo: Hi Jayjo.(10:43am)
PiiaBrazi: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. my tent space dammit!(10:43am)
DildoBaggins: Sup SomeTosser(10:43am)
bugman78629: FUCK OFF EGLATE(10:43am)
chocotorro: 2 girls one cup, google that(10:43am)
Sophisticatedchaos: I didn't know this existed in 2006 was there liveleak back then?(10:43am)
Weird Beard: The one in the middle is dressed like Igor(10:43am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: is there a liveleaker you want to punch in the face ?(10:43am)
agardenchair: let's oder Pizza(10:43am)
chickadee2: Bran you Sexy Beast! (10:43am)
FFFfffap: I heard Geert Wilders is looking for a site to host Fitna the Sequel, are you game?(10:44am)
Jayjo: Hello, Gutz (10:44am)
zero-g: he went mental(10:44am)
Equix: haha(10:44am)
egalite: okie dokie bugman (10:44am)
SomeTosser: lol(10:44am)
Sherbert: will someone please notice me(10:44am)
Acid Addict 90: i watched one where they shotgun guys in the face from a yard away...genuinely now they're faces go like Glenn's on WD(10:44am)
XxGaLoSxX: is the ogrish url for sale?(10:44am)
Homer Hart: *I like beer and Limburger cheese sandwiches#(10:44am)
drast: fake mcgregor is very quiet(10:44am)
chocotorro: you guys are typing too fast jezz(10:44am)
Sno0opy: SHERBERT!!!(10:44am)
zombiestench 2: SOMETOSSER AND I ARE HAVING SEX(10:44am)
willybilly: sherbert, i noticed you!(10:44am)
Acid Addict 90: Their(10:44am)
Al Bundy: Sherbert I see ya(10:44am)
chickadee2: lolz waves(10:44am)
TNG_3B: DildoBaggins you seem like a pretty cool guy(10:44am)
TNG_3B: Same with Goredude(10:44am)
LiveleakShowUsername: not drunk enough(10:44am)
PiiaBrazi: hello, is this thing on? BRAAAAn(10:44am)
MacDuff: STonED(10:44am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: is there a liveleaker you would like to punch in the face(10:44am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:44am)
SomeTosser: Check Bran's pants for badgers(10:45am)
willybilly: you guys are all drinking soda(10:45am)
Acid Addict 90: explain the Iran thing please(10:45am)
HaunebuDrei: When does the striptease start?(10:45am)
PiiaBrazi: my tent space dammit(10:45am)
Al Bundy: I like WHORES(10:45am)
DildoBaggins: Thanks TNG_3B(10:45am)
Hurricane64: fucking hell i started here when i was 26 now 38(10:45am)
Sno0opy: CHEERS ALL! Bottoms up!!(10:45am)
MacDuff: Gay whores Al?(10:45am)
AngryFourByTwo: CRICKETS(10:45am)
KoRnPuff: Tell the Mick to stop babysitting that warm beer(10:45am)
Jayjo: Sometimes people are a bit shy when they are being watched by others(10:45am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
MikeHunt1987: Graham the mic sounds like its halfway down your throat.. i know you practice alot (10:45am)
chickadee2: Cheers Sloop(10:45am)
Homer Hart: Twisting a pigs ear with a pint of bitters....what's the problem?---Ha(10:45am)
TNG_3B: YW man(10:45am)
Al Bundy: No not gay ones!(10:45am)
HaunebuDrei: Hurricane: The Mandela Effect (10:45am)
Gapa: Who is the woman behind ?(10:45am)
XxGaLoSxX: a wife(10:45am)
chocotorro: I shaved my balls yesterday(10:45am)
Cup Of Tea.: Dong is the leader(10:45am)
Sno0opy: The Duke is back!(10:45am)
MacDuff: Why is coner Mc Gregor there?(10:46am)
FFFfffap: is he banned?(10:46am)
PiiaBrazi: the woman is Brans wife(10:46am)
Hurricane64: thats ragingpool(10:46am)
Acid Addict 90: did that bird flash her tits earlier?? I'm sure she did...(10:46am)
bugman78629: I WISH WE COULD PURGE....(10:46am)
DildoBaggins: LETS NOT CHOSENONE LOL(10:46am)
PiiaBrazi: BRAAAAN(10:46am)
LanaSky: I VOTED FOR TRUMP(10:46am)
Homer Hart: Bangers n Mash and Guinnes...burp(10:46am)
TNG_3B: I voted for Sloop(10:46am)
willybilly: connoer mcgregor, the wwe character(10:46am)
chocotorro: I'm not you buddy brah(10:46am)
wetherby: Homer in the house!(10:46am)
Acid Addict 90: 1774(10:46am)
HaunebuDrei: No Striptease???(10:46am)
Hurricane64: mcgregor doesnt box(10:46am)
LanaSky: KILLARY FOR PRISON 2016(10:46am)
Acid Addict 90: h(10:46am)
PiiaBrazi: bah, im never heard dammit(10:46am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:47am)
MyDisguiseShh: i am not scared of mcGregor, i can run faster scared than he can run mad(10:47am)
Kempe: I trust on Trump(10:47am)
bugman78629: HE GOT HAPPY....(10:47am)
Hurricane64: its mixed martial arts(10:47am)
TNG_3B: Connor shouldn't be drinking like that, he has a fight tonight(10:47am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(10:47am)
SomeTosser: Raging is the real deal(10:47am)
altFfour: Hayden, the look in your eyes has changed, are you in Love?(10:47am)
userwank: greek(10:47am)
MacDuff: Turkey is a really gay country(10:47am)
Homer Hart: -SLOOP- for US President(10:47am)
drast: trump v clinton = plague v cholera(10:47am)
MajorGeneralDespair: thay were just sweaty(10:47am)
chocotorro: Trump is a joke(10:47am)
willybilly: turkey isn't gay, just muslim(10:47am)
Hurricane64: just 1 in the suit(10:47am)
MacDuff: tNo Turkey is more Gay than Muslim(10:47am)
JustSomeUsername: turkgay(10:47am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, how did you regain your color, you were white before(10:47am)
snoopAhLoop: I would have expected everyone on the ground there to be dressed up… only 1(10:48am)
Cup Of Tea.: T is the only sexy one(10:48am)
Al Bundy: thanks for proving his point MacDuff!(10:48am)
chocotorro: whats that on your tooth ?(10:48am)
Sordid: awwwww(10:48am)
Jayjo: Awww, that's lovely(10:48am)
KitBoy: Hayden & co, please can you fix it for me to be able to filter videos to 'MA' only(10:48am)
SomeTosser: fighting is all about fitness, so hide the pastys from Raging(10:48am)
MacDuff: Al go back to your gay whores?(10:48am)
userwank: cunt(10:48am)
Al Bundy: Ok your mum home?(10:48am)
PiiaBrazi: can you please ask bran if my tent space still is avaible. ive wrote like a hundred times. but this chat is just to quick. and you are not attentive :..(10:48am)
Sno0opy: Grab him by the man-gina... ???(10:48am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: Would you rather have all farts be silent but EXTREMELY deadly, or all farts be harmless but EXTREMELY loud(10:48am)
userwank: twitter twats(10:48am)
MacDuff: Shes not gay Al!(10:48am)
LanaSky: So you guys across the pond who do you like ?? trump or killary ?(10:48am)
FFFfffap: (___o___)(10:48am)
HaunebuDrei: Are there minorities part of the LL Staff?(10:48am)
userwank: Trump(10:49am)
KoRnPuff: You've got mustard on your shirt(10:49am)
CheckSum: Happy 10th Anniversary LL!!!(10:49am)
ChosennOne: HARY JOHNSON(10:49am)
bugman78629: YUP...... LET THE GAYNESS CUM-OUT(10:49am)
agardenchair: we're here on Earth to fart around, don't let anyone tell you different(10:49am)
PiiaBrazi: scroll the fuck up a bit dammit(10:49am)
MacDuff: Teresa Hitler(10:49am)
TNG_3B: 10 years Leakin(10:49am)
drast: trump enjoys fucking gold digging whores and errybody hatin(10:49am)
IronWarrior: TRUMP FOR THE WIN(10:49am)
Acid Addict 90: Looks like Hayden has a SS t shirt on(10:49am)
Homer Hart: *Ruskin Arms* HISTORIC~!(10:49am)
MajorGeneralDespair: but brexit does mean brxit(10:49am)
Kempe: ( ! )(10:49am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: If Hillary gets elected it's WW3(10:49am)
Al Bundy: I vote for Satan!(10:49am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:49am)
PiiaBrazi: scroll the fuck up a bit dammit(10:49am)
KoRnPuff: LMAO(10:49am)
Billy Grimpill: You yanks have more than two choices for fucks sake(10:49am)
LanaSky: ACDC ROCKS(10:49am)
snoopAhLoop: Pity DA Foo(10:49am)
Sno0opy: Hillary will be in prison getting raped by the guards(10:49am)
MacDuff: Al Satan is Gay too!!(10:49am)
ChosennOne: JON, DO WE HAVE ANY EMAILS(10:49am)
SomeTosser: I'm 42 and my cock is visibly smaller that when I was 20. Sucks(10:49am)
xer0: Butthead had a ACDC tshirt(10:50am)
Weird Beard: RIP Bon(10:50am)
PiiaBrazi: ask bran about my tent space in the backyard(10:50am)
Hurricane64: what charity is mcgregor fighting for ?cancer?(10:50am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?(10:50am)
userwank: till 78(10:50am)
Homer Hart: FRANK ZAPPA~~~!(10:50am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol Xer0(10:50am)
Sno0opy: Alternating Current / Direct Current(10:50am)
AngryFourByTwo: Keith lemon you puff...(10:50am)
xer0: (10:50am)
PiiaBrazi: come on now.. (10:50am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Did you like Nirvana?(10:50am)
MudFlapShoes: i have a tattoo of Hayden's face on my thumb.(10:50am)
egalite: what's Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's LiveLeak username?(10:50am)
agardenchair: kate bush(10:50am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?(10:50am)
Cup Of Tea.: Racists.(10:50am)
Sordid: wultering heights(10:50am)
Discumas: Hayden, are the ANNA news reporters sent by Liveleak?(10:50am)
chocotorro: Justin bieber ftw(10:50am)
TNG_3B: I missed the Nofx and Bad Religion show :-((10:50am)
drast: anyone would grab gold digging whores' pussies. allowed and unlimited(10:50am)
Sno0opy: Duterte ROCKS!!!(10:50am)
l-_-l: the show(10:50am)
GatewayMetalHead: Happy birthday cunts!(10:50am)
PiiaBrazi: fuck it then.(10:50am)
LiveleakShowUsername: I have a tattoo of haydens foot on my arse.(10:50am)
MacDuff: He does have one he said it on Facebook!(10:50am)
beerjellybelly: duterte is a cunt(10:51am)
Al Bundy: Drug dealers lives matter!(10:51am)
Utnapishtim: Another ten years LL !(10:51am)
Hurricane64: hayden once had a dildo on his desk lol(10:51am)
Discumas: Hayden, are the ANNA news reporters sent by Liveleak?(10:51am)
FFFfffap: Troll lives Matter(10:51am)
Homer Hart: Joe Bonamassa (Guitarist)!(10:51am)
xer0: daily mail rocks(10:51am)
chocotorro: president duarte is gay(10:51am)
ChosennOne: GRAHAM, DO WE HAVE ANY EMAILS(10:51am)
xer0: beano for adults(10:51am)
DildoBaggins: He never had me on his desk lol(10:51am)
NiceLady: Did you know that also foreign newspapers post your videos sometimes????(10:51am)
RustRocket: wultering heights , runner up 1939 Academy awards , lost to Gone With the Wind(10:51am)
TNG_3B: pause the show, I'll brb(10:51am)
chocotorro: panocha google that(10:51am)
snoopAhLoop: Those stress balls hanging from under the desk(10:51am)
Sno0opy: Works great!(10:51am)
FFFfffap: Do the QUIZ already(10:51am)
wetherby: Piia, copy and paste it multiple times(10:51am)
Justme99: our only shot is if no one wins a majority of electoral votes and congress has to pick someone else.(10:51am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:51am)
Sherbert: Erdogan - president of the universe(10:51am)
Al Bundy: Dildos are so 2015(10:52am)
Billy Grimpill: I love drugs to be honest(10:52am)
TouchingFurniture: ragingpussy even dressing like mcgregor what a twat(10:52am)
Homer Hart: Frank Zappa--Dweezil!(10:52am)
IronWarrior: Putin for world leader!(10:52am)
Equix: lol(10:52am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Anthony start the quiz.(10:52am)
XxGaLoSxX: does all the horrible shit we watch fuck us up?(10:52am)
egalite: 100 pesos and you can off your neighbor in the phillippines(10:52am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized?(10:52am)
chocotorro: why are you bald?(10:52am)
MacDuff: Hail Putin!!(10:52am)
Sno0opy: MRGOD2U!!!(10:52am)
ChosennOne: GRAHAM,(10:52am)
willybilly: it depends on what you do while you watch it galo(10:52am)
drast: hillary is a war monger(10:52am)
HaunebuDrei: Smoke WEED everyday!(10:52am)
chocotorro: I have pesos(10:52am)
AngryFourByTwo: no(10:52am)
NiceLady: Hayden for President! I think the Americans deserve you!(10:52am)
Cup Of Tea.: Gay ern(10:52am)
KitBoy: Hayden & co, please can you fix it for me to be able to filter videos on LL to 'MA' only(10:52am)
chocotorro: thats 20 pesos(10:52am)
MacDuff: I'm eating lovehearts fuck you all!!(10:53am)
LanaSky: WOULD LIKE SUM POT right about now LOL(10:53am)
snoopAhLoop: I am surprised the # of current viewers is going up at this rate.(10:53am)
IronWarrior: buy a loli!(10:53am)
bigdawg1888: Hahahaha(10:53am)
Homer Hart: Guild Guitars~~~!(10:53am)
LiveleakShowUsername: hayden did you see putin using dogs to show dominance over angela merkel(10:53am)
drast: LL new political party. shoenice for prez(10:53am)
Sno0opy: I have some worthless Saddam Hussein paper money from Iraq(10:53am)
Skybo: 20 pesos will get someones arm chopped off(10:53am)
chocotorro: you can buy 2 burritos with 20 pesos(10:53am)
Sherbert: you cheap(10:53am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized in the UK?(10:53am)
altFfour: Where is RickyBond? This guy has something like 55,000 pts...(10:53am)
pontiaku: 10th bday and only one guy dresses up...(10:53am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: you've got a pace maker not pesos(10:53am)
LanaSky: YES(10:53am)
SomeTosser: I could go some tacos right now(10:53am)
Sordid: A blowjob for 20 pesos(10:53am)
Hurricane64: im ordering a kebab for liveleak birthday(10:53am)
Billy Grimpill: @Sno0opy collectable that mate(10:53am)
manlyman785: Hayden's wallet is very thin.(10:53am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Jon, stop watching Youtube videos, hahaha(10:53am)
LanaSky: LOL(10:53am)
IronWarrior: ...(10:53am)
Sherbert: dafuq(10:53am)
fat belly: one of my fav liveleak videos
mrgod2u: QUEBEDO!(10:53am)
Sno0opy: Psycho...(10:53am)
FFFfffap: why do all these fuckers have beards(10:53am)
MacDuff: I am Triggered(10:53am)
MajorGeneralDespair: That hat looks familiar(10:53am)
willybilly: michael voorhees(10:53am)
HaunebuDrei: 20 Pesos for getting fucked in the ass ain"t much...(10:54am)
userwank: I want some Piona Art.(10:54am)
snoopAhLoop: ZZZzzzzzzzz(10:54am)
MacDuff: Fuck you(10:54am)
drast: nice hat fag(10:54am)
Cup Of Tea.: Nuke this cunt,(10:54am)
xer0: with some chianti?(10:54am)
Justme99: < Las Vegas(10:54am)
FFFfffap: lol, yeah same hat(10:54am)
MyDisguiseShh: Ask Connor what he think about GSP to come back(10:54am)
Sno0opy: Jason Vorrhees(10:54am)
The White Death: TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP !!!(10:54am)
roxid: lol(10:54am)
XxGaLoSxX: What ever happened to Pat Condell?(10:54am)
IronWarrior: That's why drugs are bad.(10:54am)
AngryFourByTwo: WTF(10:54am)
MajorGeneralDespair: that hat is afamilair(10:54am)
Sordid: shoneice was(10:54am)
DrVodka: ME ME ME(10:54am)
KoRnPuff: Y'all got the same hats(10:54am)
manlyman785: That's the guy that down thumbs my comments..(10:54am)
Al Bundy: Bigern666's wife's nipples look like googly eyes!(10:54am)
beerjellybelly: PIMP(10:54am)
TouchingFurniture: bran get your cock out mate(10:54am)
HaunebuDrei: HAYDEN is!!!(10:54am)
Hurricane64: that fucking hat(10:54am)
IronWarrior: When you do drugs, you end up like that guy in that video.(10:54am)
snoopAhLoop: ?!?!?!?!(10:54am)
roxid: bullshit_detector(10:54am)
Utnapishtim: SHEER TERROR! Oh NO!(10:54am)
Equix: haha sloop(10:54am)
JustSomeUsername: the algerian troll(10:54am)
Billy Grimpill: Hayden is(10:54am)
Sordid: lol(10:54am)
MyDisguiseShh: Connor, you want GSP back?(10:55am)
snoopAhLoop: Halloween came early(10:55am)
Hurricane64: its a shit fest(10:55am)
PiiaBrazi: braaan(10:55am)
Homer Hart: Halloween Night & Frank Zappa-Synonymous(10:55am)
Sno0opy: Roxid got it right!(10:55am)
willybilly: the biggest whiner is whoever blocks me(10:55am)
LiveleakShowUsername: they take turns under the table(10:55am)
Sordid: (10:55am)
Eoin Kelly: happy birthday guys!!!!(10:55am)
Hurricane64: i used to whine but i lowered my tone(10:55am)
DildoBaggins: Gsp would smash Conor(10:55am)
Sea3: Happy Birthday!!(10:55am)
Tolien Soren: If you want your country to get ruined like Merkel did with Germany, vote KILLARY!(10:55am)
Billy Grimpill: (10:55am)
Al Bundy: GSP!(10:55am)
TouchingFurniture: ragingbull the mouthy fuck giving it socks to cathy and now he a scared little pale mess(10:55am)
MyDisguiseShh: GSP rocks(10:55am)
Cup Of Tea.: Queers.(10:55am)
Sordid: lol(10:55am)
Sno0opy: I'm having a slight problem CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE...(10:55am)
MacDuff: STOP BITCHING!!(10:55am)
bigdawg1888: WHAT WRONG(10:55am)
fat belly: so whos the most blocked on liveleak ?(10:56am)
XxGaLoSxX: GSP is the man(10:56am)
Hurricane64: birthday kebab on route(10:56am)
wetherby: Hayden, Get a Sub-Tank.(10:56am)
PiiaBrazi: many many thanks (10:56am)
snoopAhLoop: Darth Vapor(10:56am)
wetherby: Hayden, Get a Sub-Tank.(10:56am)
HaunebuDrei: NO LIVE EXECUTION TO CELEBRATE? I'm dissapointed (10:56am)
agardenchair: the guy using sign language has also a really loud voice(10:56am)
MacDuff: Mr-Creoshit(10:56am)
Sno0opy: DildoBaggins is NOT a whiner(10:56am)
TNG_3B: What did I fookin misssss(10:56am)
DildoBaggins: Lol(10:56am)
Sea3: Happy Birthday!!!!!!(10:56am)
Billy Grimpill: he's alright Dildo(10:56am)
egalite: he's still around MacDuff?(10:56am)
chocotorro: have you toched a dildo?(10:56am)
PiiaBrazi: i just love to see you guys wearing the hat! means the world to me <3(10:56am)
bugman78629: RUSSELL "GREG-BRAND"......(10:56am)
MacDuff: No but he logs in(10:56am)
Sordid: Hello @DildoBaggins(10:56am)
tibnok: Happy Birthday Liveleak. I Been with ya from the beginning. Diffrent alias thought HURRAAAAYYY!(10:56am)
FFFfffap: You'd think the 10 year anniversary would be great moment to launch LL 3.0(10:56am)
KitBoy: that's some crazy dry ice machine(10:56am)
Hurricane64: should of brought the cupboard in lol(10:57am)
Justme99: is that Conor McGregor in the suit?(10:57am)
DildoBaggins: I whine ? Lmao(10:57am)
Al Bundy: Hayden you need some fish hooks in that hat.(10:57am)
RustRocket: Honorable man Hayden(10:57am)
chocotorro: who has touched a dildo here?(10:57am)
bigdawg1888: like I said none been none(10:57am)
TNG_3B: Hayden do you consider me a standup LL citizen(10:57am)
MacDuff: yes it is Conor(10:57am)
egalite: you're fine Dildo and much appreciated(10:57am)
willybilly: dildo baggins:
roxid: BullDick_detector is whining bitch(10:57am)
AngryFourByTwo: Tell em Dildo(10:57am)
HaunebuDrei: Your hat should be killed with fire!(10:57am)
standoff: It won't be long before hayden is whining about his Arthritis, the old Cunt.(10:57am)
MacDuff: I puff weed only!(10:57am)
chickadee2: Oh now that is a name ya will not forget(10:57am)
TNG_3B: I run Liveleak(10:57am)
FFFfffap: afghan_soldier was a right cunt(10:57am)
Billy Grimpill: I love this site but I am still gonna winge(10:58am)
willybilly: hayden, there's a hat on your head(10:58am)
Justme99: Conor McGregor is the biggest whiner(10:58am)
first archangel: THE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUESES(10:58am)
Spuddy0108: i remember guido(10:58am)
egalite: gold paint is best paint(10:58am)
Hurricane64: there used to be daily banning and then everyone was beggin but it ended up being funny and made something of it in the end(10:58am)
LanaSky: Oh I think I'll watch the god father now(10:58am)
Eoin Kelly: hat needs wine corks..(10:58am)
agardenchair: lol(10:58am)
TNG_3B: ThatBanned guy is a fresh turd(10:58am)
AngryFourByTwo: calm your pants(10:58am)
userwank: daddy(10:58am)
Cup Of Tea.: Oz soldier rocked(10:58am)
docmatt: So good of duke to make the trip from Stockholm all the way to sunny Manchester. I'm 90 mins away if I can get over tomorrow I'll make the journey and..(10:58am)
KoRnPuff: That ego(10:58am)
willybilly: haters back off(10:58am)
Substance79: If that was really conor mcgregor he'd be in haydens chair(10:58am)
altFfour: Why didn't you invite bullshitdetector?(10:58am)
roxid: I want that hat.(10:58am)
Sno0opy: WOW!!!(10:58am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: if you could punch a live leaker in the fanny who would it be ???(10:58am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, rub your nipples for good luck(10:58am)
MacDuff: Spray paint is bad emm kay(10:58am)
CheckSum: MANY smart people on LL!!(10:58am)
ChosennOne: GRAHAM, DO WE HAVE ANY EMAILS(10:58am)
fat belly: lol(10:58am)
docmatt: buy him lunch(10:58am)
agardenchair: Mehdi from ElectroBoom is the smartest(10:58am)
Billy Grimpill: Wow project that ego Hayden(10:58am)
AngryFourByTwo: LOL(10:58am)
FFFfffap: conor ran away again(10:58am)
KoRnPuff: Get rid of infractions(10:58am)
PiiaBrazi: docmatt - just msg him and make plans(10:58am)
MyDisguiseShh: <---still not afraid of Connor.....only because I can run scared pretty quick(10:58am)
Sea3: Will you fix the forums?(10:58am)
Death: IS THAT BRAN(10:58am)
Homer Hart: *Bangers an' Mash* With a pint of Guinnes!(10:58am)
LanaSky: yes I am I am smart thank you(10:59am)
Acid Addict 90: DMT - you should all try some(10:59am)
Sno0opy: a bit harsh I thought(10:59am)
KitBoy: Hayden & co, please can you fix it for me to be able to filter videos on LL to 'MA' only(10:59am)
MrLewis530: Happy birthday LiveLeak! Thanks for everything.....(10:59am)
TNG_3B: There go my speakers(10:59am)
VikingHelm: Aye(10:59am)
docmatt: Ok pia will do.(10:59am)
MajorGeneralDespair: whats an infraction(10:59am)
PiiaBrazi: youre beautiufl (10:59am)
MacDuff: You are an infraction!!(10:59am)
userwank: reset(10:59am)
TouchingFurniture: looks like mcgregor and has the personality of a fucking billygoat(10:59am)
Tolien Soren: show us the video you put together from 2016 ALREADY(10:59am)
roxid: haha(10:59am)
Al Bundy: Can I have a troll badge?(10:59am)
FFFfffap: infractions are for naggers(10:59am)
Equix: lol DB(10:59am)
LiveSeal: Did you consider adding dislike to videos?(10:59am)
willybilly: who's to say what makes a vid mature or not(10:59am)
MacDuff: Conor Mc Gregor speak(10:59am)
Billy Grimpill: 3.0 already!!!!(10:59am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: if you could punch a liveleaker in the fanny who would it be????(10:59am)
blue_medic2: liveseal has been free'd(10:59am)
AngryFourByTwo: YES(10:59am)
TNG_3B: McGregor got a bad case of the shits(10:59am)
ChosennOne: HAYDEN, LOVE THE SHOW, CAN I HAVE 10,000 POINTS.(10:59am)
chocotorro: with 20 pesos you can buy 2 burritos(10:59am)
DildoBaggins: lol equix(10:59am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: fuck it(10:59am)
roxid: rofl(11:00am)
LanaSky: no you won't LOL(11:00am)
Sno0opy: LiveSeal is a pedo(11:00am)
KitBoy: fingers crossed !(11:00am)
standoff: points don't make prizes(11:00am)
chickadee2: Hayden have you heard from Bolo or Peachy?(11:00am)
Justme99: So who are the retards that pick the featured videos?(11:00am)
fat belly: why isnt the i in liveleak logo not a birthday candle ? (11:00am)
xer0: its got charactor(11:00am)
TNG_3B: LivePedo(11:00am)
Minchia: Has anyone let Trisha speak yet???(11:00am)
TouchingFurniture: mc gregor gone in for a wank,brans chick turning him on(11:00am)
Homer Hart: Guitarist Joe Bonamassa ~ !(11:00am)
Substance79: mcgregor didnt fake it till he made it unlike that tool(11:00am)
MacDuff: Shush (Jews)(11:00am)
blue_medic2: please let liveseal cast again(11:00am)
mockbeggar: the most likes i got on a comment was 33(11:00am)
MajorGeneralDespair: nice idea fatbelly(11:00am)
MyDisguiseShh: Can we have a 5 minute Q&A with Connor McGregor????(11:00am)
JustSomeUsername: if you add down votes multiaccount trolls are gonna exploit it(11:00am)
Hurricane64: lol(11:00am)
LanaSky: OH THERES MY v(11:00am)
HaunebuDrei: LL best site for antisocial personality disorders... (11:00am)
willybilly: getting voted down can ruin your whole week!(11:00am)
manlyman785: If I mail in a sample of my jizz will you drink it on the next show? Thanks.(11:00am)
Billy Grimpill: you do a pretty good job tbh so fair play to you cunts(11:00am)
Spuddy0108: legit question: why does "view comments" barely ever works?(11:00am)
TNG_3B: I finally got a top comment, it was the squirrel spider man pic(11:00am)
DildoBaggins: Its not about me its about the community(11:00am)
PiiaBrazi: easy peasy(11:00am)
LiveSeal: THx(11:00am)
roxid: Bullshit_detector is tickling his mom's nipple.(11:00am)
JustSomeUsername: if you add down votes multiaccount trolls gonna exploit it(11:00am)
MacDuff: Happy Birthday!!(11:00am)
Homer Hart: Steve vai at London's ASTORIA(11:00am)
SomeTosser: @minchia why, she is a woman..seen but not heard (11:00am)
zero-g: butthurt = profit(11:00am)
Sno0opy: lawsuit??? Some go too far(11:00am)
LanaSky: comments are good enough(11:00am)
Hurricane64: <<stil here(11:01am)
MacDuff: WB Conor(11:01am)
chocotorro: view comments button sucks !!! it doesnt work !!! fix that !!!(11:01am)
Al Bundy: Is that an SS shirt Hayden?(11:01am)
Substance79: conman mcgregor is gone to watch a real mcgregor vid(11:01am)
Juxtaposed: Fix the forums.(11:01am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: can you change the background from red to blue I don't like red(11:01am)
MyDisguiseShh: We want a 5 minute Q&A with Connor(11:01am)
LanaSky: yup me tooo(11:01am)
Minchia: Sometosser Shut up tiny penis ????(11:01am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Why doesn't LiveLeak have a TOP 100 video list based on most votes(11:01am)
docmatt: What does duke think of Manchester compared to Stockholm? Is it like comparing beauty to an anal wart? (That's raining). A raining anal wart.(11:01am)
TouchingFurniture: conor mc brazi(11:01am)
PiiaBrazi: no, i like red dammit (11:01am)
TNG_3B: Damnit, ya coonts I'll never make it to the beach today (11:01am)
LanaSky: yes u r(11:01am)
MacDuff: Conor come take cocaine with me!!(11:01am)
HaunebuDrei: When can we expect LL-THE GAME?(11:01am)
SomeTosser: Take that back Minchia(11:01am)
Tolien Soren: do you have a *cough* financial agreement with DailyDicks?(11:01am)
Homer Hart: EEL Stew in SOHO!(11:01am)
blue_medic2: can liveseal do a birthday stream after this one?(11:01am)
Billy Grimpill: its a green screen yah donkey ass(11:01am)
KoRnPuff: He wants blue because he's a democrat(11:01am)
Minchia: Hahaha fuck you(11:02am)
Hurricane64: his mics loud lol(11:02am)
NOLA78: I think of downvotes were allowed in Hayden would be in the negative.(11:02am)
Kempe: Fake!(11:02am)
agardenchair: the site looks red why is it blue in the studio(11:02am)
bugman78629: WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM....(11:02am)
LanaSky: are you smoking those fake ciggys ?(11:02am)
MyDisguiseShh: Connor vs GSP ....WHO WOULD WIN??(11:02am)
Rammat: Happy 10th Anniversary, LiveLeak!(11:02am)
MacDuff: BLOCKED(11:02am)
Justme99: Update the app!(11:02am)
The White Death: Would you sell the site for 100 k cash ?(11:02am)
Brexiteer: Connor Mcgregor on the bottom?(11:02am)
roxid: Change the mods. they are featuring puppy videos.(11:02am)
AngryFourByTwo: raging bull looks like a chechen jihadi...(11:02am)
Equix: lol(11:02am)
LanaSky: lol(11:02am)
zero-g: yeah(11:02am)
Skybo: LL the game, extra cunt points for chopping peoples heads off(11:02am)
Brexiteer: Any emails there jon(11:02am)
TNG_3B: BaldLivesMatter(11:02am)
Billy Grimpill: hail sometosser(11:02am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: arghhh my yes(11:02am)
TouchingFurniture: bran go over and rub your knob across bulls head(11:02am)
chocotorro: with 20 pesos you can buy 2 burritos or one and a pop(11:02am)
AngryFourByTwo: lol(11:02am)
Sno0opy: Uh oh - SomeTosser is on the slab(11:02am)
The White Death: ILLUMINATI SIGN ON THE BOTTLE !!!!(11:02am)
roxid: SomeTOsser where is your tosser book(11:02am)
Ziz: Wow...I'm allowed to comment here.(11:02am)
FFFfffap: I like the first bit best(11:03am)
DildoBaggins: SomeTosser is the best LLer on this siye(11:03am)
MyDisguiseShh: Hayden, sir...can you fire all the mods, they suck at featuring videos(11:03am)
LanaSky: i saw it....i watch all his videos LOL(11:03am)
Sno0opy: BADASS!!!!!!!!!(11:03am)
HaunebuDrei: REPOST!!!(11:03am)
Brexiteer: Hayden is the mod(11:03am)
Tolien Soren: you didn't feature it so it must be true!(11:03am)
Sordid: I have a feeling we will be seeing the woman with her face off...(11:03am)
The White Death: fake and gay(11:03am)
TNG_3B: Liveleak needs more fight videos(11:03am)
Kempe: Deja vu!(11:03am)
Sno0opy: TITS are always nice(11:03am)
wetherby: Lemmy!!(11:03am)
Utnapishtim: I think we should all line up around 5th Avenue (Main stream media) and take a real 'live leak' together.(11:03am)
manlyman785: Repost(11:03am)
egalite: tosser must be rich as fuck for hayden to suck his dick twice in one show(11:03am)
Acid Addict 90: wheres this vid of the car crash girl PLEASEEEEEE(11:03am)
Jus1988: Hayden show is fucked(11:03am)
roxid: Love you sometosser and your videos.(11:03am)
Sno0opy: explosive(11:03am)
Hurricane64: so how many years ago was the halloween party ?(11:03am)
Sordid: I knew it!(11:03am)
4Promille: that face(11:03am)
RustRocket: ST is pretty cool , he's the one who animated my rocket , thanks again ST.(11:03am)
bigdawg1888: hahahaha(11:04am)
Acid Addict 90: The girl with her face in bits now(11:04am)
VikingHelm: LOL(11:04am)
Sordid: ha ha!(11:04am)
zero-g: it does have an influx of faggy shit , but, meh(11:04am)
egalite: sometosser=hayden's sugar daddy(11:04am)
Umbakele: lol(11:04am)
The White Death: UPVOTE !!!(11:04am)
Sno0opy: cookie monster looks bored(11:04am)
XxGaLoSxX: so good(11:04am)
chocotorro: wow thats cool(11:04am)
standoff: I'm glad I missed orgrish. It's too harsh for my sensitive personality.(11:04am)
fat belly: so fucking true (11:04am)
LanaSky: LOL(11:04am)
CheckSum: So funny!!(11:04am)
Acid Addict 90: hahahaha(11:04am)
Kempe: 10 skips, wow(11:04am)
MacDuff: lol so true(11:04am)
roxid: rofl(11:04am)
PiiaBrazi: me too, standoff (11:04am)
The White Death: WOW 67 skips on the water !! AWESOME(11:04am)
Tolien Soren: tosser is a genius!(11:04am)
DildoBaggins: No skype today lol(11:04am)
Brexiteer: Looks like a Picks and Dicks feture(11:04am)
Sordid: sure is(11:04am)
Sno0opy: Shoenice almost dieded!(11:04am)
zero-g: and this was a great vid lol(11:04am)
Acid Addict 90: lemmy....stokes finest(11:04am)
Cup Of Tea.: Vid'plz sack long hair.(11:04am)
roxid: fuckin shits(11:04am)
LanaSky: IT'S PC....FOLKS .....IT NEEDS TO GO !!!!(11:04am)
Kempe: drama(11:04am)
TNG_3B: Shoenice is killing himself softly(11:04am)
egalite: ya he is tolien!(11:04am)
VikingHelm: Hahaha(11:05am)
AngryFourByTwo: harsh but fair...(11:05am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: lol(11:05am)
RustRocket: Gonzo is my favorite muppet.(11:05am)
Billy Grimpill: best bit(11:05am)
Justme99: Change the mods. they are featuring puppy videos. + 1milion(11:05am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
LiveSeal: Ahahahahahaahha(11:05am)
KoRnPuff: KAOTIC posts much more violent stuff....just sayin...LL has become more soft.(11:05am)
bitfalls: hilarious(11:05am)
Substance79: if you can't laugh at yourself then get others to do it for you(11:05am)
roxid: mods feature puppy videos.(11:05am)
MacDuff: Hayden make a safe space on Liveleak?(11:05am)
Kempe: fake(11:05am)
roxid: shave your head(11:05am)
userwank: no isis videos(11:05am)
egalite: if we had ten sometossers, LL would be the most popular site on the internets(11:05am)
Spuddy0108: viral video, daily picks and flicks: the death of Liveleak(11:05am)
bugman78629: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUTUBE....(11:05am)
Sno0opy: MacDuff - LMAO!!! Safe space! HAHA!(11:05am)
Billy Grimpill: bring it(11:05am)
MacDuff: Lol(11:05am)
TNG_3B: Make a pussy section for coont Liveleakers(11:05am)
Sordid: lolz(11:05am)
XxGaLoSxX: SICK!(11:05am)
TrouserTrout: HELLO ALL!!!(11:05am)
SomeTosser: hahah(11:06am)
TNG_3B: fuck yeah, the music(11:06am)
Sordid: Hello @Trouser(11:06am)
IronWarrior: NYAA~(11:06am)
egalite: wtf(11:06am)
roxid: pussy videos(11:06am)
willybilly: not the bees!(11:06am)
Substance79: is 2016 over????(11:06am)
SomeTosser: @sordid hi(11:06am)
DildoBaggins: LL is a safe place @MacDuff lol(11:06am)
KoRnPuff: kaotic for the win(11:06am)
RustRocket: Here comes the kitty vids.(11:06am)
Equix: hello TT(11:06am)
The White Death: reeeepooost(11:06am)
egalite: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr alah ahkbar brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(11:06am)
Sordid: the double tap(11:06am)
Sno0opy: FOOOKIN AYE!!!!!(11:06am)
roxid: surprise bitch(11:06am)
XxGaLoSxX: ALLAH AKBAR(11:06am)
Henry Hoover: ogrish music(11:06am)
Billy Grimpill: BOOOM!!!(11:06am)
4Promille: this is all youtube(11:07am)
Brexiteer: Looks like a bestgore compilation(11:07am)
LanaSky: WOW MISSED THOSE(11:07am)
willybilly: turn it ooofffff!(11:07am)
roxid: lol(11:07am)
TNG_3B: Fookin wild(11:07am)
Sordid: lol(11:07am)
Equix: HAhaha(11:07am)
Billy Grimpill: lol(11:07am)
SomeTosser: lol(11:07am)
IronWarrior: MY EYES(11:07am)
TNG_3B: A true Liveleaker(11:07am)
bigdawg1888: Hahahaha(11:07am)
LiveleakShowUsername: NASTY(11:07am)
zero-g: yeAh sure, but if I uploaded this lol(11:07am)
Spuddy0108: mom?(11:07am)
FreeEntertainment: oh nooooooo(11:07am)
zombiestench 2: my wife!(11:07am)
KoRnPuff: why's Harambe in the street(11:07am)
bitfalls: that ass(11:07am)
KoalaBear: no like(11:07am)
Sno0opy: She makes me horny(11:07am)
roxid: hahahah(11:07am)
Kempe: bad music(11:07am)
Billy Grimpill: fap(11:07am)
ShadyNJ: wtfff(11:07am)
The White Death: fap fap fap(11:07am)
XxGaLoSxX: fappy time(11:07am)
MajorGeneralDespair: hahahaha(11:07am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Disturbing shit spoiling the show.(11:07am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: fit(11:07am)
Henry Hoover: i just pissed myself as well(11:07am)
Acid Addict 90: wow(11:07am)
Substance79: GET YOUR KITTENS OUT!!(11:07am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Somethings can't be unseen(11:07am)
Ziz: I see bullshit_detector made it on here(11:07am)
AngryFourByTwo: vape time(11:07am)
Billy Grimpill: fap fap fap(11:07am)
burraak: its my birthday too(11:07am)
Sno0opy: 7th circle of hell(11:07am)
MacDuff: NO!(11:07am)
roxid: that was bullshit_detector(11:07am)
egalite: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO(11:08am)
TNG_3B: Just no(11:08am)
fat belly: johns sore back op ?(11:08am)
IronWarrior: Thats your daily american liveleaker there >>>(11:08am)
FreeEntertainment: ouch... quit it(11:08am)
Death: OH JEEEZ(11:08am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: No more pizza for me(11:08am)
Acid Addict 90: Guy in half!! Wow(11:08am)
standoff: Haydens mechh mod, there you are(11:08am)
ShadyNJ: How did Hypocrites and Parasites even get that in there(11:08am)
XxGaLoSxX: probably be pulling kittens out of asses soon(11:08am)
FFFfffap: my stack of tissues looks like mt everest by now(11:08am)
zero-g: ooooooo, lol(11:08am)
Sordid: I'ts a BOY!(11:08am)
TNG_3B: The mods fav video(11:08am)
Cun' L: none of them from ViralVideo or DayliShitandShit(11:08am)
Kopernikus: Good evening all, ...eww...whats this(11:08am)
Sno0opy: FUCK YEAH!(11:08am)
roxid: epic(11:08am)
RustRocket: Now that's just wrong on so many levels.(11:08am)
MajorGeneralDespair: LOL Fap(11:08am)
LanaSky: I'M HUNGRY(11:08am)
MacDuff: Good good(11:08am)
Minchia: Zero-g this is your stuff isn't it(11:08am)
Substance79: YAY!(11:08am)
The White Death: REDEFINING THE MEDIA !!(11:08am)
Equix: Hahahahhaahaaaa(11:08am)
roxid: fuck(11:08am)
TNG_3B: lol@ Kopernikus(11:08am)
userwank: but no isis stuff(11:08am)
PiiaBrazi: (11:08am)
Sno0opy: FUCK!!!(11:08am)
SomeTosser: nice vid(11:08am)
Billy Grimpill: Keep it up(11:08am)
KoalaBear: noooo(11:08am)
ChosennOne: Glass dick(11:08am)
MajorGeneralDespair: THAT WAS AWESOME(11:08am)
CheckSum: LL has still got it!!(11:08am)
FFFfffap: lol, here's to 10 more years(11:08am)
xer0: happiness is a cigar called hamlet(11:08am)
agardenchair: bottle in ass ....can't go wrong with that(11:08am)
roxid: cute pussy pics(11:08am)
Substance79: meh(11:08am)
RustRocket: Next thing you know they'll be pulling a gerbil out(11:08am)
zero-g: minchis , lol, no, they reject mine hahahaha(11:09am)
Kempe: we are harded(11:09am)
Cup Of Tea.: Mo blood(11:09am)
TNG_3B: The metal was a nice touch(11:09am)
hazey07: vapeleak 2016(11:09am)
Jayjo: I didn't watch...I'm a wimp.(11:09am)
FFFfffap: pull yourself together man(11:09am)
Substance79: meh(11:09am)
userwank: isis murders(11:09am)
patsnaso: in three pieces(11:09am)
Billy Grimpill: meow(11:09am)
Sno0opy: Should've been all the good shit(11:09am)
Skybo: loads of guys in two peices(11:09am)
Minchia: Zero-g fucking nazis(11:09am)
The White Death: Illuminati vape bottle(11:09am)
bugman78629: WELL PLAYED.......(11:09am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized in the UK?(11:09am)
egalite: half man slappin his head is mah favorite(11:09am)
anodecathode: jesus man.. can you lay off the anal shit.. i'm trying to eat some ribs(11:09am)
SomeTosser: worthy response(11:09am)
Sno0opy: Hayden is going to get an infraction(11:09am)
KoRnPuff: not anymore(11:09am)
zero-g: minchia, it's a conspiracy(11:09am)
LanaSky: YES I WAS(11:09am)
Death: I WAS THERE(11:09am)
Hurricane64: how many years wa s the haloween part y(11:09am)
userwank: why no isis?(11:09am)
TouchingFurniture: raging taking panic attacks an shit,poor lads a shivering puddle of anal mucus(11:09am)
Sordid: lol(11:09am)
LanaSky: MUZZIE(11:09am)
FFFfffap: bet the repons IS going to be featured(11:09am)
Acid Addict 90: hayden show us that guy in half in full(11:09am)
Substance79: meh me meth(11:09am)
TNG_3B: Anyone who sits on LL making comments all day has got to be pretty hardcore, NOT(11:09am)
ShadyNJ: Is that Conor Mcgregor in the bow tie?(11:09am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Alexander scrubs up well.(11:09am)
userwank: why no isis?(11:10am)
DildoBaggins: Lol Zombie(11:10am)
Al Bundy: I'm as hard as jello(11:10am)
Darth-Maul: (11:10am)
KoRnPuff: he's watching on mute(11:10am)
XxGaLoSxX: ya, why no isis?(11:10am)
LanaSky: LOL(11:10am)
roxid: bullshit_detector was his gay love(11:10am)
userwank: why no isis?(11:10am)
Billy Grimpill: one of the most sensitive parts of the body the fingers(11:10am)
MajorGeneralDespair: will the response video be uploaded ?(11:10am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized in UK?(11:10am)
LanaSky: YESI WAS(11:10am)
agardenchair: guy in half was a magic trick....they are lying to us(11:10am)
EpicTard: I fist my ass in your general direction(11:10am)
TrouserTrout: Where do I find THESE vids?! I haven't seen either of them!(11:10am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, were you the Ogre that ran Ogrish and are you affiliated with Shrek?(11:10am)
Minchia: Can someone let trisha speak please !!(11:10am)
xer0: any good sites to download LL videos? tubeoffline res sucks(11:10am)
Acid Addict 90: show that guy in half in full boss(11:10am)
ChosennOne: Graham do we have any emails(11:10am)
Jayjo: Hey, Keith (11:11am)
LanaSky: Yes pot will eventually be shut up(11:11am)
Sno0opy: Infraction for Hayden... he broke the rules. He's like Hillary - with impunity(11:11am)
TouchingFurniture: minch get your snatch out(11:11am)
Sno0opy: LMAO!!!(11:11am)
Kopernikus: xero you have to choose best res(11:11am)
XxGaLoSxX: where to find new ISIS vids?(11:11am)
SomeTosser: lol(11:11am)
TrouserTrout: Hi Jay!!!(11:11am)
Minchia: TouchingFurniture It's always out, down to my knees(11:11am)
ShadyNJ: Mod mutiny(11:11am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: I like the mix of gore and nice it makes this site more real(11:11am)
agardenchair: wow more than 1000 viewers(11:11am)
xer0: doesnt work so well these days.(11:11am)
Acid Addict 90: isis vids - zero censorship(11:11am)
Henry Hoover: was the clip with the guy who had his face removed and hands chopped off too hardcore?(11:11am)
Cup Of Tea.: Bring back planet mods.(11:11am)
xer0: even best res is crappy(11:11am)
AngryFourByTwo: YES(11:11am)
MajorGeneralDespair: turn it down -5db(11:11am)
Eoin Kelly: i lived in Manchester . . .Rusholme the posh part(11:12am)
Death: I NEARLY DIED(11:12am)
roxid: are those fucks your mods? fire them. they are featuring cute pussy videos.(11:12am)
Henry Hoover: you know the one i mentioned then(11:12am)
Sno0opy: GORE ROCKS!(11:12am)
KoRnPuff: Used to be a lot of gore(11:12am)
Superezforme: What is the site?(11:12am)
Kopernikus: heLLLLOoo 2 BRAN from me(11:12am)
TNG_3B: Yeah, you just show occasional gore, that's all(11:12am)
Substance79: OWN(11:12am)
TouchingFurniture: lol raging bull hiding his boner(11:12am)
FFFfffap: Oi Ian(11:12am)
egalite: its morphed away from gore(11:12am)
willybilly: aeon blue apocalypse(11:12am)
Sno0opy: B-I-N-G-O(11:12am)
Tolien Soren: I'd like to make a compilation of my favorites but it will be rejected when I put music over it! (11:12am)
Eoin Kelly: owen(11:12am)
right hii: HAHAHAHA E OINK LIL PIGGY(11:12am)
S.Baldrick: owen(11:12am)
Billy Grimpill: thing I like about LL is the balance between the vids and stuff like yoursay(11:12am)
Substance79: OWN YA CLOWNS(11:12am)
dusty666: owen(11:12am)
TrouserTrout: I LOVE GARDEN VIDS!!(11:12am)
AngryFourByTwo: OINK(11:12am)
v1rus: plant pot paddy(11:12am)
Death: IM ALWAYS OWIN(11:12am)
Equix: lol right hii(11:12am)
roxid: bdoink(11:12am)
DildoBaggins: The cool kids room over there. Flamers(11:12am)
ShadyNJ: Loll(11:12am)
Acid Addict 90: its owen(11:12am)
altFfour: I was living in Levenshulme(11:12am)
TNG_3B: Should I make a drumming tutorial video for LL?(11:13am)
edanias: Hi Guys Happy 10 years!!!!!!(11:13am)
The White Death: Hillary is going to jail now ! It is all over the njews !(11:13am)
Cup Of Tea.: Exceopt mars he WAS A REAL CUNT.(11:13am)
Pete_Moss: OWEN(11:13am)
Kopernikus: go to china become big(11:13am)
Substance79: conman mcbegger(11:13am)
Al Bundy: Poison the whit parrot from Viral Video's(11:13am)
Sno0opy: CHEERS! Bottoms up ALL!(11:13am)
Ulysses Gonzalez: Damn you all look like a bunch of pedophiles(11:13am)
Henry Hoover: Honey G to win X Factor(11:13am)
SomeTosser: Is Owen here ?(11:13am)
MajorGeneralDespair: yes, great stuff(11:13am)
Acid Addict 90: OWEN - Can be spelt Ooin and Eoin(11:13am)
PiiaBrazi: cheeeeers!(11:13am)
Billy Grimpill: chin chin all(11:13am)
ShadyNJ: Just wear diapers bro(11:13am)
Kempe: Skål Piia(11:13am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Jons still watching youtube(11:13am)
Kopernikus: leave the stream to your guests(11:13am)
TrouserTrout: GOOOO BLUE!!! 8-0(11:13am)
KoRnPuff: gmail=government mail(11:13am)
Darth-Maul: (11:13am)
Minchia: SomeTosser Im Owen(11:13am)
Substance79: please sponsor conman mcbegger(11:13am)
right hii: ACID ITS EOINK(11:13am)
Acid Addict 90: My paddy cousin is named Ooin - Owen(11:13am)
Hurricane64: 22-50 what a delivery time(11:14am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized?(11:14am)
Minchia: SomeTosser I'm Owen(11:14am)
ShadyNJ: Loll(11:14am)
Death: HEHE(11:14am)
The White Death: Get in touch ? No thanks 1(11:14am)
fat belly: do go yet hayden im near cumming (11:14am)
Smokesteve: Holy crap what's up!(11:14am)
SomeTosser: @minchia lol no you're not. You don't own a canoe(11:14am)
TrouserTrout: Go and piss ffs!(11:14am)
MajorGeneralDespair: A Small break and we'll be back with the quiz, cant wait(11:14am)
Hurricane64: he only boxes lol(11:14am)
Sno0opy: YEAH!!!(11:14am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, have you ever been in a fist fight??(11:14am)
ShadyNJ: You'll do fookin nuttin(11:14am)
Kopernikus: ill rob your place while ur fighting(11:14am)
PiiaBrazi: haha @ sometosser(11:14am)
Darth-Maul: Raging bull & Duke! (11:14am)
TouchingFurniture: what a twat(11:14am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Big respect Ragingbull.(11:14am)
Eoin Kelly: right hii is only 12 he shouldnt be on here.(11:14am)
Minchia: SomeTosser lol actually I'm guido(11:15am)
Superezforme: Did you beat her?(11:15am)
wetherby: Stepped out for a smoke. Anyone miss me?(11:15am)
Al Bundy: Did you live?(11:15am)
PiiaBrazi: alset - and my david (11:15am)
Hurricane64: faggots end up in a suit with people sittin around him quite normal(11:15am)
Smokesteve: I voted today! Vote yes on question 4 in Massachusetts legalize marijuana!(11:15am)
Sno0opy: Happy Birthday!(11:15am)
AngryFourByTwo: ALLAH AKBAAAR(11:15am)
Daddy-O: REPOST!(11:15am)
WarrGypzy: @Minchia...I remember quido..I think lool(11:15am)
bigdawg1888: Hahahahaha(11:15am)
Tolien Soren: I'll go smoke a cig. You know, the real deal!(11:15am)
edanias: Shout out from Pittsburgh, Pa USA <3(11:15am)
Kopernikus: lol(11:15am)
Henry Hoover: this guy challenges you to a fight.
TrouserTrout: I don't think that I fit in here. Bye.(11:15am)
Cup Of Tea.: Bran stab the ttamp.(11:15am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Piia. Of course.(11:15am)
Billy Grimpill: i hate fucking yam yams(11:15am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Birmingham should be nuked(11:15am)
willybilly: willybilly(11:15am)
Ulysses Gonzalez: I'll fuck McGregor up(11:15am)
fat belly: what about man united getting beat 4
KoRnPuff: Nuke Mexico(11:15am)
Justme99: Connor got bitch slapped by Nevada Athletic Commission and he cried like a baby(11:15am)
standoff: (11:15am)
Sno0opy: What about David?(11:16am)
ChosennOne: awwww(11:16am)
sureitsme2: hello mum(11:16am)
PiiaBrazi: (11:16am)
Kempe: lol(11:16am)
Acid Addict 90: someone in the studio deck brann(11:16am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Can Duke do a live version of the intor to the show ???(11:16am)
TNG_3B: They are serving all the bomb food at Allah's Snackbar with EXPLOSIVE flavor(11:16am)
Sordid: lol(11:16am)
Kopernikus: (11:16am)
Hurricane64: im in hospital on the 18th(11:16am)
Darth-Maul: lol(11:16am)
Eoin Kelly: Viral Video for president.(11:16am)
SomeTosser: lol poor piia(11:16am)
Acid Addict 90: fuck off brann(11:16am)
TouchingFurniture: mc gregor should slap the fuck out that guy for defamation(11:16am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: can we have a twat of the day award for the most down voted comment(11:16am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think Cannabis will ever be Legalized?(11:16am)
moefugger: Aha remembered to show up this time.(11:16am)
PiiaBrazi: jsut make sure he is okey while he is over htere (11:16am)
Justme99: Connor got bitch slapped by Nevada Athletic Commission and he cried like a baby(11:16am)
FFFfffap: have they captured the canalside killer yet?(11:16am)
Medic 51: Member since Jul-17-2005 I'm your LL lord(11:16am)
DildoBaggins: DUKE FOR PRESIDENT(11:16am)
wetherby: Put Duke up front!(11:16am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: can we have a twat of the day award for the most down voted comment(11:16am)
Death: medic member since nov 2001(11:16am)
Sordid: Duke for the whole world!(11:17am)
PiiaBrazi: well. vice president(11:17am)
RustRocket: Nice save Duke.(11:17am)
brianOwNo: Shit nearly missed this thank fuck i've a blood lust(11:17am)
Smokesteve: Is that Conner mcgregor?(11:17am)
DildoBaggins: THE WORLD(11:17am)
Kopernikus: he medic *notworthy*(11:17am)
Sno0opy: SLOOP for Prez!(11:17am)
Darth-Maul: VOTE KIETH MOON! (11:17am)
TNG_3B: Sloop, I have confidence you will win this election.. SLOOPERS 2016(11:17am)
AngryFourByTwo: DUKE DUKE DUKE(11:17am)
Henry Hoover: Brexit bitches. Carneys going back to canada(11:17am)
Acid Addict 90: ask the swed if he can get me some weed when I go Sweden??? Please(11:17am)
Death: i should be in charge(11:17am)
Eoin Kelly: Hopefully another 10 years guys,goodnight.(11:17am)
Billy Grimpill: Aye vote Keith Moon(11:17am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: can we have a twat of the day award for the most down voted comment(11:17am)
brianOwNo: Happy birthday(11:17am)
Hurricane64: how to stick a with a website and still get outcasted what a fucking wonderfull privalidge(11:17am)
PiiaBrazi: i could, but i wont acid(11:17am)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think immigrants are ruining the country?(11:17am)
The White Death: Excellent idea jed eyed warrior ! Twat of the day award for most downvoted comment !(11:17am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(11:17am) lol(11:17am)
Death: im all good mate(11:17am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: yay me(11:17am)
egalite: yes(11:17am)
sureitsme2: hayden time for piss yet ?(11:17am)
Justme99: Ask Conor about his next fight in Las Vegas(11:17am)
Sno0opy: That's a great idea!(11:17am)
TouchingFurniture: raginbull got a raging boner for trish(11:17am)
zero-g: deathhhhhh(11:17am)
paramedex: Drinkable THC. All you guys need to have some(11:17am)
TheTalisman: holy crap, haven't seen hayden in a while, he's getting a lot of white hairs in that goatee(11:17am)
Medic 51: Member since Jul-17-2005 I'm your LL lord!(11:18am)
ShadyNJ: It's in New York(11:18am)
Sno0opy: He's got "Depends"(11:18am)
TNG_3B: Why is Connor dressed so dapper?(11:18am)
Kopernikus: why must Bran sit on a chair, thats uncalled for, for the lady as well(11:18am)
wetherby: Put Duke up front!(11:18am)
Equix: hahhahaa(11:18am)
DildoBaggins: Its new york(11:18am)
PiiaBrazi: david, give them a piia hug now man (11:18am)
zero-g: death is a very old acct no?(11:18am)
Superezforme: Is he wearing a dress?(11:18am)
Death: hayden my wife took me to the arndale centre(11:18am)
Acid Addict 90: ask the swed if he can get me some weed when I go to Sweden??(11:18am)
moefugger: Damn Bran, you are fat.(11:18am)
suckmylad: Hello!(11:18am)
Substance79: oh shit im in the ring with conman mcbegger!(11:18am)
Cup Of Tea.: Let K O W back.(11:18am)
brianOwNo: How did yous get mcgregor's gay porn double on?(11:18am)
Henry Hoover: Jimmy saville had a flat in leeds(11:18am)
Acid Arrow: Do you ever read Breitbart news?(11:18am)
Death: and im agoraphobic(11:18am)
Justme99: He has to pony up $150K(11:18am)
edanias: Conner you are a cutie pie(11:18am)
TNG_3B: How often do the mods hold orgies in the main LL office(11:18am)
PiiaBrazi: piiahugs dammit - make it happen David (11:18am)
LiveSeal: What do you think of Nigel Farage for President?(11:19am)
egalite: had a pint with Ken O'Keefe lately?(11:19am)
TheThing: Is that a Conner McGregor impersonator ?(11:19am)
Substance79: notice me sempai(11:19am)
aphidlip: I made it! Happy Birthday guys!!!(11:19am)
Smokesteve: Conner is a bad ass would like to have seen him fight Matt Hughes(11:19am)
Sno0opy: APHIDLIP!!!(11:19am)
willybilly: happy birthday to you to aph(11:19am)
PiiaBrazi: welcome!(11:19am)
DildoBaggins: TheThing thats ragingbull(11:19am)
Al Bundy: Oh I just clued in hes that fighting guy?(11:19am)
Hurricane64: mcregors not even his age he does well llol(11:19am)
TNG_3B: It's a doppleganger for Connor(11:19am)
moefugger: Gotta shit do you.(11:19am)
Riding With Jesse James: Hayden, where were you while we were getting high?(11:19am)
willybilly: yea guess i'll go take a break too(11:19am)
LanaSky: GOTTA PEE PEE(11:19am)
PiiaBrazi: bah. im just freaking ignored dammit lol(11:19am)
Henry Hoover: clocks go back(11:19am)
SomeTosser: Shows over everyone(11:19am)
Acid Addict 90: can the swed get me some weed when I go Sweden...I'm serious, I'll give him 50£(11:19am)
TNG_3B: Shannanibananigans(11:20am)
Juxtaposition: oh good time for a fap(11:20am)
EpicTard: thank fuck hes gone(11:20am)
Death: wheres the studio in madchester(11:20am)
egalite: the strokin gun(11:20am)
Sno0opy: release the piss break(11:20am)
Billy Grimpill: ah thats better(11:20am)
LiveSeal: FFS put a bucket under the table.... noone would notice(11:20am)
PiiaBrazi: no, i could but i wont acid(11:20am)
brianOwNo: theres something up...he's cheating onus.I just know it!(11:20am)
OCEANBLUE: In walks the Midgets with plates of cocaine.(11:20am)
Substance79: 10th anniversary has less views than regular show, did half the cult kill themselves(11:20am)
WarrGypzy: lol @ SomeTosser, you are very sneaky aren't you? (11:20am)
Death: one day i will visit(11:20am)
TNG_3B: Hayden went to go rub one out(11:20am)
manlyman785: Shows over good night(11:20am)
wetherby: Piia, copy and paste it repeatedly when he gets back.(11:20am)
The White Death: RIP liveseal(11:20am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol tng(11:20am)
TouchingFurniture: liveseal loves that virgin pussy(11:20am)
Death: i wish i could rub one out, it has gone inverted nowadays(11:20am)
Tolien Soren: at least show us some videos!(11:20am)
TNG_3B: What, it's true! (11:20am)
PiiaBrazi: haha, i will just call instead - that will work (11:21am)
WarrGypzy: It's like the teacher has left the classroom for a moment(11:21am)
FFFfffap: Does anyone know the LL office address? I will call the SWAT team on them.(11:21am)
Billy Grimpill: @Death your a skelton you don't have penis anymore?(11:21am)
Darth-Maul: What happened to LiveSeal? @TheWhiteDeath(11:21am)
egalite: he'll cum back gagging and wearing fresh trousers(11:21am)
brianOwNo: I have no fucking live...(11:21am)
ChosennOne: DukeBrazi for World Leader(11:21am)
Substance79: probably next door to youtube offices(11:21am)
Acid Addict 90: Hayden, please explain the Iran beef(11:21am)
Sno0opy: LiveSeal admitted he'd have sex with 13yr old(11:21am)
TNG_3B: (11:21am)
The White Death: yup he is in jail(11:21am)
fat belly: what about tony blair thinking about returning to policitcs(11:21am)
PiiaBrazi: could i just take a moment to thank you all - you know what i mean(11:21am)
Acid Arrow: who wouldn't?(11:21am)
Substance79: liveleak is in the youtube basement(11:21am)
WarrGypzy: Acid Addict 90: I have had Iranian steaks...they are not good (11:21am)
TNG_3B: Bad arrow!(11:22am)
chickadee2: @Piia <3(11:22am)
Kopernikus: the juice have got him(11:22am)
wetherby: Yes Ma'am, Piia!(11:22am)
Billy Grimpill: ¬¬(11:22am)
agardenchair: liveleak is run by Putin(11:22am)
Acid Arrow: I mean, an abnormal person would, not me.(11:22am)
fat belly:
PiiaBrazi: now you can all see he is still around - very much alive too. my david - thank you so much you all <3 <3 <3(11:22am)
TNG_3B: comment(11:22am)
cobro: where the fuck did they go(11:22am)
Ziz: Hello?(11:22am)
egalite: ziz(11:22am)
Darth-Maul: @fatbelly someone should remind Tony Bland that Hillary may go to prison.(11:22am)
Sno0opy: PIIA you ROCK!(11:23am)
wetherby: Ziz, What's up!(11:23am)
Ziz: Am I in the right place?(11:23am)
TNG_3B: Where El Beefer?, that guy is coo(11:23am)
TouchingFurniture: ragingbull gonna drop that cosby pill in dukes coca cola(11:23am)
Billy Grimpill: 2016 the year everyone just shitposts on the internet instead of getting anything of value done(11:23am)
Acid Arrow: they are looking through the wittiest comments to comment on(11:23am)
LiveleakShowUsername: hayden is getting his rapist mask out again(11:23am)
wetherby: Ziz, Yes.(11:23am)
Ziz: Hey Weatherby!(11:23am)
RustRocket: They went to take a virtual pee in the real world.(11:23am)
LanaSky: OOPPS UI FARTED(11:23am)
PiiaBrazi: it has been rough. no doubt about that. but he is still here.(11:23am)
Substance79: they've gone to give the mods their plankton injection(11:23am)
egalite: yes, hayden went to get his ass hole reamed by the nerds he'll be right back(11:23am)
AngryFourByTwo: suck an egg...(11:23am)
Tolien Soren: They're jerking off each other(11:23am)
docmatt: Goodnight everyone(11:23am)
battlezonebert: seems i made the show a bit late but happy birthday u merry cunts(11:23am)
RustRocket: They went to take a real pee in the virtual world.(11:24am)
wetherby: egalite: Duke is no nerd(11:24am)
MudFlapShoes: i just farted....whoa gentlemen i'm a married man.(11:24am)
Death: welcome battle(11:24am)
agardenchair: they're having pizza(11:24am)
TNG_3B: They're having a penile discussion backstage(11:24am)
SomeTosser: @battle they are coming back, just a short break(11:24am)
Billy Grimpill: @RustRocket *mind blown*(11:24am)
egalite: k(11:24am)
PvtMadnage: Phooh! Just in time!(11:24am)
PiiaBrazi: yeah.. so. thank you guys never the less(11:24am)
RustRocket: Ha!(11:24am)
wetherby: Lana, HAHAHA(11:24am)
cobro: hhehehehehe(11:24am)
SomeTosser: Lana we all noticed, I thought you queefed(11:24am)
Substance79: they're doing a bucket collection on the street for conman mcbegger(11:24am)
TNG_3B: They are sword fighting in the bathroom(11:24am)
Acid Arrow: they are eating each other(11:24am)
LanaSky: (11:24am)
PvtMadnage: im eating chicken nuggets(11:24am)
Sordid: I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn't complain.(11:24am)
TouchingFurniture: lana i want you to fart on my chest(11:24am)
Bumlick: lol(11:24am)
battlezonebert: its a pre mod issue(11:25am)
Billy Grimpill: he should do phone porn(11:25am)
LiveleakShowUsername: holy fucking shit are you kidding me(11:25am)
SomeTosser: Graham is a giant FAG(11:25am)
cobro: greyham that twat(11:25am)
AngryFourByTwo: DUKE for the win...(11:25am)
Death: graham you cunt(11:25am)
battlezonebert: bit like that guy in glasses(11:25am)
Sno0opy: WHO DIDN'T RECORD THIS SHIT!!!??????(11:25am)
egalite: seppoku(11:25am)
Kopernikus: lol, his live will be living hell(11:25am)
suckmylad: Noobs!(11:25am)
bugman78629: I BET YALL LOVE A SAUSAGE FEST.....(3:15pm)(11:25am)
Al Bundy: Press record RETARD!(11:25am)
Billy Grimpill: Graham you douche(11:25am)
zero-g: graham you useless bastard(11:25am)
Acid Addict 90: Graham's a moron(11:25am)
Asaggynoodle: Gayham is such a fuckboi.(11:25am)
Darth-Maul: Whos' the Graham 'shadow'?(11:25am)
Death: lol @ graham(11:25am)
SomeTosser: Graham looks like a short fat Russell Brand(11:25am)
DIYMaster: Hey peeps whats going on?(11:25am)
Sno0opy: DAMNIT GRAHAM!!!(11:25am)
battlezonebert: what was his name before hand lol(11:25am)
Acid Arrow: No, Gordon is a moron(11:25am)
LiveleakShowUsername: absolutely useless piece of wank(11:25am)
Billy Grimpill: Graham is a tosser(11:25am)
FFFfffap: fred from fhritp(11:25am)
egalite: oh that's right graham can't seppoku because knives are illegal in the UK(11:25am)
Cup Of Tea.: sack him(11:25am)
suckmylad: says 'SUCK MY LAD!"(11:25am)
TNG_3B: Lana are you a pretty gal?(11:25am)
Substance79: join us as we celebrate keeping you waiting(11:25am)
DIYMaster: Where is the Birthday party at?(11:25am)
Death: im sure hes lovely but ....(11:25am)
Kopernikus: BREXIT was a good thing after all(11:25am)
Billy Grimpill: you had ONE JOB!!!!(11:25am)
keith moon: Ffs Graham (11:26am)
fat belly: graham wants all the muzzies to come to the uk(11:26am)
FFFfffap: lol\(11:26am)
RustRocket: Graham crackers were invented to keep young boys from masturbating after school to LL videos.(11:26am)
TouchingFurniture: he looks like a bag of sick(11:26am)
TNG_3B: Happy LeakDay!!!!!!(11:26am)
MudFlapShoes: how do they cram all that Graham?(11:26am)
willybilly: alright im back(11:26am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:26am)
SomeTosser: Lana has a nice set of tits(11:26am)
egalite: ah oh, jon is undercover(11:26am)
Death: you forgot to record the fucking stream(11:26am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:26am)
wetherby: TNG, Yah, She's Hot!(11:26am)
FFFfffap: So does bran(11:26am)
Sordid: Patient: "Doctor! Doctor! Help me - I cannot feel my legs!" Doctor: "Don’t panic, that’s perfectly normal. It’s because I amputated your arms!"(11:26am)
agardenchair: what did he do(11:26am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:26am)
suckmylad: OGRISH OGRISH OGRISH!!!!!! OI OI OI!(11:26am)
Acid Arrow: Golden Grahams - the king of cereal(11:26am)
Acid Addict 90: Graham is a moron, Graham is a moron, la la la la la(11:26am)
dim_0100: How late is it in the Uk right now ?(11:26am)
Bumlick: alright confession time, who else has been recording the stream as fap content?(11:26am)
TNG_3B: Lana, my I rest my head upon your bosom?(11:26am)
Billy Grimpill: Humiliate him for the gratification of live leak! NOW!(11:26am)
CheckSum: Graham, shit happens, no worries.(11:26am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:26am)
Substance79: the 5 viewers left when they come back are going to be delighted(11:26am)
Acid Addict 90: not very(11:26am)
ShadyNJ: Longest piss ever(11:26am)
willybilly: its 10:26 there i think(11:26am)
MajorGeneralDespair: 10.30PM(11:27am)
SomeTosser: Graham FORGOT(11:27am)
Death: it is late(11:27am)
battlezonebert: certain people was focused on too many things at once just like the hype about bigs38 and ragingbull himself then all of a sudden a noob forgets the r..(11:27am)
FFFfffap: It is time for the quiz(11:27am)
dim_0100: dis I miss the show ?(11:27am)
TNG_3B: Hayden has nice tits(11:27am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:27am)
PiiaBrazi: and 23.26 over here..(11:27am)
willybilly: starting to get sick of the haters(11:27am)
suckmylad: GRAHAM YOU NOOB!(11:27am)
battlezonebert: recording llol(11:27am)
wetherby: 4:27 PM here(11:27am)
Death: lol(11:27am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: its over(11:27am)
Substance79: this is the show(11:27am)
SomeTosser: Graham is JUST as shit as Marty was(11:27am)
TouchingFurniture: they hooking the bull up with a few fat lines(11:27am)
Sno0opy: Dim - its a short break(11:27am)
willybilly: wetherby same here in richmond, texas(11:27am)
Acid Arrow: Graham - more like "grey-bum"(11:27am)
Sordid: What do you call a Jew with two gas tanks on his back? Addict..(11:27am)
fat belly: graham and his cumonyourface show(11:27am)
PvtMadnage: Ron Paul 2012!(11:27am)
FFFfffap: don't worry graham, there will be another anniversary show in 10 years(11:27am)
WarrGypzy: @Some Tosser..why you being mean??(11:27am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:27am)
sureitsme2: just finish your shit and get abck(11:27am)
KoRnPuff: Hayden is BullshitDetector(11:27am)
Kempe: Drunk:PM here..(11:28am)
Billy Grimpill: If your sick of haters you are in the wrong fucking place I reckon(11:28am)
LiveleakShowUsername: LOL(11:28am)
ShadyNJ: Fired(11:28am)
PvtMadnage: twat(11:28am)
SomeTosser: @warr they all want us to be mean to Graham(11:28am)
Death: oh nooo graham(11:28am)
malken: skanks fags and lesbs are all a jew plan to destroy the white race which are the real israelites .. jews are edomites seedline of the devil(11:28am)
battlezonebert: oh cmon now ur getting second class here(11:28am)
FFFfffap: LL THIS whispering is giving me a stiffy(11:28am)
Sno0opy: Graham - you @#$%- why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:28am)
LiveleakShowUsername: no way they streamed that literal spray shitting to twitch(11:28am)
TNG_3B: 20 flogs out to do it(11:28am)
DIYMaster: I came for the birthday party and there is fuck all happening(11:28am)
fat belly: do a nean on his head with lucy(11:28am)
Death: yes flog the bitch(11:28am)
willybilly: i started watching a show called "timeless"(11:28am)
Substance79: houston can you send us another graham(11:28am)
Kempe: damn spam..(11:28am)
Cup Of Tea.: Bring back Ogrish(11:28am)
Acid Addict 90: Graham is still a dick!!!(11:28am)
Billy Grimpill: @malken fooking knob jockey(11:28am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Graemes gonna get dealt with, lol(11:28am)
WarrGypzy: @SomeTosser...I think Graham is cool! I like Graham. (11:28am)
TNG_3B: Ogrish for President(11:29am)
dim_0100: what happened to the first Graham ?(11:29am)
Sno0opy: DIYMaster - it's a short break(11:29am)
wellpissedliveleak: they all on the piss or something?(11:29am)
fat belly: hes a smelly dick(11:29am)
SomeTosser: Graham is hung like a light switch(11:29am)
FFFfffap: cut to a commercial for anti-depressants(11:29am)
DIYMaster: ok Snoopy(11:29am)
wetherby: BUGMAN!(11:29am)
Billy Grimpill: lol(11:29am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:29am)
TouchingFurniture: get your cock out m8(11:29am)
LiveleakShowUsername: i hope hayden posts the video where they buried graham(11:29am)
Acid Addict 90: We should all put RANDOM words in CAPS, TO piss him OFF(11:29am)
suckmylad: LOL Sometosser!!!!(11:29am)
Al Bundy: Graham call your wife, your're not making it home tonight.(11:29am)
Sno0opy: DUKE!!!!!(11:29am)
PiiaBrazi: <3(11:29am)
ShadyNJ: Dukeeee(11:29am)
IronWarrior: Hayden got hair!(11:29am)
Sordid: DUKE!(11:29am)
battlezonebert: lmao(11:29am)
FFFfffap: Lol(11:29am)
wetherby: DUKE!!(11:29am)
MajorGeneralDespair: AWESOME, LOL(11:29am)
Darth-Maul: lol (11:29am)
Equix: hahaha ! Nice DUKE(11:29am)
SomeTosser: lol(11:29am)
dim_0100: like is off dude !(11:29am)
TNG_3B: Connor, is that you??(11:29am)
ShadyNJ: Loll(11:29am)
EpicTard: what the fuck am i looking at(11:29am)
MudFlapShoes: how do they cram all that Graham?.....
Billy Grimpill: BRAZI!(11:29am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:29am)
FFFfffap: No shit(11:29am)
battlezonebert: lol now we know(11:29am)
PiiaBrazi: my david! <3(11:29am)
Acid Addict 90: GRAHAM, why DID you have TO FUCK shit up...(11:29am)
willybilly: ....greetings liveleak(11:29am)
agardenchair: Anton, do you think I’m a bad mother? My name is Paul.(11:30am)
SomeTosser: our David(11:30am)
fat belly: whats happening, i dont like change(11:30am)
AngryFourByTwo: Graham you useless fuck... Fire the cunt...(11:30am)
PiiaBrazi: yes, ST - our David <3(11:30am)
Acid Arrow: they are building up to the special guest...(11:30am)
TouchingFurniture: were is that raging cunt(11:30am)
SomeTosser: @piia lol(11:30am)
Acid Addict 90: sweed, can you get me some weed in sweden(11:30am)
Darth-Maul: (11:30am)
moefugger: She said Ass.(11:30am)
fat belly: WARDROBE ? (11:30am)
battlezonebert: he looks like a knob but i give it to him cos of charity(11:30am)
Billy Grimpill: if graham is not hog tied when they come back I will loose all faith(11:30am)
CheckSum: Who is the chick giving the warning?(11:30am)
Sordid: lol(11:30am)
RustRocket: I hope Hayden posts the video where Hayden posts the video where Hayden posts the video of the kitty.(11:30am)
Kempe: soo hayden(11:30am)
Billy Grimpill: lol(11:30am)
Sordid: Bronson, VERY good movie(11:30am)
willybilly: haha(11:30am)
EpicTard: Very gay(11:30am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Can we see Graeme being dealt with - LIVE on the show ? , hahaha(11:30am)
dim_0100: do you have any sound ?(11:30am)
FFFfffap: lol(11:30am)
PvtMadnage: nice intro!(11:30am)
battlezonebert: anyone who does charity cant be shot down(11:31am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:31am)
LiveleakShowUsername: graham you absolute shitter WHERES MY RECORDING(11:31am)
TNG_3B: Shit is about to hit the fan(11:31am)
suckmylad: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CUNT! *Point*(11:31am)
FFFfffap: a live flogging(11:31am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:31am)
zero-g: repost(11:31am)
SomeTosser: Show Graham that big dildo in the drawer(11:31am)
fat belly: NO SOUND (11:31am)
TNG_3B: COOOOOOOONT!!!!!!!(11:31am)
Sno0opy: Graham - why didn't you PRESS record?!?!?(11:31am)
ShadyNJ: Liar. You guys just started(11:31am)
Billy Grimpill: graham you gimp(11:31am)
right hii: 9graham you fuckhead(11:31am)
KoRnPuff: damn stoner(11:31am)
willybilly: where is conner mcgregor and friends(11:31am)
dim_0100: THERE IS NO FUCKING SOUND DUDE !(11:31am) what a bellend graham is(11:31am)
fat belly: EVRYONE SAY NO SOUND(11:31am)
battlezonebert: this is good result lol(11:31am)
PvtMadnage: Hayden! Force once you don't like a serial killer!(11:31am)
Sordid: ha ha!(11:31am)
fingerburn50: Aloha you Bull(11:31am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: ha ha you silly fuckers(11:31am)
Billy Grimpill: lol you are banned from twitch(11:31am)
sureitsme2: mickey mouse stardom(11:31am)
FFFfffap: Fire the fucker(11:31am)
Cup Of Tea.: Sexy(11:31am)
MajorGeneralDespair: 10 lashes with the fluffy pink paddle(11:31am)
fat belly: NO SOUND(11:31am)
TNG_3B: Hayden had to polish his head(11:32am)
Billy Grimpill: for sure!(11:32am)
battlezonebert: the langage barrier(11:32am)
BobLoblawLawBlogger: professional stuff(11:32am)
paramedex: sound is fine(11:32am)
ShadyNJ: Was Marty let go?(11:32am)
Antioch: Ok ok show can start I'm here(11:32am)
Sordid: Sound is good(11:32am)
dim_0100: SOUND SOUND SOUND(11:32am)
Billy Grimpill: lol(11:32am)
VikingHelm: Sounds is good here(11:32am)
Sno0opy: Graham - PRESS record!!!!(11:32am)
suckmylad: I HEAR YOU ALL LOUD AND CLEAR(11:32am)
CheckSum: I have sound(11:32am)
SomeTosser: haha poor Marty(11:32am)
FreeEntertainment: sound good(11:32am)
fat belly: JUST SAY IT LOL(11:32am)
Pete_Moss: dim 0100 yes there is(11:32am)
IronWarrior: lol twitch one is still online(11:32am)
wetherby: Dim, THE SOUND IS WORKING(11:32am)
TouchingFurniture: beat the fuck out that little hippy(11:32am)
PvtMadnage: THERE IS NO SOUND!!!!(11:32am)
FFFfffap: everybody has left(11:32am)
Antioch: DUKKKKE!(11:32am)
Sno0opy: Graham - PRESS record!!!!(11:32am)
fat belly: NO SOUND(11:32am)
Acid Arrow: it's OK, the first half was moribund.(11:32am)
Sordid: Sparring in the kitcthen(11:32am)
PvtMadnage: NO SOUND!!!(11:32am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Don't give Graham the Nuclear Codes.(11:32am)
DIYMaster: who are the Guests on the sofa?(11:32am)
TNG_3B: Sausagefest(11:32am)
KoRnPuff: SOUND IS FINE(11:32am)
Sno0opy: Graham - PRESS record!!!!(11:32am)
SomeTosser: yum scotch eggs(11:32am)
willybilly: tell me some of your favorite tweets(11:32am)
moefugger: They are in there eating paysties(11:32am)
PvtMadnage: -_-(11:32am)
Sordid: Sound is fine here(11:32am)
Substance79: tuna sandwiches or fuck off(11:32am)
battlezonebert: gonna put on weight for the fight(11:32am)
Sno0opy: Graham - PRESS record!!!!(11:32am)
DIYMaster: Never heard of that TWAT(11:32am)
moefugger: hey(11:32am)
zero-g: and you know it cuz I used all caps(11:32am)
Equix: still live on Twitch LOL(11:32am)
Sordid: try reload page(11:32am)
fingerburn50: Happy Birthday LiveLeak..(11:33am)
PiiaBrazi: our David and his Father <3(11:33am)
EpicTard: Sound is working fine. Fix your shit(11:33am)
Sno0opy: There's David and Duke!(11:33am)
willybilly: duke and father are played by the same actor(11:33am)
suckmylad: IT'S A DUKE FEST(11:33am)
Acid Addict 90: Brann is a dick....kick him out(11:33am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Viscount Brazi(11:33am)
Billy Grimpill: graham not happy lol(11:33am)
dim_0100: got to refresh page to have sound guys(11:33am)
Darth-Maul: Duke and the King (11:33am)
paramedex: Hayden bring some bitches in and let the fucking begin. I'm here for the porn(11:33am)
TouchingFurniture: minch should be there...naked with a cigar hanging from her pussy lips(11:33am)
MajorGeneralDespair: hahahaha(11:33am)
zombiestench 2: Coont(11:33am)
Equix: haha !(11:33am)
Al Bundy: Are you smoking ether?(11:33am)
Billy Grimpill: CUNNTT(11:33am)
suckmylad: I CAN SMELL YOUR CUNTS!(11:33am)
TNG_3B: Coont is ok, though(11:33am)
battlezonebert: by the way happy birthday hayden i was 25 when last here now 38 glad to be part of the show in a good way without a shit stirrer present(11:33am)
KitBoy: Kenny Rogers ?(11:33am)
Sno0opy: Hayden - did Graham press record?(11:33am)
Equix: hayden...i feel this is a REPOST !(11:33am)
PvtMadnage: all Asutralians are dicks!(11:33am)
zombiestench 2: Some Tosser(11:33am)
Acid Addict 90: get that bird to flash gore iv seen all year(11:33am)
willybilly: old but gold(11:34am)
wetherby: Again??(11:34am)
Sno0opy: 3 times even!!!(11:34am)
ShadyNJ: He told you guys it was a parody so wouldn't be mad. But everything about it is true(11:34am)
KoRnPuff: Why you keep playing the SAME SHIT(11:34am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Not again zzzzzz(11:34am)
Acid Addict 90: yea she flashed at the start(11:34am)
Sno0opy: TITS!(11:34am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: yeah coz we didn't already watch it twice(11:34am)
TNG_3B: Show some fight videos(11:34am)
Sordid: third the charm(11:34am)
PvtMadnage: tittays!(11:34am)
Billy Grimpill: @sometosser proves single handily that aussies are based as fuck!(11:34am)
battlezonebert: omg(11:34am)
AngryFourByTwo: soft cunts...(11:34am)
Sno0opy: squirts(11:34am)
Sordid: eewww, that girl sucking on the bloody tampoon, nasty(11:35am)
Datsda1: BRAINS!(11:35am)
Acid Addict 90: this guy in half is knarlsballs(11:35am)
Bumlick: beautiful(11:35am)
SomeTosser: I can't read pms in this browser suckmylad(11:35am)
dim_0100: COOL vid(11:35am)
4Promille: RedundancyLeak(11:35am)
Sno0opy: love the background music for this part(11:35am)
Equix: SOrdid and nothing else was nasty ? LOL(11:35am)
willybilly: everyday is halloween - ministry(11:35am)
Antioch: haha(11:35am)
MrFailAlot: all hail Sometosser(11:35am)
PvtMadnage: AHahahaHAh This is fucking beautiful!!(11:35am)
WarrGypzy: Awww was that cookie monster?(11:35am)
zombiestench 2: Fucked up flute titanic player. lol(11:35am)
paramedex: This video is fucking great!!!(11:35am)
Kempe: pro..(11:35am)
hrpuffinstuff: Simplejack FAPS to this song every night(11:35am)
Sordid: @Equix Well, maybelol(11:35am)
Billy Grimpill: that tune lol(11:35am)
Antioch: Is that Petes Pond?(11:35am)
suckmylad: TOSSER'S SPOT ON!!!!(11:35am)
ShadyNJ: Lol(11:35am)
Darth-Maul: lmao. Still cracks me up. (11:35am)
BobLoblawLawBlogger: an accurate portrayal of events(11:35am)
Sno0opy: kittens and soft music(11:35am)
brianOwNo: lmao(11:35am)
PvtMadnage: GIVE HIM THE INTERNET PLZ(11:35am)
Cup Of Tea.: Ditrty fil Ozzy scum innit(11:35am)
paramedex: LMFAO!!!!(11:35am)
Liveleak Staff (42): lol(11:36am)
KitBoy: lol this is ace(11:36am)
Antioch: haha all Hail this Tosser!(11:36am)
DIYMaster: hahahahaha(11:36am)
Sno0opy: THAT was the best part(11:36am)
chickadee2: lolz(11:36am)
Sordid: I am the guy playing the flute btw(11:36am)
dim_0100: mod, LOL !(11:36am)
suckmylad: FUCKING LOLOL(11:36am)
VikingHelm: Haha(11:36am)
Bumlick: that fall(11:36am)
Equix: it's some tosser on flute,fuckin amazing ! LOL(11:36am)
egalite: m0ar sh€k€ls p0x(11:36am)
Al Bundy: LOLOLO(11:36am)
DIYMaster: Brilliant(11:36am)
ShadyNJ: That was the most honest video ever played(11:36am)
paramedex: B R I L L I A N T !!!(11:36am)
TNG_3B: I'm the king of the wooooorld(11:36am)
Antioch: he's not 100% wrong =P(11:36am)
KoRnPuff: Definitely got soft(11:36am)
suckmylad: YOU HAVE!(11:36am)
FFFfffap: It get's better everytime you show it(11:36am)
MajorGeneralDespair: play the response(11:36am)
Acid Addict 90: This!!! Hahaha(11:36am)
DIYMaster: where is that vid with the retard and the fire stick(11:36am)
Sno0opy: GRAHAM - PRESS RECORD!!!(11:36am)
mockbeggar: take me to the kittens!(11:36am)
KitBoy: awesome flautism(11:36am)
fingerburn50: Tearing up.(11:36am)
WarrGypzy: What's wrong with kittens? I don't get it!(11:36am)
LiveleakShowUsername: the first part on twitch tho
ShadyNJ: Daily picks and dicks hurt us Hayden(11:36am)
Kempe: yeah(11:36am)
battlezonebert: fuck off lol(11:36am)
Sordid: @Hayden, just do the show again It's ok!(11:36am)
Jayjo: Liveleak needs nets up the windows and more pot pourri(11:36am)
paramedex: Hayden, time for some Viagra!!!(11:36am)
downwire: Your website is broken(11:36am)
fat belly: GRAHAMS RUINED THE PARTY FOR ME (11:36am)
KoRnPuff: Soft is OK, you need to appeal to the easily offended.(11:36am)
Sno0opy: Dejavu all over again(11:37am)
Billy Grimpill: research yeah right(11:37am)
SomeTosser: I love kittens(11:37am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Are you sure Graeme is actually recording now ???? (11:37am)
Kempe: ...zzzzzzz....zzzzz...(11:37am)
TNG_3B: 8bit midi(11:37am)
battlezonebert: lol(11:37am)
Antioch: Whoa! Rainbows grosssses(11:37am)
ShadyNJ: 8 bit ace of spades nice(11:37am)
Acid Addict 90: Record FUCKING mong...RECORD(11:37am)
WarrGypzy: Awww !(11:37am)
RustRocket: Ha! Jayjo!(11:37am)
SomeTosser: You guys did well making this vid that quick(11:37am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Hello sweet JAYJO(11:37am)
PvtMadnage: Repost!!!(11:37am)
Jayjo: Rusty (11:37am)
Sno0opy: dejavu - and it repeats itself(11:37am)
battlezonebert: editig geniuses(11:37am)
Billy Grimpill: what a world(11:37am)
Antioch: Repost seen all these(11:37am)
TNG_3B: Exactly, Pvt(11:38am)
SomeTosser: I hope thats Hayden thrashing his guitar(11:38am)
Sno0opy: DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!!!(11:38am)
Jayjo: Hello, Alset (11:38am)
brianOwNo: brazil doesnt count(11:38am)
battlezonebert: editing ffs(11:38am)
dim_0100: splat !(11:38am)
KitBoy: techno ace of spades(11:38am)
TouchingFurniture: jayjo im coming for that bumhole(11:38am)
RustRocket: Live Leak needs more root beer videos!(11:38am)
Acid Addict 90: GUY IN HALF GUY IN HALF GUY IN HALF(11:38am)
Sno0opy: ouch - my finger!(11:38am)
Sordid: lol(11:38am)
WarrGypzy: I am thin skinned. I don't like this stuff (11:38am)
RaveKat: whoa(11:38am)
battlezonebert: brutal(11:38am)
Rekoba: cool shit(11:38am)
suckmylad: HOS DID I MISS SOME OF THESE LOL(11:38am)
Sordid: looool(11:38am)
Antioch: haha that leak(11:38am)
TNG_3B: Squirrel and cat videos are LL's specialty(11:38am)
SomeTosser: this dude peeing(11:38am)
downwire: liveleaker(11:38am)
battlezonebert: criminal fountain(11:38am)
Sno0opy: what a pisser(11:38am)
Bumlick: lol(11:38am)
MrFailAlot: fap fap(11:38am)
Antioch: Would.(11:38am)
Equix: puke..(11:38am)
RaveKat: \Mum?(11:38am)
Sordid: ummm, stranded whale(11:38am)
Wolfwood: Happy birthday you bastards(11:38am)
dim_0100: beurk !(11:39am)
Acid Addict 90: HERE(11:39am)
downwire: PASS ME THE FLAMETHROWER!(11:39am)
Billy Grimpill: "I'll be out! 10 yrs 20 yrs"(11:39am)
FFFfffap: squint(11:39am)
brianOwNo: sexy(11:39am)
Sno0opy: she wants it(11:39am)
willybilly: hands up, don't shoot(11:39am)
Antioch: it's hayden!(11:39am)
Equix: hahaha(11:39am)
battlezonebert: urgh(11:39am)
zombiestench 2: We missed the great videos because VIRALVIDEO and DAILYPICKS spam the site.(11:39am)
Sordid: Think that wants it to(11:39am)
KoRnPuff: Is Hillary funding LL?(11:39am)
paramedex: I think it's all just gotten to be more funny than 2006. Same shit tho(11:39am)
Kempe: mrs H(11:39am)
Sno0opy: WTF!?!?(11:39am)
Rolan mcDolan: That's bullshitdetector right(11:39am)
dim_0100: LOL(11:39am)
Billy Grimpill: I'm in love(11:39am)
MajorGeneralDespair: those nickers look tight](11:39am)
MrFailAlot: but y teh vvs fags(11:39am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Like TV. Full of repeats.(11:39am)
fat belly: bullshit detector ?(11:39am)
WarrGypzy: @MrFailAlot lool of course(11:39am)
RustRocket: Folks in UK don't even know what root beer is(11:39am)
Rekoba: hahahah this smeagle looks like LL_Hayden(11:39am)
RaveKat: Aw Haydens wife came out for the party(11:39am)
Sno0opy: LIVESEAL's ass(11:39am)
dim_0100: etector lol(11:39am)
Wolfwood: bad case of bottle butt(11:39am)
Sordid: pffffff, shit!:(11:39am)
PvtMadnage: o god(11:39am)
battlezonebert: raging pull(11:39am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what was leaking from that black dude ???(11:39am)
Antioch: Mods ass after posting cat videos(11:39am)
zombiestench 2: We missed the great videos because VIRALVIDEO and DAILYPICKS spam the site.(11:39am)
FFFfffap: keep digging docter(11:39am)
Sordid: I's a boy!(11:39am)
dim_0100: that's the detector, lol(11:39am)
MrFailAlot: heya wargypzy how them tits hanging(11:39am)
Sno0opy: YEAH!!!!!(11:39am)
battlezonebert: kaboom(11:39am)
Pete_Moss: Warrgypzy(11:39am)
SomeTosser: I wonder if that bottle had a message in it(11:40am)
Antioch: haha(11:40am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what was leaking from that black dude ???(11:40am)
AlSet-AlOkin: RR. Dandelion and Burdock?(11:40am)
Billy Grimpill: ordnance rocks!(11:40am)
Equix: miauuu LOL(11:40am)
dim_0100: that's just soft as I like !(11:40am)
Sno0opy: PETE_MOSS!!!!(11:40am)
WarrGypzy: MrFailAlot: You haven't changed in 6 years lool(11:40am)
MrFailAlot: <3(11:40am)
Juxtaposition: was that bullshit detector with the bottle in the ass?(11:40am)
Rekoba: So is this guy live leak owner or ?(11:40am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol sometosser(11:40am)
Cup Of Tea.: Mosul Shit plz. oh yeah thx.(11:40am)
Acid Addict 90: HOW HAS THT BOTTLE NOT BROKEN??(11:40am)
zero-g: of all the "lake" videos , that one makes the cut lol(11:40am)
Al Bundy: Stop showing the bottle in the ass!(11:40am)
WarrGypzy: @Pete_Moss...don't harass me.(11:40am)
battlezonebert: depends how quick the mods are there lol(11:40am)
AngryFourByTwo: ALLAH AKBAAAR(11:40am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what was leaking from that black dude ???(11:40am)
Sno0opy: Hayden - did Graham press record yet?(11:40am)
PvtMadnage: I'm advertising LL on Youtube btw.(11:40am)
zepter00: Hi everyone(11:40am)
suckmylad: FUCK-EM!(11:40am)
TouchingFurniture: fucks sake tosser you really pissed that bald nazi fucker off(11:40am)
SomeTosser: Twitch is gay as fuck(11:40am)
dim_0100: hi(11:40am)
battlezonebert: the audience count matters to them(11:40am)
VikingHelm: Hey zepter(11:40am)
Billy Grimpill: He's not happy(11:40am)
zero-g: and twitch is for fagz(11:41am)
Tolien Soren: "of course"(11:41am)
RaveKat: Oh(11:41am)
zombiestench 2: We miss the great videos because VIRALVIDEO and DAILYPICKS spam the site.(11:41am)
battlezonebert: gamesters(11:41am)
RustRocket: Hillary recorded the first half of the show.(11:41am)
Al Bundy: Kill that white bird!(11:41am)
Pete_Moss: SNOOPY!!!!!!!(11:41am)
RaveKat: Your my dad?(11:41am)
fat belly: hes wright but(11:41am)
KoRnPuff: He's watching this on mute(11:41am)
AlSet-AlOkin: AngryFourByTwo. Shalom(11:41am)
willybilly: what are some of your favorite scary things?(11:41am)
AngryFourByTwo: excuses excuses...(11:41am)
battlezonebert: bit of london accent there(11:41am)
Death: wheres the studio in manchester(11:41am)
PvtMadnage: That reminds me, i gotta check some DailyPicksandFlicks videos(11:41am)
ShadyNJ: Dailypicks and Viral Video really are cancer tho(11:41am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what was leaking from that black dude ???(11:41am)
LiveSeal: I expected at least 3-4000 people on the Tenth anniversary for this stream.... shows who are the contributors and fans(11:41am)
Billy Grimpill: BLOCK THEM FFS(11:41am)
suckmylad: TROLLED by HAYDEN!(11:41am)
AngryFourByTwo: Shalom...(11:42am)
Sno0opy: PvtMadNage!!!!(11:42am)
MrFailAlot: when are bran and trish gonna have granny sex ?(11:42am)
AtYourCervix: Why the hell have the pictures in the comments section been deleting and left with a -?(11:42am)
LanaSky: LOL(11:42am)
Death: I WILL VIVIT ONE DAY(11:42am)
fingerburn50: Come back Ricky come back(11:42am)
PvtMadnage: SNOOP!!(11:42am)
SomeTosser: Gday Touching, you still in your stockings fisting yourself ?(11:42am)
Equix: and STILL streaming on Twitch...that video 2 times.. oh ye u gonna be banned now LOL(11:42am)
brianOwNo: Its saturday???(11:42am)
Death: VIVIT ?(11:42am)
bengalcanuck: Hey you smoke weed?(11:42am)
LanaSky: 1073(11:42am)
MajorGeneralDespair: does LiveLeak also share add revenue ?(11:42am)
TouchingFurniture: raging bull dying to stick that bottle up is fart box(11:42am)
Wolfwood: who is gonna give liveleak 10 spankings? !!!!(11:42am)
Substance79: worth €1 on youtube(11:42am)
MrFailAlot: 1000 ppl and me(11:42am)
FFFfffap: It is time you tell us what was in that cupboard in your spareroom.(11:42am)
downwire: CTRL-C +CTRL-V CTRL-C +CTRL-V(11:42am)
sureitsme2: itys quality that counts(11:42am)
moefugger: I came home and remembered for once. I usually miss the show.(11:42am)
dim_0100: and going up man !(11:42am)
Rolan mcDolan: Probably 1000 viewbots(11:42am)
LiveSeal: LOL(11:42am)
LanaSky: Yes it's sad we have nothing else to do(11:42am)
RaveKat: 1222 on twitch(11:42am)
TNG_3B: DailyChumpsandCunts videos are LL's specialty(11:42am)
DarthFale: Hello all(11:42am)
Sordid: lol(11:42am)
Sno0opy: ..and it WASN'T recorded!!!(11:42am)
Equix: lol(11:42am)
SomeTosser: @MrFail, hello darling(11:42am)
Billy Grimpill: lol(11:42am)
AlSet-AlOkin: I'm only here to make up the numbers.(11:42am)
Bialetti: Clocks go back tonight, dark dark dark(11:43am)
zombiestench 2: I bet viral video and daily picks isn't here(11:43am)
Kempe: and only 500 brains(11:43am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Graeme, you're FAF(11:43am)
DIYMaster: Those 3-4 on the Couch look so CRINGY(11:43am)
Substance79: oh fuck me....clocls THANKS LIVELEAK(11:43am)
dim_0100: 1100+(11:43am)
Death: <<<<HAS A CHILD(11:43am)
DarthFale: Hayden die yer beard old man(11:43am)
PiiaBrazi: hey guys - lots of piiahugs to you all(11:43am)
Acid Addict 90: I was on doctors on BBC - 3.5 million viewers!!!(11:43am)
IronWarrior: His penis.(11:43am)
Sno0opy: It must be cold - he put his jacket back on(11:43am)
Death: HAS 666 TATTOOED ON HIS HEAD(11:44am)
TNG_3B: McGregor shouldn't be drinking before the fight(11:44am)
LanaSky: nope not me...don't fall back ..just SHOW UP EARLY TO EVERYTHING(11:44am)
IrishRobFitz: 1000 loyal fans(11:44am)
ShadyNJ: Where you going Connor?(11:44am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Uh oh, whats this(11:44am)
downwire: Connor Mc Lispyfaggot(11:44am)
Sno0opy: a dildo?(11:44am)
DarthFale: Turd?(11:44am)
PvtMadnage: oh man, that is cool!(11:44am)
KoRnPuff: a new dildo(11:44am)
brianOwNo: a dildo?(11:44am)
MajorGeneralDespair: a dildo(11:44am)
TNG_3B: Vibrator?(11:44am)
moefugger: A turd in a bag(11:44am)
Kempe: Seal dick(11:44am)
DarthFale: monica lewinski?(11:44am)
mockbeggar: is it a cuban cigar?(11:44am)
SomeTosser: See if it smells like MONICA(11:44am)
PiiaBrazi: my gift was nicer (11:44am)
Al Bundy: Bring on the strippers!(11:44am)
mrgod2u: WTF HAYDEN ON YOUTUBE? FREEDOM!????????????????(11:44am)
willybilly: this is nsfw(11:44am)
fat belly: its jimmys mumified dick (11:44am)
Substance79: it's conor mcgregor's distant cousin conman mcbegger(11:44am)
battlezonebert: jimll fix it(11:44am)
brianOwNo: yes!(11:44am)
downwire: Big Brown Dick(11:44am)
ShadyNJ: Smoke that(11:44am)
LanaSky: NO NO(11:44am)
MajorGeneralDespair: it will go bang(11:44am)
Sno0opy: EVERYBODY thought it was a dildo(11:44am)
bugman78629: GRAD...(11:44am)
PvtMadnage: dat hat!(11:44am)
RaveKat: Is that Connor McGregors gay cousin?(11:44am)
Bialetti: One hell of a cigar.(11:44am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: wont be the first time you smoked a sausage(11:44am)
willybilly: liam gallagher glasses(11:44am)
Wolfwood: haydens gonna be a douche for halloween(11:44am)
dim_0100: happy birthday !(11:44am)
suckmylad: SMOKE SAVILLE'S BUTT PLUG!(11:44am)
FFFfffap: the missing gallager brother(11:44am)
TouchingFurniture: he stole that from johns pocket(11:44am)
ShadyNJ: You look like you're from 1994(11:44am)
zombiestench 2: Isn't it weird that VIRALVIDEO and DAILYPICKS is never watching the live shows?(11:44am)
SomeTosser: lol pedo glasses(11:44am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Happy Mondays(11:45am)
brianOwNo: Hunter.s.thopcuntson(11:45am)
yzer: congrats LL on 10 from Norcal(11:45am)
moefugger: Those look like the free Merit ciggies sunglasses they used to give away.(11:45am)
Death: HAYDEN = JIMMY ?(11:45am)
PvtMadnage: AHAHAHAH(11:45am)
bandit1200: haha channeling abit of jimmy savill(11:45am)
LanaSky: NOPE(11:45am)
suckmylad: NOW THEN NOW THEN!(11:45am)
AtYourCervix: Why the hell have the pictures in the comments section been deleting and left with a -?(11:45am)
mockbeggar: now then now then(11:45am)
Substance79: yoko ono approves(11:45am)
DIYMaster: RaveKat: Is that Connor McGregors gay cousin? - LMAO(11:45am)
Rolan mcDolan: So Liveleak looks warm and lovely now?(11:45am)
Sordid: lol(11:45am)
zepter00: Is that a chineese dildo?(11:45am)
Billy Grimpill: very disturbing(11:45am)
DarthFale: go stare at the sun with those on(11:45am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: now then now then now then(11:45am)
Equix: LOL !(11:45am)
TNG_3B: Hayden make a peace sign!(11:45am)
Darth-Maul: LOL(11:45am)
dim_0100: it is don't change anything !(11:45am)
MajorGeneralDespair: LOL(11:45am)
Sno0opy: "warm and lovely"...(11:45am)
Acid Addict 90: no the glasses suit!!(11:45am)
KitBoy: Bill Oddie !!(11:45am)
Pete_Moss: Shove it up your arse(11:45am)
PiiaBrazi: (11:45am)
fat belly: oasis ?(11:45am)
CheckSum: Who is the chick on the content warning?(11:45am)
zero-g: jesus , you almost look like guido 70(11:45am)
v1rus: triple fist(11:45am)
TNG_3B: Nice(11:45am)
suckmylad: FUCKING BILL ODDIE!!!(11:45am)
Al Bundy: I want corned beef hash!(11:45am)
Wolfwood: v for victory(11:45am)
PvtMadnage: I'm gonna roll a joint(11:45am)
AngryFourByTwo: SMOCKIN... EY EY EY(11:45am)
standoff: Everything looks warm and lovely, that's what jimmy said when he fixed 'em(11:45am)
Darth-Maul: (11:45am)
DarthFale: die yer beard old man(11:45am)
LiveleakShowUsername: cigars taste like they already came out of someones bottom anyway(11:46am)
DIYMaster: hey its Darth Maul(11:46am)
Sordid: ha ha!(11:46am)
FFFfffap: oh that's nice(11:46am)
Sno0opy: Graham can read the emails AFTER he presses RECORD(11:46am)
SomeTosser: tip 100 tokens for Hayden to insert that into his ass(11:46am)
downwire: HOWS ABOUT A BIT'O THIS EH?(11:46am)
bugman78629: THATS WHAT JIMMY SAVILLE SAID....(11:46am)
mockbeggar: owz about that then guy and gals..(11:46am)
Darth-Maul: DIY(11:46am)
NiceLady: Do you see it as a success, those ten years?(11:46am)
ShadyNJ: Convict filth lmaoo damn(11:46am)
dim_0100: audience is going down, do something !(11:46am)
DarthFale: Hats gay please remove(11:46am)
AtYourCervix: Hey u fuckin cunts!!!! Why the hell have the pictures in the comments section been deleting and left with a -?(11:46am)
DIYMaster: inviting these people in the studio was biggest mistake eh hayden?(11:46am)
PvtMadnage: They have a 48h quota(11:46am)
FFFfffap: So the ogrish url is not for sale, but how much for
suckmylad: WHERE'S GORT?(11:46am)
TNG_3B: Hayden, I don't care what they say, you're alright(11:46am)
DarthFale: Sausage factory over there with one girl?(11:47am)
PiiaBrazi: post the mail address again would you, please?(11:47am)
RustRocket: Hayden looks like Johnny Depp played "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.(11:47am)
DIYMaster: Cat videos are the future!(11:47am)
moefugger: LL main site does show me how many effed up crazy people are out there.(11:47am)
DarthFale: stop censoring people would be a good start(11:47am)
ShadyNJ: Yes RR(11:47am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
downwire: Check out my tutorials on how to DISABLE Tallola embedded advertising!(11:47am)
fat belly: the party atmosphere in the studio is of the chart
RustRocket: He does.(11:47am)
Acid Addict 90: watch fear and loathing on LSD, I dare you(11:47am)
dim_0100: adblock(11:47am)
TouchingFurniture: atleast get trish naked(11:47am)
JustSomeUsername: i dont give a fuck(11:47am)
Kempe: Love it(11:47am)
TNG_3B: What makes Gort so great on LL anyway?(11:47am)
DarthFale: addblock FTW(11:47am)
Sno0opy: 10 years! CHEERS to ALL!!! Bottoms up!(11:47am)
willybilly: i turned adblock off now(11:47am)
DIYMaster: Adblock is a saint, anybody who relies on ad revenue doesn't deserve to EXIST(11:48am)
yzer: looking forward to more Motorola videos(11:48am)
hrpuffinstuff: IF YOU BUILD IT.... THEY WILL FAP(11:48am)
downwire: Nope.(11:48am)
JustSomeUsername: adblock > liveleak(11:48am)
RustRocket: Ha! nope , midnight Frisbee at the park doing Peyote is as far as I got.(11:48am)
DarthFale: thank god for BREXIT(11:48am)
sureitsme2: I must thank you for the tip on peanut butter and mans best friend(11:48am)
Bialetti: Everyone should upload one video a week to Liveleak.(11:48am)
Sno0opy: HR!!!(11:48am)
FFFfffap: lol mr puff(11:48am)
Sno0opy: RR!!!(11:48am)
Hokus Pokus: Hey you fuckers! Love LL!!(11:48am)
Billy Grimpill: alternative revenue streams rather than ads maybe?(11:48am)
TNG_3B: Ban ads(11:48am)
downwire: Just right click, view source, BLACKLIST ALL TALOOLA bullshit.(11:48am)
hrpuffinstuff: (11:48am)
mockbeggar: ive got adblock on but i have disabled it on liveleak to show the love..(11:48am)
right hii: puffing on a big black cock hayden(11:48am)
SomeTosser: I don't mind Ads(11:48am)
RustRocket: Glow in the dark Frisbee and Peyote.(11:48am)
downwire: No.(11:49am)
Tolien Soren: I don't click on the ads anyway(11:49am)
Rolan mcDolan: Well then I'll stay a cunt.(11:49am)
TNG_3B: Cunts gonna cunt(11:49am)
GIJoe: That it?(11:49am)
Billy Grimpill: nah sry no(11:49am)
DIYMaster: #AdblockLivesMATTER(11:49am)
zepter00: Gort ordered new knife.... for new LL materials... ????(11:49am)
Al Bundy: Is this bull shit election over yet?(11:49am)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS on TV:
DarthFale: god I miss ogrish(11:49am)
Sno0opy: Graham needs to PRESS record(11:49am)
ShadyNJ: Next year? Do it now(11:49am)
docmatt: I've got 1% remaining on my iPad and charger in the car in basement. How can I get more power. Maybe the toaster?(11:49am)
Darth-Maul: Escapologist? Is he giving Hillary advice?(11:49am)
dim_0100: you made the peace sign and lost 50 in audience... ya should try the middle finger may be ?(11:49am)
Hokus Pokus: You guys should have an orgy! No women ?c'mon!(11:49am)
TNG_3B: His grin? If looks could kill, huh?(11:50am)
yzer: I use adblock on all of the time(11:50am)
AngryFourByTwo: LOL(11:50am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(11:50am)
brianOwNo: Just didabled ad-block now my laptop is on fire,fuck you Hayden!!!(11:50am)
downwire: Who is your MI5 Liaison, Hayden?(11:50am)
fingerburn50: It will go on and on till ur eyes bleed(11:50am)
DarthFale: iisnt hayden a liberal?(11:50am)
Snackaholic: Did I miss Hayden getting naked?(11:50am)
Sno0opy: Hayden is a double agent(11:50am)
RaveKat: Hahaha(11:50am)
hrpuffinstuff: LOL(11:50am)
SomeTosser: I miss LL Chat(11:50am)
fat belly: you cant read the comments on liveleak with adblock enabled(11:50am)
mrgod2u: 38... MY COCK CAN KILL(11:50am)
suckmylad: MOCKED HIM, DEFROCKED HIM(11:50am)
moefugger: bullshit fat(11:50am)
dim_0100: snéack : yeah, what a pitty(11:50am)
ShadyNJ: Lol(11:50am)
Equix: lol(11:50am)
cobro: What happen to KitaUSPSA she was a sexy woman ???(11:50am)
Acid Addict 90: not many yank twats tonight??? How wonderful(11:51am)
zombiestench 2: MRGOD2U!!!(11:51am)
KoRnPuff: dude on top left, your right arm is much bigger than your left.(11:51am)
moefugger: It has aids(11:51am)
Equix: Hahahaha(11:51am)
Billy Grimpill: ooohh(11:51am)
willybilly: can you light the cigar(11:51am)
mockbeggar: i disabled ad block now im seeing big titted woman.(11:51am)
v1rus: can we roll this up, it's getting on a bit?(11:51am)
downwire: Mrreposttoyou(11:51am)
PvtMadnage: What about the new patch??(11:51am)
AtYourCervix: U gonna answer this u fucks?Why the hell have the pictures in the comments section been deleting and left with a -?(11:51am)
yzer: More Motorola vids!(11:51am)
mrgod2u: Sup zombie(11:51am)
zombiestench 2: Not much, bro(11:51am)
Sno0opy: Hayden is losing it(11:51am)
PvtMadnage: LL PATCH!(11:51am)
LiveleakShowUsername: whole separate entity(11:51am)
downwire: lol(11:51am)
Kempe: damn drugs(11:51am)
Snackaholic: If I missed Hayden getting naked can he do it again? I waited 10 years.(11:51am)
Al Bundy: My cock DID Kill!(11:51am)
moefugger: They are tired of your shitty posts(11:51am)
Billy Grimpill: drugs work(11:51am)
Liveleak Staff (42): I miss Tubes from the old chat days(11:51am)
PvtMadnage: PATCH!! <<(11:51am)
AlSet-AlOkin: Hayden. Are you SURE you never worked the doors at Jillys?(11:51am)
TNG_3B: To save bandwidth(11:51am)
AngryFourByTwo: Raging Chechen need to put down the beer...(11:51am)
AtYourCervix: well fuck you very much too(11:51am)
Darth-Maul: Pictures expire like the milk at the back of the fridge. (11:52am)
TouchingFurniture: mr god likes to give wild animals them long strokes(11:52am)
DIYMaster: Why do the people on the sofa look so awkward as if they made a huge mistake coming over(11:52am)
LiveSeal: Is the pic 48 hour rule to stay?????(11:52am)
PvtMadnage: WHAT ABOUT THE PATCH!!(11:52am)
FFFfffap: Have a happy b'day LL(11:52am)
TNG_3B: (11:52am)
moefugger: They did.(11:52am)
docmatt: Lol diymaster(11:52am)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(11:52am)
brianOwNo: ahahahahaha(11:52am)
hrpuffinstuff: CandyVan parking is limited to 30 mins in LL(11:52am)
zombiestench 2: They have to blow Hayden after the show(11:52am)
MrFailAlot: i wonder in how many asses that cigar has been ...(11:52am)
suckmylad: HE TALKS FUNNY?(11:52am)
dim_0100: drinkin a beer.... I'll have one too.... coming back !(11:52am)
mrgod2u: I'm on my iPhone so it's chat window or freezing video feed... taking chat, at least it FÜCKING works!(11:52am)
fat belly: they look bored(11:52am)
PiiaBrazi: well, he is from sweden(11:52am)
TouchingFurniture: lol'(11:52am)
Substance79: they're afraid conman mcbegger is going to rape them(11:52am)
RaveKat: Happy 10th Birthday anyways you fuckers! Thanks for all the effort(11:53am)
brianOwNo: COCK...(11:53am)
GIJoe: So this is it? I was expecting more.(11:53am)
battlezonebert: oi car park stalker lol(11:53am)
Snackaholic: I like the hat. Looks spiffy.(11:53am)
zombiestench 2: The guests all have to blow Hayden after the show.(11:53am)
OCEANBLUE: Look, Bran is smuggling a watermelon under his T shirt.(11:53am)
moefugger: That long a delay damn.(11:53am)
Kempe: Say now hayden(11:53am)
zepter00: Motorola is Donetsk...Lugansk.....Moscow....and...Sant Petersburg...(11:53am)
bengalcanuck: It's called soccer fucking Limey.(11:53am)
MajorGeneralDespair: JOns watching Youtube again(11:53am)
Sno0opy: long as Graham presses RECORD(11:53am)
LiveleakShowUsername: hayden is a dapper dungeon master(11:53am)
bugman78629: THEY STILL LOOK DEAD......(11:53am)
BettyTwoLips: wow how cute(11:53am)
Smokesteve: A great fight would have been Mcgregor vs. Matt Hughes(11:53am)
yzer: welcome to the futility of the internet(11:53am)
PiiaBrazi: it is spiffy, its my thing i said david had to give him (11:53am)
LiveSeal: Is the pic 48 hour rule to stay?????(11:53am)
moefugger: he is having beer(11:53am)
dim_0100: you've got the real Connor, ther e?(11:53am)
TNG_3B: Lemme getta puff O' dat dere Seeegar(11:53am)
Al Bundy: They need strippers and a disco light.(11:53am)
Pete_Moss: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(11:53am)
SomeTosser: Add them to the closet(11:53am)
Antioch: Hayden, real talk. Who on the SOFA would you A) Kill B) Marry C) Bang D) Blow.(11:53am)
allstars88: we know how the internet works jimmy savillle(11:53am)
dim_0100: you've got the real Connor, there?(11:54am)
TNG_3B: Light the fookin thing(11:54am)
TEX: he dropped the turd(11:54am)
zombiestench 2: The guests are all nervous about having to blow Hayden after the show.(11:54am)
Acid Addict 90: trish get ur tits out(11:54am)
TouchingFurniture: iv been in funeral homes with better banter(11:54am)
AlSet-AlOkin: What you staring at Bran?(11:54am)
willybilly: light the dildo(11:54am)
Sno0opy: made in China(11:54am)
MajorGeneralDespair: light it(11:54am)
hrpuffinstuff: Adventures in the wardrobe closet....(11:54am)
moefugger: he should include kick in the nutz. In that list.(11:54am)
PiiaBrazi: post the mail address please. i promise i wont nag, but chat rolls sooo. i get lost (11:54am)
Antioch: hah(11:54am)
suckmylad: SAVILLE'S BUTT PLUG!(11:54am)
GIJoe: HAPPY 1th HAYDEN and Crew, Now blow me(11:54am)
docmatt: Can we have pets attending the next show?(11:54am)
TEX: yes n ewwww(11:54am)
The White Death: Speaking of tinfoil, nice illuminati sign on your bottle !!!(11:54am)
Sordid: lol(11:54am)
Antioch: Little Dark Hayden little Dark(11:54am)
TNG_3B: Fucking VOLUME WARNING!(11:54am)
TEX: what is a SPUD(11:54am)
Darth-Maul: Yeah, that was. Tell him to take of the glasses - he's doing Savile impressions(11:55am)
dim_0100: who is challenging Connor at the end ?(11:55am)
PvtMadnage: throw away your speakers then!(11:55am)
MrFailAlot: the only funny dead relative jokes are how they choked on you're pubes(11:55am)
suckmylad: LLEAK NEEDS MORE PUSSY(11:55am)
GIJoe: SPUD is haydens camera(11:55am)
willybilly: haunted houses are real(11:55am)
zombiestench 2: Does Trish have to give a round of blowjobs?(11:55am)
TouchingFurniture: she had a great pussy that women(11:55am)
MajorGeneralDespair: Is Anthony gonna start the quiz now or what ?(11:55am)
Sno0opy: I wonder if Graham is recording...(11:55am)
mrgod2u: ALOHA PIIA ????????????????????(11:55am)
Al Bundy: Is this Saville guy the queen of wales?(11:55am)
Sordid: lol(11:55am)
moefugger: Yep and we could even see the ban closet behind you all taped up so the banned cannot escape.(11:55am)
Acid Addict 90: Trish is getting pounded after this...the slaaaag(11:55am)
Billy Grimpill: it may be the beer but i do kind of love you people?(11:55am)
Bialetti: Like awkward family photos.(11:55am)
LiveleakShowUsername: hey at least graham is not banned off twitch yet(11:55am)
PvtMadnage: YES! I WANT THEIR AUTOGRAPH!(11:55am)
KoRnPuff: bring shoenice on the show(11:55am)
Darth-Maul: ALF GARNET!(11:55am)
TNG_3B: Can we see a matchup between Hayden Vs. Connor McGregor for the finale?(11:55am)
suckmylad: WHY? DO THEY LIKE TO GET TOUCHED?(11:55am)
keith moon: mailto:
Sordid: ha ha!(11:55am)
ShaolinPower: `Does Hayden think he is Jack Nicholson in some fucked up movie or something?(11:56am)
standoff: Everyone complain to twitch(11:56am)
yzer: I'm vaping DIY unflavored, here. I'm non-partican(11:56am)
Antioch: Shoenice is having a breakdown at the moment. He's quitting youtube (again) =/(11:56am)
RaveKat: Ha grindr(11:56am)
hrpuffinstuff: Keith has the easy Job..LOL(11:56am)
TouchingFurniture: hahaha(11:56am)
PvtMadnage: SAME!(11:56am)
OCEANBLUE: Is Bran smuggling a watermelon under his T shirt?(11:56am)
aphidlip: Duke and piia really lowered their standards on who gets a hat these days(11:56am)
KoRnPuff: Tosh.0 had Shoenice on his show(11:56am)
Sno0opy: R-E-C-O-R-D(11:56am)
TNG_3B: Why is Connor the only one dressed for a wedding?(11:56am)
Pvt_Pyle: Happy 10th Liveleak! Here's to 10 more!(11:56am)
Cup Of Tea.: Bran detonate why now(11:56am)
moefugger: Bran has pasties under there.(11:56am)
Sordid: hera hear!(11:56am)
mockbeggar: where's SHOENICE?(11:56am)
Darth-Maul: Hayden looking like ???(11:56am)
TEX: chem trail(11:56am)
zepter00: Smoke scren(11:56am)
PvtMadnage: Where is bullshit_detector?(11:56am)
LiveSeal: OUT of studio shows would bring more viewers and would be so much more interesting, did you ever consider it?(11:56am)
Weird Beard: flower pot man(11:56am)
Sordid: in Haydens clost(11:56am)
Smokesteve: Xhamster maybe!(11:57am)
TouchingFurniture: im stroking my cock looking at raginbulls head twitch(11:57am)
Al Bundy: Shoenice for A.I.D.s!(11:57am)
Acid Addict 90: X hamster all day(11:57am)
mrgod2u: LOL's Aphidlip you got a hat ????!(11:57am)
PiiaBrazi: im sorry to hear that you feel that way adhidlip..(11:57am)
zombiestench 2: LOL(11:57am)
GIJoe: I heard of of them sacks of lard mutter the words GIJoe---Whats that about?(11:57am)
KoRnPuff: Shoenice said "fuck this devil website" (referring to LL) lmao(11:57am)
TNG_3B: Lol(11:57am)
battlezonebert: at 11-80 each why didnt you buy a kebab each(11:57am)
ShadyNJ: Lol(11:57am)
JustSomeUsername: lmfao(11:57am)
LiveSeal: Ohhh Really?(11:57am)
WarrGypzy: Serbian oddball. LMAO !!!!!(11:57am)
PiiaBrazi: and why adh?(11:57am)
allstars88: only one man bothered to turn up in a suit , classless and embarrassing effort(11:57am)
TEX: DAM SKIPPY(11:57am)
Al Bundy: loolol(11:57am)
blackslock: hahaha(11:57am)
Sno0opy: Bottoms up! CHEERS for 10yrs!!!(11:57am)
Equix: (11:57am)
JustSomeUsername: bwahahah(11:57am)
TNG_3B: Seal you dug yourself a grave so deep on here(11:57am)
PvtMadnage: Shoenice is a Youtube slave(11:57am)
Acid Addict 90: watch fear and loathing on acid...incredible(11:57am)
SomeTosser: lol(11:57am)
GIJoe: LIVESEAL IS COOL thats why he is here(11:57am)
mockbeggar: is SHOENICE dead yet?(11:57am)
Breakerlove: Is that Duke?(11:57am)
TEX: they had it coming(11:57am)
hrpuffinstuff: Shoenice is in Cock Addiction Thearpy in Malibu...(11:57am)
suckmylad: VLAD THE IMPALER(11:57am)
DarthFale: was that dudes story real about the CIA contacting him about a post?(11:57am)
Smokesteve: Yes breaker(11:57am)
fingerburn50: the guy is only 10(11:57am)
Breakerlove: HEY DUKE!!(11:57am)
PiiaBrazi: breakerlove - yes!!!!(11:57am)
Sordid: For people wondering: Shoneice are dead and he is been stuffed and are currently enjoying the inside of Haydens closet.(11:57am)
Billy Grimpill: FREEDOM OF SPEECH is the most important issue pertaining to every individual here. Keep talking as much shite as possible!(11:58am)
TEX: Cheers Bro..(11:58am)
Snackaholic: Liveseal you a war criminal? Be honest.(11:58am)
ShaolinPower: You are from Bradford? Is the stadium still burning?(11:58am)
DildoBaggins: Peace yall. Work calls.(11:58am)
Al Bundy: Not with a hammer, anal bludgeoning(11:58am)
mrgod2u: LiveSeal blocked me so... MEH!(11:58am)
Equix: cya DB(11:58am)
willybilly: peace dil(11:58am)
zombiestench 2: Yorki Dorki Borki(11:58am)
Jed Eyed Warrior: hi hayden first winner of twat of the week here what do your parents think about your website(11:58am)
PiiaBrazi: adhidlip - why do you feel like that?(11:58am)
VikingHelm: Later DB(11:58am)
hrpuffinstuff: Later DB!(11:58am)
DarthFale: was that dudes story real about the CIA contacting him about a post?(11:58am)
suckmylad: HURDY GURGY(11:58am)
LiveleakShowUsername: bork bork bork bork(11:58am)
sureitsme2: just so you know I normally watch porn with my hamster on sat night but you guys are so special I have given the hamster the night off(11:58am)
KitBoy: where is the cake ?(11:58am)
Pete_Moss: Peace Dill(11:58am)
Darth-Maul: DB(11:58am)
Sordid: DB(11:58am)
Pvt_Pyle: I'm Croatian! That prick killed me once with a hammer!(11:58am)
VikingHelm: Hey HR!(11:58am)
Billy Grimpill: BASTARD(11:58am)
Sno0opy: LiveSeal is a PEDO and deserves to be skinned alive!(11:58am)
Sordid: 3 guys and a hammer(11:58am)
Acid Addict 90: kan du hjalpa mig duke??(11:58am)
TEX: i have a hammer(11:58am)
Billy Grimpill: YEAH YOU FUCKING CUNT(11:58am)
Equix: hahaha @sureitsme(11:59am)
zombiestench 2: LIVESEAL tickled my taint(11:59am)
allstars88: your glasses looks sad pathetic jimmy saville cunt(11:59am)
Smokesteve: Hey Duke how is the fishing in Sweden ?(11:59am)
hrpuffinstuff: VH (11:59am)
Acid Addict 90: duke, khan du hjalpa mig???(11:59am)
Darth-Maul: Is still around?(11:59am)
PiiaBrazi: nej(11:59am)
battlezonebert: knockin out a guy whose twice your size makes others think there hard sitting on a sofa(11:59am)
TNG_3B: I was molested by Liveseal(11:59am)
Antioch: Still live on twitch! Channel: gamefaceshow(11:59am)
standoff: Pedos are popular in government positions(11:59am)
Cup Of Tea.: Live Seal are u a pedo ?(11:59am)
Acid Addict 90: duke, khan du hjalpa mig?(11:59am)
zepter00: Can you write little bit slower ? Google translator is overworked ????(11:59am)
DarthFale: Was that dudes story real about the CIA contacting him about a post? threatening Hillary?(11:59am)
RaveKat: Cauliflower(11:59am)
TouchingFurniture: liveseal that kinda guy that looks for porn under the name first time anal(11:59am)
zombiestench 2: LIVESEAL FONDLED ME(11:59am)
TEX: its a TIC(11:59am)
suckmylad: TOURETTES(11:59am)
thatsexieguy: Whats 18 inches.. blue..and makes a woman cry(11:59am)
Al Bundy: With those glasses you know what John Lennon would see on Mars(11:59am)
Acid Addict 90: i need some weed when I go to sweden(11:59am)
PiiaBrazi: acid - dra åt helvete, vill du knarka - så fixa själv.(12:00pm)
Smokesteve: Do you catch a lot of Swedish fish(12:00pm)
thatsexieguy: Cotdeath!!!(12:00pm)
DarthFale: so it was real?(12:00pm)
ShadyNJ: I which libtard reported(12:00pm)
battlezonebert: my pita breads soggy im dissapointed lol(12:00pm)
TEX: what did U DO(12:00pm)
AngryFourByTwo: shitlery for jail...(12:00pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Dong. ?(12:00pm)
GIJoe: Ricky was just a PUSSY(12:00pm)
cobro: Never been to Swedistan where is that ?(12:00pm)
TouchingFurniture: border control(12:00pm)
Stumpafied11: Hey you bastards.(12:00pm)
TEX: LOL(12:00pm)
Qwak Qwak: whats the liveleak phone number(12:00pm)
Billy Grimpill: Interesting do you comply with them(12:00pm)
battlezonebert: 0800 go fuck yaself(12:00pm)
zepter00: More smoke than T-72 is making(12:00pm)
Breakerlove: Happy Halloween you guys.(12:00pm)
Acid Addict 90: Iran(12:00pm)
Darth-Maul: No I meant Shitlocks not RV.(12:01pm)
hrpuffinstuff: TULSA REPPIN'!!(12:01pm)
zero-g: for bashman?(12:01pm)
KoRnPuff: fuck the CIA(12:01pm)
TEX: look at THIS!!(12:01pm)
Stumpafied11: Definitely!(12:01pm)
cobro: Where are all the skype calls call in twots (12:01pm)
PiiaBrazi: aww. i miss out on a lot of friends here(12:01pm)
willybilly: the secret service sees ALL the cuss words(12:01pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Ricky Dong LoL.(12:01pm)
AlSet-AlOkin: Hewitt on Cunt Mode.(12:01pm)
ShadyNJ: Investigate Liveleak but they couldn't find bin laden(12:01pm)
battlezonebert: secret service(12:01pm)
LiveSeal: Cheap shot !!! FOOK OFF !! Hayden.... BTW It was the Croats that did the hammer thing(12:01pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Is Graeme in trouble for not recording(12:01pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: What did you think of the Mad max movie fury road?(12:01pm)
zombiestench 2: GORTEVANS ON TV:
Al Bundy: If they ever call you about me I live in Antarctica (12:01pm)
egalite: "irish"(12:01pm)
Darth-Maul: Alf Garnet?
Sno0opy: Shitlocks smokes entirely too much weed(12:01pm)
zero-g: or what's his face ,,,norman whatever(12:01pm)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what do your parents think of your website and what are their usernames ?(12:01pm)
TouchingFurniture: shitlocks a dirty queer(12:02pm)
Acid Addict 90: Can duke help me get some bud when I go to Sweden on hols??(12:02pm)
IronWarrior: REMOVE KEBAB!(12:02pm)
bandit1200: Hilary is using this server as we speak (12:02pm)
AlSet-AlOkin: Hewitt on Cunt Mode.(12:02pm)
battlezonebert: ive slowed the weed down im driving soon lol(12:02pm)
GIJoe: HAYDEN-------SERIOUS QUESTION--IS NEGRO NOT ALLOWED NOW? It is Spanish for the color Black you know(12:02pm)
aphidlip: Liveseal has a few dozen half Yugoslavian children(12:02pm)
nonad: Hello everybody! Who is this bearded woman?(12:02pm)
Pvt_Pyle: I'm Croatian, damn you!(12:02pm)
zombiestench 2: NONAD!!!(12:02pm)
Equix: no(12:02pm)
Breakerlove: No(12:02pm)
TNG_3B: Yeah, but they aren't his children(12:02pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures?(12:02pm)
ShadyNJ: Nope(12:02pm)
VikingHelm: Hey nonad(12:02pm)
nonad: Zombie!!!! I am drunk!(12:02pm)
Antioch: it's smooth for us(12:02pm)
TEX: What????(12:02pm)
Rolan mcDolan: It's fine(12:02pm)
Darth-Maul: (12:02pm)
Cup Of Tea.: LOL(12:02pm)
mrgod2u: Nonuts!(12:02pm)
Stumpafied11: What's up with the gay look Hayden?(12:02pm)
Billy Grimpill: no(12:02pm)
Skybo: nope(12:02pm)
PvtMadnage: Yea, i need to close the window(12:02pm)
hrpuffinstuff: yes(12:02pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Can you postpone Graemes thrashing until after the quiz ?(12:02pm)
battlezonebert: its a twitch(12:02pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: what's your email?(12:02pm)
nonad: Hey there MG2U(12:02pm)
zombiestench 2: You can take advantage of me, Nonad(12:02pm)
KoRnPuff: turn your mic down dude(12:02pm)
TEX: Freezing??? WTF is that?(12:02pm)
Substance79: is he wearing the red glasses to block out the red conman mcbegger bowtie?(12:03pm)
TNG_3B: Hayden's having a fashion midlife crisis(12:03pm)
TouchingFurniture: us all a favor and give that fool beside you a smack of your head(12:03pm)
battlezonebert: least your not gluing the card anymore(12:03pm)
Acid Addict 90: nope(12:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: We are coming for you Graham(12:03pm)
moefugger: There is dookie on the sofa.(12:03pm)
suckmylad: HAYDEN a red circle of death appeared around your head...(12:03pm)
ShaolinPower: Why one of the invitees looks like a total hipster?(12:03pm)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what do your parents think of your website and what are their usernames ?(12:03pm)
RustRocket: Nobby(12:03pm)
yzer: Freezing? Too much nicotine=cold hands(12:03pm)
nonad: I will check your prostate for free!(12:03pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:03pm)
pictureofuu: No problem here.(12:03pm)
TEX: cold hands....(12:03pm)
zepter00: Who wants some raspberry vodka?(12:03pm)
dim_0100: trying to look like Connor Mc Gregor(12:03pm)
Nob Jockey: Hi Rusty (12:03pm)
zombiestench 2: Anyone here care for a prostate massage?(12:03pm)
VikingHelm: Hey NJ :>(12:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: Fuck the FEDzzzzzz(12:03pm)
battlezonebert: try a woman who borrowed 100 k and now goe s missing and shes on crack cocaine lol(12:04pm)
Nob Jockey: Hey VH (12:04pm)
DIYMaster: Connon the midget McGregor(12:04pm)
TouchingFurniture: take his head clean off(12:04pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman...get a life mate, iv seen you write that 765 times today(12:04pm)
TNG_3B: I wouldn't mind one, zombie(12:04pm)
nonad: SLOOP! Are you out there somewhere? I wish you could have made ti to Manchester buddy.(12:04pm)
zombiestench 2: LOL TNG(12:04pm)
DarthFale: lol at ginger beard(12:04pm)
DIYMaster: Hayden MMA his ass back to Ireland(12:04pm)
Sno0opy: HAYDEN - show more videos(12:04pm)
moefugger: biggles.(12:04pm)
WarrGypzy: A text -out to LL user -aydeo- he has been posting vids on LL for about 8 years now :0(12:04pm)
NOLA78: who's the mic fighter look alike?(12:04pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: I remember that well(12:04pm)
bugman78629: FUCK OFF ACID.... LIKE I GIVE A FUCK(12:04pm)
battlezonebert: i had the police in my place with a dog and the cunt got up in the loft lol(12:04pm)
Substance79: clocks goign back tonight extra hours of wanking fuck yeah(12:04pm)
ShadyNJ: Yo VH(12:04pm)
Sno0opy: HAYDEN - show more videos(12:04pm)
Stumpafied11: Meth is for losers.(12:04pm)
mrgod2u: Should I make a Episode 7 "IS THIS CREEPY?" FOR ???? HALLOWEEN ???? DAY?(12:04pm)
RustRocket: Meth , horrible drug(12:04pm)
nonad: Hey moefugger! Wassup?(12:04pm)
ShadyNJ: Meth was overrated(12:04pm)
GIJoe: I HAVE SECRET VIDEO of LIVESEAL having sex with a woman aged 45 years old(12:04pm)
LiveSeal: PLENTY of Croatians on this site that i consider friends....(12:04pm)
Stumpafied11: Agreed.(12:05pm)
Acid Addict 90: my mate blew a massive drag of a joint in David Cameron's face in Bradford(12:05pm)
zombiestench 2: Glaskow is full of heroin addicts(12:05pm)
IronWarrior: trump rally!(12:05pm)
bandit1200: what happened to biggles ?(12:05pm)
Qwak Qwak: have you guys ever been asked to promote political vids on the front page?(12:05pm)
DarthFale: only the Brits violate freedom of sheach...(12:05pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman...sad mate(12:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: sheach?(12:05pm)
bandit1200: forgot about him ?(12:05pm)
cobro: Where are all the skypecalls ? check if anyone is on and call him mayden(12:05pm)
DarthFale: lol lisp(12:05pm)
Wolfwood: hayden youre mic is much quiter then everyone elses, have to keep messin with volume !(12:05pm)
battlezonebert: unless the witnesses are provoked into changin there mind or go missing lol(12:05pm)
hrpuffinstuff: @GI Joe, it was just Warrgypzy(12:05pm)
Substance79: freedom of peach(12:05pm)
egalite: weeg?(12:05pm)
yzer: I use UTC, no daylight savings time(12:05pm)
SomeTosser: Skype isn't working(12:05pm)
Pete_Moss: hr lol(12:05pm)
Stumpafied11: They will shoot you.(12:05pm)
Sno0opy: yes you can(12:05pm)
TNG_3B: Hayden, do you consider yourself a celebrity?(12:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: skype never works federal honey pot anyway(12:05pm)
bugman78629: DITTO ACID..... WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK U ARE???(12:05pm)
PvtMadnage: Is that chat-room still being used on LiveLeak?(12:05pm)
WarrGypzy: A text -out to LL user -aydeo- he has been posting vids on LL for about 8 years now (12:06pm)
Breakerlove: Any new changes to the site for 2017?(12:06pm)
DarthFale: some people are alive today because its illegal to kill them(12:06pm)
Sno0opy: HAYDEN - show more videos(12:06pm)
Jed Eyed Warrior: what do your parents think of your website and what are their usernames ?(12:06pm)
Acid Addict 90: haha we have a fishy(12:06pm)
zepter00: RT acounts blocked ????(12:06pm)
JustSomeUsername: troll center celebrity(12:06pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: what's your favourite song?(12:06pm)
nonad: Hayden, do me a favor. Give Duke a hug for me and give Bran's balls a little tickle.(12:06pm)
DarthFale: blue what?(12:06pm)
KoRnPuff: bullshit yes you do(12:06pm)
SomeTosser: Aydeo posts some cool vids(12:06pm)
Equix: lol Darth(12:06pm)
allstars88: turns out you are no funnier or better prepared on saturday nights , in fact a sadder feel about the whole thing(12:06pm)
GIJoe: It is only ILLEGAL to KILL someone if Caught(12:06pm)
Billy Grimpill: King of the no marks(12:06pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Shout out to user Warrgypzy for hiding his true Gender for 8 Years!!(12:06pm)
Kopernikus: hahaha(12:06pm)
WarrGypzy: @SomeTosser...yes he does.(12:06pm)
Acid Addict 90: Bugman, get ur tongue outta Hayden's arse you sad fuck(12:06pm)
RaveKat: Hayden what did you do before LL?(12:06pm)
Stumpafied11: In America we just do it.(12:06pm)
jaloko: Whats the with all the vape fags in the room?(12:06pm)
yzer: Don't ever block RT or Euronews!(12:06pm)
Breakerlove: Im the only fag here o_O(12:06pm)
Pete_Moss: lol hr(12:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: you(12:07pm)
battlezonebert: people want the hype and people aint biting(12:07pm)
nonad: Hayden, do me a favor. Give Duke a hug for me and give Bran's balls a little tickle.(12:07pm)
KitBoy: I remember seeing you on Newsnight once - you did good.(12:07pm)
ShadyNJ: Call him CM punk(12:07pm)
Snackaholic: Am I banned from Chat??(12:07pm)
TNG_3B: Yeah, but can he punch(12:07pm)
Smokesteve: Welcome to all types(12:07pm)
Acid Addict 90: "HAYDEN PLEASE READ THIS OUT...IM SO DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION - Bugman all night(12:07pm)
brianOwNo: booooooooooooooooooooo(12:07pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Why not get Hayden to front the Game Face Show ?(12:07pm)
Kalmte5: Should Add a magnet on that smoker..(12:07pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: What did you think of the Mad max movie fury road?(12:07pm)
JustSomeUsername: cool story bro(12:07pm)
battlezonebert: ive served time uve had ya mummys dinners(12:07pm)
nonad: Hey Breakerlove! How have you been?(12:07pm)
DIYMaster: Alexandar is a great name I agree(12:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: yeah alex feck off(12:07pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:07pm)
Sno0opy: Hayden - listen to nonad(12:07pm)
TouchingFurniture: call him nick ring(12:07pm)
allstars88: where did you find these pricks(12:07pm)
Stumpafied11: Who are these eight losers?(12:07pm)
dim_0100: he took something ?(12:07pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: LOL(12:07pm)
RaveKat: Hayden what did you do before LL?(12:07pm)
moefugger: There is someone back there about to rob a store.(12:07pm)
Acid Addict 90: hes read out 3 of mine jealous????(12:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: agreed(12:08pm)
EpicTard: Nipples(12:08pm)
cobro: Conor would mma your twats across the room your in for sure (12:08pm)
zombiestench 2: Can Hillary Clinton be your next prime minister?(12:08pm)
Sno0opy: HAYDEN - show more videos(12:08pm)
KitBoy: cool dry ice machine(12:08pm)
AngryFourByTwo: outburst...(12:08pm)
battlezonebert: alexander the greatlol(12:08pm)
DarthFale: too many dicks on the dancefloor(12:08pm)
GIJoe: TIME FOR INCRIMINATING PICS OF HAYDEN - and another one - one more -(12:08pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: hahahhaa(12:08pm)
DarthFale: lol he said doo doo(12:08pm)
Breakerlove: Chip tunes are epic(12:08pm)
Kalmte5: Does hayden have nipple hair?(12:08pm)
PvtMadnage: Is that chat-room still being used on LiveLeak?(12:08pm)
TouchingFurniture: if he ever tried to fight me i would have sex with him(12:08pm)
ShadyNJ: Graham's mic isn't loud enough(12:08pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Yeah, but he didn't hit the record(12:08pm)
Al Bundy: I hope they recorded this from the start.(12:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: two turn tables and a microphone(12:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: hahahaha they dont(12:08pm)
TNG_3B: What happened to the old nerdier mods(12:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: n(12:08pm)
moefugger: 1172(12:08pm)
battlezonebert: id spark him the fuc kout n leave his jaw behind but that wont be in a ring(12:08pm)
zombiestench 2: Would British citizens vote for Trump or Clinton?(12:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: No they dont(12:09pm)
allstars88: missed the start of the show , glad i missed nothing worth while(12:09pm)
Stumpafied11: These guys talk funny.(12:09pm)
Darth-Maul: (12:09pm)
KitBoy: where is the cake ?(12:09pm)
DarthFale: oooo thought he said "GAY FACE"(12:09pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: they HAD a twitch channel(12:09pm)
GIJoe: Gameface is a horrible waste of time(12:09pm)
Substance79: iconor mcgregor said he wanted to get a monkey i didn't realise he meant a cloned copy with low IQ(12:09pm)
zepter00: Hayden...bring some chicks...????????(12:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: Graham = NUMPTY(12:09pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:09pm)
suckmylad: HAYDEN, How about you do the next show whilst sitting on the BOG...(12:09pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: that'll learn ya, lol(12:09pm)
battlezonebert: twitch would want the viwers(12:09pm)
GIJoe: Where is all the PUSSY?(12:09pm)
zombiestench 2: Can Trish please take off her shirt? Thanks.(12:09pm)
TEX: LOL(12:09pm)
Darth-Maul: @zombie TRUMP 2016!(12:09pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Q for Hayden, What did you think of the Mad max movie fury road?(12:09pm)
TouchingFurniture: MYSTIC MAC(12:09pm)
DarthFale: without penis(12:09pm)
Sno0opy: long as Graham presses RECORD(12:09pm)
moefugger: Put your shirt down(12:09pm)
nonad: Hayden, do me a favor. Give Duke a hug for me and give Bran's balls a little tickle.(12:09pm)
Breakerlove: Id tap that(12:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: Why does Keith look so serious?(12:09pm)
grrr8: how to full screen these hot chicks?(12:09pm)
Stumpafied11: Fuck Trump.(12:09pm)
dim_0100: go on, nearly 1200 !(12:09pm)
Substance79: GET YER KITTENS OUT(12:09pm)
PvtMadnage: Is that chat-room still being used on LiveLeak?(12:09pm)
brianOwNo: I just had a burger...thought you all should know(12:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: Why does Keith look so serious?(12:10pm)
DarthFale: Fuck yer mom hillary cuck(12:10pm)
moefugger: Going to take a shit(12:10pm)
TNG_3B: Pucker up dem butthoe liieeps(12:10pm)
Acid Addict 90: GI Joe, we got a flash earlier!!! That loose bitch in the back flopped em out....nasty tbh(12:10pm)
DIYMaster: I too was expecting some hooker surprise around Midnight(12:10pm)
RaveKat: Lame(12:10pm)
battlezonebert: watch dirty grandpa(12:10pm)
GIJoe: You picked a really fucked up hour to do this thing. I missed most of it(12:10pm)
Acid Addict 90: oh god(12:10pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: accidentally streaming to haydens livejasmin account(12:10pm)
zombiestench 2: Take off your top, Trish.(12:10pm)
ShadyNJ: I was born in the dark(12:10pm)
MrFailAlot: i sended a e-mail u fags(12:10pm)
SomeTosser: Keith is wondering if he left the iron on(12:10pm)
battlezonebert: lol(12:10pm)
suckmylad: TOM HARDY SAYS... SHUT UP YOU CUNT!!!(12:10pm)
DarthFale: lol needs to hit the gym to look like him skinny bloke(12:10pm)
Billy Grimpill: tosser lol(12:10pm)
nonad: Hey Piia, are you still awake?(12:10pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:10pm)
PiiaBrazi: aye Nonan, im here(12:10pm)
zombiestench 2: Are there any celebrities who are LiveLeak members?(12:10pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(12:10pm)
Stumpafied11: Don't even acknowledge me.(12:10pm)
TEX: Rocco... I'll have a Coke(12:10pm)
ShadyNJ: Lol(12:11pm)
TouchingFurniture: that poor lads lost(12:11pm)
TNG_3B: Put up your dukes McGregor(12:11pm)
bugman78629: Y(12:11pm)
GIJoe: EKAT!(12:11pm)
grrr8: lets see a fight(12:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: yeah fight!(12:11pm)
nonad: Hahaha! How are those beers going down Miss Piia?(12:11pm)
PiiaBrazi: check emails(12:11pm)
GIJoe: egalite(12:11pm)
zombiestench 2: Are there any celebrities who are LiveLeak members?(12:11pm)
RaveKat: The guy in the middle looks like a game of thrones character who discovered a time machine(12:11pm)
VikingHelm: Hey Stumpa :>(12:11pm)
Substance79: I've seen livier bingo crowd(12:11pm)
allstars88: missed the first part of the show , glad there was nothing important i missed(12:11pm)
TNG_3B: fight fight fight(12:11pm)
brianOwNo: Why is nobody having a joint or a drink?(12:11pm)
Rolan mcDolan: I wanna see a fight, come on!(12:11pm)
PiiaBrazi: going down really well Nonad (12:11pm)
cobro: put on some feel good Video of some ISIS fuck getting IED to hell (12:11pm)
KoRnPuff: they're straight edge(12:11pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: HORIZONTAL VIDEO DO IT(12:11pm)
Stumpafied11: What's up VH?(12:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: You better win then(12:11pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:11pm)
Darth-Maul: @zombie sort of(12:11pm)
grrr8: zombie - shoenice and bigern are on here, famous celebs(12:11pm)
right hii: hahhahahha(12:11pm)
RustRocket: Go to , there you can find all kinds of video to show Hayden.(12:11pm)
Cup Of Tea.: I 'd fuck them(12:12pm)
jaloko: MAke sure you hold the phone fucking properly, thanks.(12:12pm)
TNG_3B: punch him right in the coont(12:12pm)
nonad: Hey, yesterday was my birthday. I'll post my address so you can send gifts.(12:12pm)
DarthFale: is shoenice still alive?(12:12pm)
Weird Beard: I punch people(12:12pm)
TouchingFurniture: you gonna see him get sparked out in the first round(12:12pm)
GIJoe: LIVESEAL(12:12pm)
battlezonebert: im 6.2 12 stone hes gotta be around 13 to 14 stone but ive knocked out a 42 yr old thats 16 stone where does the fucking stats come into that lol(12:12pm)
LiveSeal: One beer .... The agression is coming out(12:12pm)
GIJoe: MRGOD2U(12:12pm)
Sno0opy: Happy belated birthday nonad(12:12pm)
SomeTosser: Anyone want to buy a second hand cucumber ?(12:12pm)
DarthFale: clevland steamer(12:12pm)
TNG_3B: Wierd Beard, how hard?(12:12pm)
moefugger: You got cornholio sitting in the middle back there.(12:12pm)
AlSet-AlOkin: Connor. I hope you include me in the credits.(12:12pm)
ORhemis: (12:12pm)
Billy Grimpill: smash his face in(12:12pm)
Breakerlove: WHo me?(12:12pm)
zombiestench 2: Are there any celebrities who are LiveLeak members?(12:12pm)
Stumpafied11: One beer my ass,try 10.(12:12pm)
AngryFourByTwo: you have small hands bruv...(12:12pm)
Al Bundy: Can you talk to LizaTrainer and get Ricochet on the next show only wearing nipple tassels?(12:12pm)
DarthFale: im a celeb(12:12pm)
grrr8: my liveleak has been gay-free ever since dcmcux blocked me(12:12pm)
DIYMaster: I don't understand why is the time zone going BACK and not FORWARD? Why the fuck do I want 4pm to be dark(12:12pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Do all the guests have hotels booked, or is it back to haydens to crash out ?(12:12pm)
Breakerlove: Im not fat(12:12pm)
nonad: How was the cucumber used SomeTosser?(12:12pm)
Substance79: steamroll him like cm punk(12:12pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman...ur hilarious mate...I'm fishing and I've bitten!! No one cares mate, stfu and go bed(12:12pm)
KoRnPuff: OK ponytail boy. I'll use that as a handlebar.(12:12pm)
TouchingFurniture: ask him to show us some shadow boxing(12:13pm)
Rolan mcDolan: I'll grab ya by the beard and smash ya wee-lad head in(12:13pm)
Acid Addict 90: you've(12:13pm)
allstars88: turns out spending saturday nights here is even sadder experience(12:13pm)
zombiestench 2: DCMFOX IS A CUCK(12:13pm)
GIJoe: PRIVATE PLYE< YOu had best better square your shit away or I will gouge out your eyes and SKULLFUCK YOU(12:13pm)
battlezonebert: i have no knuckles lol(12:13pm)
sureitsme2: all the bestter to fist you with(12:13pm)
TNG_3B: my habds are small I know but, they're not yours they are my own and they...(12:13pm)
Kalmte5: 1300mbit per second on this bs video show is taking out picture limit. \(12:13pm)
TouchingFurniture: show us some shadow boxing you fucking spastic(12:13pm)
TEX: wink and its throw down time'(12:13pm)
ORhemis: DCMFOX is the greatest(12:13pm)
grrr8: how many people does DCMFOX have blocked?(12:13pm)
Breakerlove: They should all make out (12:13pm)
DarthFale: I wonder how many of these asshats have me blocked(12:13pm)
jenva: what a bunch of tossers(12:13pm)
SomeTosser: I like RagingBull(12:13pm)
TNG_3B: Boo fricken hoooooo(12:13pm)
brianOwNo: How to strangle a gay Mcgregor with a gay bow tie(12:13pm)
Substance79: he must be a good fighter he sounds like retard(12:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: i PISSED i WILL TAKE YOU ALL!!i@m(12:13pm)
ShadyNJ: Dcmfox has everyone here blocked(12:13pm)
Acid Addict 90: Ask him ur question again bugman, he might answer u this time...1000x lucky(12:13pm)
JustSomeUsername: like trump(12:13pm)
zepter00: Nonad don't ask ????(12:13pm)
DIYMaster: Hayden explain the GMT time, what's going on. We want light till 6-7pm bruh, people got shit to do after work(12:13pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: In a fight who would win Northerners or Londoners? London here btw(12:13pm)
TEX: Heyden post how many people DMCFOX has Blocked(12:13pm)
zombiestench 2: LET TRISH SPEAK!!!(12:13pm)
Breakerlove: Trump hands(12:13pm)
KoRnPuff: i can make your beard a handlebar too, ginger boy(12:13pm)
RaveKat: Sausage fingers(12:13pm)
battlezonebert: been to yorkshire mate your ass aint worth the time uve spent in that sofa llol(12:14pm)
nonad: I agree zombiestench. She is a cuck bitch.(12:14pm)
brianOwNo: acid is good(12:14pm)
LiveSeal: THat did not take long the lot of them drunk(12:14pm)
TNG_3B: Are you guys on acid?(12:14pm)
manlyman785: I'd kick his ass(12:14pm)
jenva: bran has big hands?(12:14pm)
DarthFale: whats going on with uploaded pictures disappearing?(12:14pm)
Darth-Maul: Several hundred LLer just looked at their hands (12:14pm)
TouchingFurniture: i grab you by your pony tail and ride you like a sick horse(12:14pm)
zombiestench 2: LET TRISH SPEAK!!!(12:14pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: In a fight who would win Northerners or Londoners? London here btw(12:14pm)
cobro: they need to be waisted on the show (12:14pm)
ORhemis: Pics ar broke again.(12:14pm)
allstars88: you don't represent me(12:14pm)
Acid Addict 90: ok mate, calm down this isn't a press conference...(12:14pm)
Sno0opy: LMAO!!!(12:14pm)
PiiaBrazi: maiiiil time(12:14pm)
Billy Grimpill: PISHED(12:14pm)
SomeTosser: I want to see Bran's arse(12:14pm)
Minchia: I bet richly dong could take him on lolol(12:14pm)
GIJoe: THIS IS LIKE being trapped in a fucking homosexual bar(12:14pm)
moefugger: yes am consuming mass quantities of beers.(12:14pm)
right hii: you should get shammy on the show(12:14pm)
Acid Addict 90: Hahaha ask ur question again(12:14pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Mega gay's lol(12:14pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Hayden is actually recruiting for MS-13(12:14pm)
AlSet-AlOkin: Ragingbull had a phone call from Don King.(12:14pm)
GIJoe: I HAVE SECRET VIDEO of LIVESEAL having sex with a woman aged 45 years old(12:14pm)
grrr8: is dcmfox underneath hayden's desk right now?(12:14pm)
TNG_3B: Bendemover McFukalot(12:14pm)
battlezonebert: he cant touch him until hes driving up to yorkshire(12:14pm)
Sno0opy: HR - LMAO!!!(12:14pm)
nonad: HAhahaha! LiveSeal will never live it down.(12:14pm)
jenva: dam Minch is Richie still about?(12:15pm)
TouchingFurniture: lol(12:15pm)
Billy Grimpill: so gay(12:15pm)
brianOwNo: when you said about fantisising about kids,everyone on the bottom got awkward.(12:15pm)
Acid Addict 90: u should really just let it go bugman...u big pansy(12:15pm)
ORhemis: Why is everyone so butthurt over DCMFOX?(12:15pm)
zombiestench 2: LIVESEAL PLAYED WITH MY WINKY(12:15pm)
TEX: lo(12:15pm)
DarthFale: your retnas are now fried(12:15pm)
battlezonebert: ef51 tpw thers thenumberplate(12:15pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: jenva, another LL Original(12:15pm)
jenva: Hello loves !(12:15pm)
nonad: Piia is the best!(12:15pm)
AlSet-AlOkin: GI JOE. Go fuck your cat.(12:15pm)
GIJoe: Basically the bald fuck is slandering LIVESEAL(12:15pm)
manlyman785: Dcmfox is a twat(12:15pm)
yzer: dcmfox only posts the truth(12:15pm)
zombiestench 2: JENVA AND I ARE LOVERS(12:15pm)
SomeTosser: I like DCMFox, he uploads some cool vids(12:15pm)
PiiaBrazi: <3(12:15pm)
Equix: lol(12:15pm)
TouchingFurniture: liveseal looks like stephen baldwin(12:15pm)
grrr8: hayden is getting a bj from ll mod right now?(12:15pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Me love U Jen sorry.(12:15pm)
jenva: haha(12:15pm)
moefugger: I bet he ran his dick around inside that hat before sending it to you.(12:15pm)
GIJoe: ALset eat shit(12:15pm)
suckmylad: LLEAK = POUND-SHOP DILDO(12:15pm)
ORhemis: @yzer: Yep.(12:15pm)
Billy Grimpill: right click on chat / this frame / open in new window = enjoy(12:16pm)
jenva: Hi guys xx(12:16pm)
DarthFale: think Jeva has me on block(12:16pm)
Al Bundy: Was this recorded?(12:16pm)
cobro: shouting for 3 more hours (12:16pm)
Acid Addict 90: Bugman..I GOT YOU NOTICED YOUD BE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!!!(12:16pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Where is Minchia??(12:16pm)
zombiestench 2: HI JENVA(12:16pm)
Minchia: Hey Jenna(12:16pm)
jenva: I dont have anyone on block(12:16pm)
RustRocket: DCMFOX is trying to turn LL into an MSM site.(12:16pm)
standoff: Can he download the first hour off a twitch(12:16pm)
TouchingFurniture: get your badger out love(12:16pm)
nonad: Minchia broom is in the shop.(12:16pm)
Minchia: Wtf Jenna(12:16pm)
MadMike740: hayden, what juice you vapin?(12:16pm)
battlezonebert: mcgregor could take ya wife in theback of a van lol but when its said to be done to someone elses partner oh boy itll be small fists lol(12:16pm)
jenva: Hi minch xx(12:16pm)
yzer: Hell, i got blocked by mr. rusty(12:16pm)
willybilly: glenn and abaraham died on the walking dead. glenns eye popped out!(12:16pm)
TEX: y(12:16pm)
Acid Addict 90: im just fishing a big un!!!(12:16pm)
PiiaBrazi: good she is out.(12:16pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(12:16pm)
battlezonebert: try a ggng(12:16pm)
ORhemis: I got blocked by all the trolls here.(12:16pm)
Acid Addict 90: DUKE DUKE DUKE!!1(12:16pm)
jenva: Oh Fuck me Tena lady....dont knock them(12:17pm)
battlezonebert: thats gang in english(12:17pm)
TouchingFurniture: minch out on the town looking for some BBC(12:17pm)
battlezonebert: romford time boyo(12:17pm)
TNG_3B: Seal touched my special place when I was a wee little lad, he said never to tell, now I'm in therapy(12:17pm)
jenva: minch tena ladies rule...dont let them pick on you(12:17pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: but did you learn to record#(12:17pm)
DarthFale: its been 10 years?(12:17pm)
chickadee2: Hey Jenva (12:17pm)
bugman78629: U LET IT GO, FOOKIN ABORIGINE(12:17pm)
Acid Addict 90: U THERE BUGMAN??? YOU DEAD YET???(12:17pm)
WarrGypzy: @ORhemis Had to do it on principle (12:17pm)
jenva: Chickadee!(12:17pm)
ORhemis: I got an infraction because I said the N-WORD in the context of conversation, not as a SLUR.(12:17pm)
ShadyNJ: that was very touching(12:17pm)
JustSomeUsername: wow so beautiful(12:17pm)
right hii: thats pretty god(12:17pm)
Darth-Maul: *clap*(12:18pm)
Acid Addict 90: HAHAH HERE FISHY FISHY(12:18pm)
Billy Grimpill: brama(12:18pm)
FFFfffap: * golfclap *(12:18pm)
moefugger: Had to take off my underwears. Ate a Ghost pepper. My nutz are sweating.(12:18pm)
TNG_3B: applause(12:18pm)
nonad: Fucking awesome that was.(12:18pm)
Joe54321: Golf clap(12:18pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Racists(12:18pm)
PvtMadnage: clapclapclap*(12:18pm)
DIYMaster: beautifly done(12:18pm)
hrpuffinstuff: (12:18pm)
Sno0opy: [clapping](12:18pm)
SomeTosser: o// claps(12:18pm)
Darth-Maul: (12:18pm)
ShadyNJ: Tell Graham to turn his mic up(12:18pm)
MadMike740: smoking is OUT...vaping is the FUTURE(12:18pm)
jenva: 10 years on LL, and I even found a husband here. lol(12:18pm)
Minchia: Who wrote that??(12:18pm)
Acid Addict 90: AGAIN ANOTHER REPEAT...U SAD MAN(12:18pm)
WarrGypzy: GIJoe: No ! All he does in rant against Jews and Blacks (12:18pm)
pictureofuu: Donkey Punch Night(12:18pm)
Equix: hahahaha(12:18pm)
ShadyNJ: We can't hear him(12:18pm)
Al Bundy: 10 years? I have underwear older than that.(12:18pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: more effort put into an email over learning to record anniversary streams(12:18pm)
Billy Grimpill: goodman aphidlip(12:18pm)
TEX: pet you kitty(12:18pm)
zepter00: ????(12:18pm)
battlezonebert: im gonna die on my ones(12:18pm)
DarthFale: no(12:18pm)
nonad: Hey zepter!(12:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: no(12:19pm)
Acid Addict 90: JESUS...JUST END IT ALL BRO!!(12:19pm)
suckmylad: FOOCKin ekk! A BADGER Just walked passed my front Door!!!! COOL!(12:19pm)
TNG_3B: it will still be fucked(12:19pm)
DarthFale: Trumps gonna pwn yer face(12:19pm)
TEX: The last Lead smelter in the USA has been closed(12:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: end of days(12:19pm)
bugman78629: HOW COME U CAN DO IT ACID.... BUT I CAN'T>>(12:19pm)
jenva: Minch how come you are not in the studio with H?(12:19pm)
RaveKat: It's graemes fault the clocks are going back(12:19pm)
zepter00: Hi nonad whats about that cucumbrr?(12:19pm)
DarthFale: Taking Phizer back from ireland(12:19pm)
WarrGypzy: GIJoe No, all he does is rant against Jews and Blacks! (12:19pm)
battlezonebert: nobody loves me dont let me wind down the window on a pegan(12:19pm)
GIJoe: VOTE FOR TRUMP ----------- Hillerys a CUNT(12:19pm)
Minchia: Jenva I was meant to, stupid crap ruined my chances sadly(12:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: welcome to the next level(12:19pm)
nonad: BRAN, Show yer boobs again!!(12:19pm)
TouchingFurniture: anyone else like to fart on there hand at close range and smell it with the quickness(12:19pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Yeah(12:19pm)
Al Bundy: I like big boobs(12:20pm)
jenva: Branno my love you look great(12:20pm)
grrr8: do you all shave your pubic hair?(12:20pm)
Acid Addict 90: Gown post again bugman...2000x lucky(12:20pm)
MadMike740: HAYDEN, you runnin DUAL COILS, what OHMS?(12:20pm)
Billy Grimpill: no I have all pubes(12:20pm)
jenva: yep he does(12:20pm)
RaveKat: It's graemes fault the clocks are going back(12:20pm)
allstars88: saturday nights here feel even sadder than in the week ,(12:20pm)
TNG_3B: When I was a kid, then I would throw the farts in my siblings face@ TouchingFurniture(12:20pm)
GIJoe: Well to be honest this shit is doing nothing for me(12:20pm)
moefugger: Remember the naked guy that logged in with a racoon doll or some crap over his junk.(12:20pm)
jenva: branno is my other love(12:20pm)
Danny11: so this is exactly same as all the other LL shows?(12:20pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: Jenva has huge huntsman spiders in the house(12:20pm)
TEX: Defendant Grant..?(12:20pm)
ORhemis: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖..((12:20pm)
FFFfffap: Did you hear anything from Jeremy Paxman?(12:20pm)
cobro: damn 6 beers down and first piss break so now my hose will be off the hook (12:20pm)
DarthFale: Later all Trump rally on gotta watch it(12:20pm)
allstars88: saturday nights here feel even sadder than in the week ,(12:20pm)
standoff: Bran is the Human version of BagPuss.(12:20pm)
AngryFourByTwo: lol(12:21pm)
MikeHunt1987: Real Liveleakers fold n wipe.(12:21pm)
pictureofuu: English language cracks me up(12:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: come on lets face it every fucker here is an absolute cunt(12:21pm)
TNG_3B: Who's the modder fookin with the chatroom(12:21pm)
GIJoe: FUCK IT(12:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: loll(12:21pm)
suckmylad: LLEAK Should get one of them Freeview channels, like one of those porn ones.(12:21pm)
SomeTosser: Minch can use her phone with her feet(12:21pm)
FFFfffap: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖..((12:21pm)
TouchingFurniture: get your moose knuckle out m8(12:21pm)
Minchia: I am typing with my toes(12:21pm)
MadMike740: HAYDEN is drunk..i can see it in his eyes he's not in CONTROL he's just FOLLOWING along(12:21pm)
Long Beard: This is hard to fap to.(12:21pm)
zepter00: English is lingua franca ????(12:21pm)
ShadyNJ: No(12:21pm)
nonad: Show your sack!!!(12:21pm)
LiveSeal: LOL glad i am recording this(12:21pm)
JustSomeUsername: gay show(12:21pm)
PvtMadnage: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖(12:21pm)
jenva: Ten years of this? God we have issues lol(12:21pm)
battlezonebert: mcgregor says he cantbe touched but who said i was touching(12:21pm)
manlyman785: No hacked the chat?(12:21pm)
brianOwNo: Was shoenice here earlier but he ate himself?(12:21pm)
Gragster: ( . Y . ) boobs n gz! <3(12:21pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Bran is bullshit detector.(12:21pm)
MrFailAlot: love u fags(12:21pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: In a fight who would win Northerners or Londoners? London here btw(12:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: ヅジู้้̊์ูัৣ࿆࿆˜ৣૣؙؖ⁾ؙ➯⤫ ྈ٫ྉ̞྆༝⤶٠ْ̛̗ٔ⦂  ͭͤͤͮͮͭͤͬ ͭͤͤͮͮͭͤͬ(12:21pm)
ORhemis: ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็(12:22pm)
Al Bundy: I like 50's pornstars....less chance of aids(12:22pm)
allstars88: saturday nights here feel even sadder than in the week ,(12:22pm)
Antioch: 1 hour 20 mins(12:22pm)
Acid Addict 90: north all day mate(12:22pm)
PvtMadnage: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖(12:22pm)
Substance79: there's lizard people controlling him from behind the two-way mirror(12:22pm)
Billy Grimpill: ◊ㄩɬʻ̜˯͓ʳุ̻゛͊˷ุ่̅ͮˁี̤ͩ˺̂˯ʺ˶ִ̌́ํு̈́ʬ̡̜̩ʻ̜˯͓ʳุ̻゛͊˷ุ่̅ͮˁี̤ͩ˺̂˯ʺ(12:22pm)
jenva: Cup of tea, aawww I love our Bran(12:22pm)
Antioch: no video proof of the first hour(12:22pm)
FFFfffap: Did you hear anything from Jeremy Paxman?(12:22pm)
battlezonebert: from rainham and romford(12:22pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: JEWISH lizard people(12:22pm)
Minchia: WTF, LMAO, LOL: London, of course!(12:22pm)
jenva: chat is fucked with lines...and they are not coke(12:22pm)
Billy Grimpill: فͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉ͪ҈ͫ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͨ҈ͬ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͦ҈ͨ҉ͥ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͫ҉ͭ҈ͯ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͭفͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ..(12:22pm)
Sno0opy: VIDEO BREAK(12:22pm)
yzer: Snowden and Putin are twiddlin my comments section(12:22pm)
PiiaBrazi: (12:23pm)
chickadee2: I know what is up with that?!(12:23pm)
ORhemis: Look at what I started (12:23pm)
RaveKat: Anyone else have weird vertical text on the chat?(12:23pm)
Beanoruby: looks like crackers are worming(12:23pm)
allstars88: saturday nights here feel even sadder than in the week ,(12:23pm)
manlyman785: Chat has been hacked(12:23pm)
roimija: Is CtrlX here? I have work for you: go wank urself(12:23pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: wowbro(12:23pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Londoners are tough(12:23pm)
battlezonebert: just because your on a show means ya big? the cunt will get battered lets get real lol(12:23pm)
PvtMadnage: wtf is g Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖ing on(12:23pm)
Billy Grimpill: فͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉ͪ҈ͫ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͨ҈ͬ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͦ҈ͨ҉ͥ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͫ҉ͭ҈ͯ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͭفͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ..(12:23pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Jewish Lizard People= Warrgypzy with no Lotion...(12:23pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Innocent(12:23pm)
PiiaBrazi: smooches to my David <3(12:23pm)
zepter00: We all have that verticale text(12:23pm)
zero-g: hahahaha(12:23pm)
Al Bundy: Hayden do you like Boddingtons?(12:23pm)
LiveSeal: Do a 3 DAY uninterrupted Stream ( only to go get more beer) STRAIT!(12:23pm)
FFFfffap: sounds fun(12:23pm)
roimija: hayden what you think about british royals? are they lizard people?(12:23pm)
Minchia: I'd like to see richy dong take on raging bull(12:23pm)
Billy Grimpill: everthing is just shit(12:23pm)
TNG_3B: Liveseal stretched out my bunghole at a young age (12:23pm)
suckmylad: HAHAHHAHAHAHA(12:23pm)
TouchingFurniture: i love the smell of sweaty anus(12:23pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: LOL FAP(12:23pm)
Equix: LOL !(12:23pm)
ChosennOne: Graham, do we have any Hillary emails(12:23pm)
Sno0opy: SMOOCH SMOOCH SMOOCH(12:24pm)
Minchia: lol he did and I've never got over it(12:24pm)
JOHNNYICE: whats with the guy filming suicide guy under bus?(12:24pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: sausage party(12:24pm)
ORhemis: TouchingFurniture: You seem to like stench.(12:24pm)
Equix: hahaha(12:24pm)
PiiaBrazi: aww. lov ethose hugs - flaps (12:24pm)
SomeTosser: lol(12:24pm)
JustSomeUsername: rofl(12:24pm)
zombiestench 2: LET TRISH SPEAK(12:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: he is not coming back(12:24pm)
Long Beard: Hayden, what do you do when you arn't fucking with Live Leak?(12:24pm)
TNG_3B: Is that your seal impression(12:24pm)
No-limits: congrats in 10 years, keep it going ;-)(12:24pm)
Darth-Maul: awww.(12:24pm)
ChosennOne: Graham, do we have any of Hillary emails(12:24pm)
zero-g: that would be awesome minch(12:24pm)
FFFfffap: Did you hear anything from Jeremy Paxman?(12:24pm)
TouchingFurniture: i love the smell of my own ass custard(12:24pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: full-body condoms(12:24pm)
RustRocket: Careful Duke , these guys will get you to lose your man card.(12:24pm)
MadMike740: at least he blastin an RDA and NOT a tank(12:24pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman has gone quite....hahaha can I take you off my hook yet??(12:24pm)
Nob Jockey: Fucking hell Duke does have big hands(12:24pm)
jenva: Hi Trisha love...hope you have been well(12:24pm)
battlezonebert: if someone said they would fuck ya partner in aback of a avan ud get anyone to sort that cunt out lol but happy birthday(12:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: Brazi is ours now!(12:24pm)
fat belly: QUIZ(12:24pm)
JustSomeUsername: any emails there hillary(12:24pm)
Darth-Maul: LOL!(12:24pm)
Equix: HAHAH(12:24pm)
roimija: remember kids, speed is good drug(12:24pm)
moefugger: Brans cats must be getting into trouble about now.(12:24pm)
suckmylad: DICK!(12:25pm)
AngryFourByTwo: Raging chechen and his small hands for the win...(12:25pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: i think she was on more than speed(12:25pm)
TNG_3B: To the pillory with Hillary(12:25pm)
ORhemis: OMG E-Mails again.(12:25pm)
SomeTosser: Trish is an evil carer to Bran(12:25pm)
yzer: More Motorola vids, plz(12:25pm)
suckmylad: NORTHERN TWAT!(12:25pm)
bugman78629: IM HERE FAT BASTARD..... I RESPONDED LAST(12:25pm)
Acid Addict 90: get ur tits out again for the recording trish you razza!!!(12:25pm)
jenva: Trish has hidden her cattle prod she needs to control Bran(12:25pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: not as good as Marty(12:25pm)
TNG_3B: Patricia, give a shout out to troll central(12:25pm)
TouchingFurniture: raging bull tried to laugh and his shoulders clapped together(12:25pm)
AngryFourByTwo: southern monkey...(12:25pm)
WarrGypzy: yzer: Yes, and Givi too ! (12:25pm)
moefugger: Bran your cats are crapping in your shoes.(12:25pm)
FULLATMURIO: Hayden is about to sell his boy kid to the Pakistani warlords to keep the site up(12:25pm)
battlezonebert: i knew half of doncaster crew then i soon fucking left it was that boring(12:25pm)
Long Beard: HIllary is a cunt(12:25pm)
pictureofuu: America is doomed(12:25pm)
bugman78629: ACID.... YOU STILL WITH THE TITS REPEAT???(12:26pm)
TEX: Ghost Train Haze #1(12:26pm)
manlyman785: Fuck Hillary(12:26pm)
ChosennOne: Fun times.(12:26pm)
zombiestench 2: Are there any celebrities who are LiveLeak members?(12:26pm)
TouchingFurniture: i would fuck the shit out of hillary clinton(12:26pm)
jenva: What's with the hat H?(12:26pm)
Cup Of Tea.: T I love you.(12:26pm)
ORhemis: Trumptastrophy(12:26pm)
Stumpafied11: Just me,lol.(12:26pm)
suckmylad: SOME MAGIC BEANS(12:26pm)
TNG_3B: me, zombie, i'm a rockstar(12:26pm)
Billy Grimpill: a donkey(12:26pm)
JOHNNYICE: Cheers from Nova Scotia(12:26pm)
brianOwNo: you'd get ahed in live....ahahahahha(12:26pm)
PiiaBrazi: <3(12:26pm)
Stumpafied11: Cheers.(12:26pm)
Al Bundy: Cheers(12:26pm)
jenva: aahhh Pia...good on her(12:26pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: wokstar son(12:26pm)
allstars88: john wishes he was back in hospital(12:26pm)
moefugger: more like rock head(12:27pm)
TNG_3B: yes(12:27pm)
Minchia: Uh oh(12:27pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: TNG is a rock star(12:27pm)
Billy Grimpill: yes he is(12:27pm)
Acid Addict 90: me(12:27pm)
TNG_3B: I could be a rockstar, I just don't feel like getting famous(12:27pm)
Sno0opy: Play SomeTosser's video again(12:27pm)
PiiaBrazi: fetching another bear(12:27pm)
SomeTosser: nah fuck that(12:27pm)
suckmylad: Hayden, CAN you please Wave to the Camera, my Gran is Watching!(12:27pm)
jenva: Piia...hello! lol(12:27pm)
battlezonebert: that chemical smell(12:27pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: didnt have jon to drive you there(12:27pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Keith is looking at his watch. It's almost time for the Nurse to give him his Spongebath(12:27pm)
Billy Grimpill: Keith Moon has reached second gear its seems(12:27pm)
Acid Addict 90: twitter???(12:27pm)
Beanoruby: fish finger sarnie coming up, with salad cream mixed with some Frenchies(12:28pm)
FULLATMURIO: You would get 20 pesos for your boy to be fucked by Pakistanis(12:28pm)
battlezonebert: sucks to be on a life support(12:28pm)
Darth-Maul: lol(12:28pm)
Stumpafied11: You Australian bastards,lol.(12:28pm)
ORhemis: One fart burns 56 calories. Google it.(12:28pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: hes spent the whole night on his phone(12:28pm)
TouchingFurniture: if raging hits the streets of manchester looking like that he will get mugged and probably raped(12:28pm)
RustRocket: Sponge Bob Bath?(12:28pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: what is ur fav horror movie?(12:28pm)
cobro: You guys should entertain us like doing some minute to win it stuff in the studio hehehehe !!!!(12:28pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(12:28pm)
suckmylad: Hayden, CAN you please Wave to the Camera, my Gran is Watching!(12:28pm)
Acid Addict 90: i almost bought him some super male vitality for him when he was bed bound(12:28pm)
moefugger: Suck I will swing my nutz at the screen. Tell your grandma.(12:28pm)
Sno0opy: 1000 calories so far(12:28pm)
Stumpafied11: I'm in great shape then.(12:28pm)
Billy Grimpill: compo claim(12:28pm)
jenva: God you poms are loud...I loves ya but god you are loud(12:28pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: day of the ledge(12:28pm)
Cup Of Tea.: He is proper sex tho.(12:29pm)
Beanoruby: R U smoking something legal ?(12:29pm)
Darth-Maul: Is there a Quiz?(12:29pm)
FFFfffap: Yeah do the quiz!(12:29pm)
battlezonebert: fucks you up with paid off clowns popping out of nowhere(12:29pm)
RustRocket: I fell off a 20 foot ladder one time , but I didn't get hurt , I fell off the first rung,(12:29pm)
suckmylad: SOUNDS SHIT! ... Do the Chase!(12:29pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: vaping has taken right off with a certain generation(12:29pm)
MadMike740: that means show your cock n' balls(12:29pm)
TEX: i can hang one when the time is right(12:29pm)
TNG_3B: Sloopers 2016(12:29pm)
Billy Grimpill: one will do(12:29pm)
Acid Addict 90: you should have all got pissed up...(12:29pm)
FFFfffap: What's in the cupboard in Hayden's spareroom(12:29pm)
fat belly: do a quiz with the people in the studio(12:29pm)
SomeTosser: Bran's testicle looks like a bald baby badger(12:29pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: not being aegist(12:29pm)
Breakerlove: I love you duke marrie me ^o^(12:29pm)
Stumpafied11: Rust is the man!!!(12:29pm)
moefugger: FFF that is the ban bin(12:29pm)
LiveSeal: You would get 20 pesos for your boy to be fucked by Pakistanis(12:29pm)
TEX: Chem Trails...(12:29pm)
brianOwNo: Ive met more interesting pedo's then the guest's tonight(12:30pm)
Billy Grimpill: bodies(12:30pm)
yzer: vaping unflavored, here(12:30pm)
PiiaBrazi: breakerlove - youll have to share me - you know (12:30pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: hayden did you get anyone in your trunk tonight(12:30pm)
ShadyNJ: Lol(12:30pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Liveseal sure knows those prices..LOL(12:30pm)
BettyTwoLips: vaping is for pussies!(12:30pm)
brianOwNo: I do(12:30pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: experienced*(12:30pm)
Sno0opy: show SomeTosser's video again(12:30pm)
moefugger: so why do you hang with pedoes.(12:30pm)
Breakerlove: ROFL(12:30pm)
FFFfffap: He doesn't know what they look like, cause he was facing the other way(12:30pm)
TNG_3B: met them in the bathroom stall(12:30pm)
Pete_Moss: Break out the booze ffs.(12:30pm)
TEX: pedos groom.. he has been groomed(12:30pm)
battlezonebert: wheres my pies(12:30pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: pedoxchange(12:30pm)
Antioch: Hayden, do you believe that we live in a simulation?(12:30pm)
Billy Grimpill: outed himself there(12:30pm)
Substance79: seen more excitng bingo halls(12:30pm)
NiceLady: Ha(12:30pm)
jenva: Chat is too fast(12:30pm)
Acid Addict 90: any tweets H??(12:30pm)
brianOwNo: I was to young even for that cunt(12:30pm)
zepter00: Yeah sometossers videos rules(12:31pm)
TouchingFurniture: lol(12:31pm)
Equix: LOl(12:31pm)
FFFfffap: try sneezing with a broken back(12:31pm)
moefugger: he has a broke ass.(12:31pm)
cobro: has he gone broke back ??(12:31pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(12:31pm)
MadMike740: Antioch. I BELIEVE THAT!(12:31pm)
TouchingFurniture: dukes asleep(12:31pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: try fapping with a broken back*(12:31pm)
yzer: my dryer just buzzed(12:31pm)
Just_Passing_By: I love the scent of shampoos, what kind of shampoo do you use?(12:31pm)
SomeTosser: Brokeback Manchester(12:31pm)
Stumpafied11: Been a constant LL'er,They have never mentioned me.LOSERS.(12:31pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: HAPPY DIWALI, for any Hindus watching(12:31pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol sometosser(12:31pm)
battlezonebert: someones getting battered at the charity fight(12:31pm)
TNG_3B: Hayden, how do you keep your head so shiny?(12:31pm)
Antioch: MadMike, I'm looking into it (I like reading other views) not that I buy it at all but it's cool to check out(12:31pm)
jenva: Look at all the grey in the room....damn.....10 years has done its damage. lol(12:32pm)
TEX: Did the Russian Ship Smoke smoke out England?(12:32pm)
MadMike740: Matrix(12:32pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: should email about graham fucking up pressing a button and getting banned off twitch(12:32pm)
FFFfffap: give me some points, you cunts(12:32pm)
PiiaBrazi: i love Jayjo!(12:32pm)
cobro: We need to hear Duke to speak some ask him some(12:32pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: it's peak mushroom season(12:32pm)
Breakerlove: Jayjoe is awesome(12:32pm)
Billy Grimpill: How is coitus these days John?(12:32pm)
Darth-Maul: Happy Birthday :ten: th (12:32pm)
Sno0opy: JayJO gets me blood pumpin(12:32pm)
SomeTosser: Jayjo is lovely(12:32pm)
TouchingFurniture: ask raging did he see cathy again and did she suck his penis(12:32pm)
MadMike740: Matrix IS real(12:32pm)
brianOwNo: Should Broke back mountain just have been called..."In heath"?(12:32pm)
roimija: ALCOHOL SPEED WEED(12:32pm)
Stumpafied11: Cheers Pila(12:32pm)
jenva: Hey LL thank you for the husband.(12:32pm)
battlezonebert: ill be driving by then :O)(12:32pm)
FFFfffap: strmpf?(12:32pm)
moefugger: I just spilled beer over my chest. Be right back.(12:32pm)
Billy Grimpill: true dat(12:32pm)
Jayjo: love you too, Piia (12:32pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: have you recently witnessed a glitch in the matrix?(12:32pm)
Donegal: Happy Birthday Liveleak!(12:32pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Jayjo (12:32pm)
TEX: DB should read a bed time story for LL children(12:32pm)
Breakerlove: Hey sometosser. Miss you bud hope all is well mate(12:32pm)
Sno0opy: JAYJO!!!(12:32pm)
Billy Grimpill: is it?(12:32pm)
Kempe: i want my ten years back(12:32pm)
Stumpafied11: Cheers Ja.(12:32pm)
TNG_3B: Strmph for pres(12:32pm)
zepter00: Russian aircraft carrier didn't get fuel in spain...buahaha ????(12:32pm)
Jayjo: Hi, Puffy (12:33pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: racists(12:33pm)
roimija: FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT(12:33pm)
Minchia: Jen, LL ruined my life too LOL(12:33pm)
Smokesteve: I voted today I will tell my prez vote if anyone is interested(12:33pm)
battlezonebert: my birds insuring my ass to insure yours(12:33pm)
zepter00: Hi jayjo(12:33pm)
Jayjo: SNOOPY!(12:33pm)
roimija: white power is normal behaviour(12:33pm)
TNG_3B: Follow the white racist rabbits(12:33pm)
Stumpafied11: Sorry.(12:33pm)
jenva: Minchia...hahahah yup(12:33pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: LOL(12:33pm)
TEX: i knew it(12:33pm)
ShadyNJ: What...(12:33pm)
Jayjo: Hi Zepter (12:33pm)
Kopernikus: yeah, i knew it too(12:33pm)
moefugger: So you are a celebrity then.(12:33pm)
TouchingFurniture: jayjo you sexy little tiger whats the chance of an ole prostate massage(12:33pm)
roimija: destory muslims in Europe?(12:33pm)
battlezonebert: join the blacks there are a different thing(12:34pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: Hayden the Zionist mouthpiece!(12:34pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Sack lame northern idiot plz(12:34pm)
ShadyNJ: THen fucking ban Press TV(12:34pm)
brianOwNo: Re-story...(12:34pm)
Billy Grimpill: They are coming for you(12:34pm)
Kopernikus: BAN EURO"NEWS" first(12:34pm)
TEX: Holland... IS a slut'(12:34pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman hahahaha(12:34pm)
suckmylad: You'll just be hanging.(12:34pm)
roimija: remove kebab europe 2020(12:34pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Can u say, HAPPY DIWALI, Hindu new year(12:34pm)
TNG_3B: (12:34pm)
Acid Addict 90: hahahahahahahaha(12:34pm)
Billy Grimpill: fuck them fekkers(12:34pm)
Bialetti: Fatwa on Hayden.(12:34pm)
Donegal: Holland is only using you for your body hayden(12:34pm)
Acid Addict 90: OWNED!!(12:34pm)
LiveSeal: Well... nice knowing you !(12:34pm)
manlyman785: Press TV is a joke(12:34pm)
AngryFourByTwo: fuck sharia...(12:34pm)
FFFfffap: theyran(12:34pm)
roimija: jihad jihad allachu sheep akhbar(12:34pm)
PvtMadnage: Fuck Hindustan!(12:34pm)
Gragster: dont judge(12:34pm)
Stumpafied11: So you just kiss the up loaders asses?(12:35pm)
Sno0opy: HALF of Holland....(12:35pm)
Acid Addict 90: YOU HEAR THAT BUGMAN - OWNED!!! PMSL(12:35pm)
jenva: lol(12:35pm)
MrFailAlot: holland isnt the netherlands(12:35pm)
suckmylad: Hayden's Expendable.(12:35pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Hey hindustan is not islam(12:35pm)
TNG_3B: Allahu Racecar(12:35pm)
Just_Passing_By: How much did you save from shampoo money?(12:35pm)
TEX: mooslims do Sux(12:35pm)
battlezonebert: ilford mandem(12:35pm)
zepter00: Not fatwa...just fuckwa(12:35pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Can u say, HAPPY DIWALI, Hindu new year(12:35pm)
JustSomeUsername: its like saying england when referring to uk(12:35pm)
Billy Grimpill: loads of cloggies = storm in a tea cup(12:35pm)
Kopernikus: finish him(12:35pm)
Sno0opy: My nipples are hard(12:35pm)
roimija: Hillary Clinton is using amphetamine, true story(12:35pm)
downwire: You from Yorkshire Hayden?(12:35pm)
bame1001: Greetings from Argentina!!! you are the best page, you tube is por pussyes(12:35pm)
hrpuffinstuff: The ayatollah of Iran was watching Hayden's stream and asked to see what was in his Wardrobe closet. Hayden denied his request....(12:35pm)
MrFailAlot: u shut teh fuck up backstreet irish tranny(12:35pm)
Just_Passing_By: How much did you save from shampoo money?(12:35pm)
willybilly: maybe she uses them legally roimi(12:35pm)
moefugger: Holland is north of Georgia.(12:35pm)
battlezonebert: hes gone to shit himself again(12:35pm)
The White Death: Liveleak is doing a great job in destroying islam, how will it continue next year ?(12:35pm)
PiiaBrazi: max is a great guy in a bear suit(12:35pm)
Acid Addict 90: OI BUGMAN...MAKE ME A SANDWICH(12:35pm)
Donegal: Dor, wall & curtain behind the other blokes makes the Irish TriColour(12:36pm)
MrFailAlot: < piia (12:36pm)
roimija: Hillary Clinton injects chemicals to her blood stream(12:36pm)
Just_Passing_By: One word: SHAMPOO(12:36pm)
jenva: Fail a lot, there are Irish trannys?(12:36pm)
Kopernikus: will there by a election day special LL show?(12:36pm)
Acid Addict 90: BITCH(12:36pm)
Sno0opy: He fell off a ladder(12:36pm)
PiiaBrazi: (12:36pm)
MrFailAlot: idk jenva haha(12:36pm)
aHuman: :))(12:36pm)
Equix: hahaaa(12:36pm)
LiveSeal: IS there ANY CULTURE YOU LIKE HAYDEN?(12:36pm)
Gragster: No one broke their back during the recordings of this show. so far. soon tm(12:36pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Martini's and Parrots(12:36pm)
battlezonebert: he will rub it inbetween mcgregors bum cheeks later(12:36pm)
downwire: MrRepost2You(12:36pm)
starskyandhutch69: Still here after all these years.(12:36pm)
Billy Grimpill: Hawaii sucks(12:36pm)
Breakerlove: Classic Mrgodtoyou(12:36pm)
jenva: fail a lot. hahahaha(12:36pm)
zepter00: have a very nice rally there(12:37pm)
TEX: i looking for a good parrot ya kno0pw(12:37pm)
Darth-Maul: :parrot:(12:37pm)
Minchia: starskyandhutch69 Hey(12:37pm)
FFFfffap: polly wants a facial(12:37pm)
candelabra: Hello Hayden, where is my spread beaver?(12:37pm)
Donegal: Especially Parrots from Holland(12:37pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Can u say, HAPPY DIWALI, Hindu new year(12:37pm)
Al Bundy: Parrots are the Devel's bird(12:37pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol fap(12:37pm)
Breakerlove: Tell duke i love him(12:37pm)
Acid Addict 90: BUGMAN...WHERES THAT SANDWICH MAN...(12:37pm)
starskyandhutch69: Oi Minge!(12:37pm)
battlezonebert: choke the chicken or choke the mcgregor lol(12:37pm)
LiveSeal: IS there ANY CULTURE YOU LIKE HAYDEN?(12:37pm)
Stumpafied11: You guys never reconize cool,who are you anyways?(12:37pm)
Billy Grimpill: VIACOM(12:37pm)
suckmylad: Did He Died?(12:37pm)
TouchingFurniture: puts bird seed on his anus hole and lets them eat it off(12:37pm)
pictureofuu: LOL, Bundy(12:37pm)
Breakerlove: Canadian(12:37pm)
moefugger: Duke went to shit.(12:37pm)
brianOwNo: I love all those pedo's(12:37pm)
jenva: Starskyandhutch.....god its been ages.(12:37pm)
PiiaBrazi: i told him he had to share him with me (12:38pm)
TNG_3B: I contribute the least to LL when it comes to content (12:38pm)
starskyandhutch69: HEy Jen!(12:38pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: doubtful(12:38pm)
KoRnPuff: must not have seen Trainspotting(12:38pm)
spliffffer: fags(12:38pm)
TouchingFurniture: raging in the jacks having a big sloppy wank(12:38pm)
jenva: Piiabrazi you picked the hat for H?(12:38pm)
TEX: I hate.. "I love you" drunks..(12:38pm)
Equix: loool(12:38pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: there's a hollow troll army out there waiting to be activated against any opposing opinion(12:38pm)
Billy Grimpill: llol(12:38pm)
suckmylad: Hayden, are you mates with the Efukt guy?(12:38pm)
TEX: you'd love it!!!!! blam blam!!!(12:38pm)
TouchingFurniture: wacking his knob of the sink an shit(12:38pm)
battlezonebert: ringing his bird spillin beans lol(12:38pm)
LiveSeal: IS there ANY CULTURE YOU LIKE HAYDEN?(12:38pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Liveseal don't want hugs. He just wants a Courtesy Reach Around.....(12:38pm)
pictureofuu: I don't love any dud. I am American.(12:39pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: fake husks of accounts(12:39pm)
TEX: 12 ga(12:39pm)
moefugger: squirrel is much better than chicken.(12:39pm)
KoRnPuff: squirrel is too boney(12:39pm)
battlezonebert: conspiracys(12:39pm)
starskyandhutch69: Looks like a basement dweller convention.(12:39pm)
suckmylad: Hayden, are you mates with the Efukt guy?(12:39pm)
Stumpafied11: You guys aren't drunk enough.(12:39pm)
Breakerlove: I hope to be posting again soon.(12:39pm)
battlezonebert: backseatkarma(12:39pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: there is a downvoting and upvoting troll bot army(12:39pm)
Sno0opy: A lot of American haters there...(12:39pm)
papapang2007: Nice hat H(12:39pm)
AngryFourByTwo: lol...(12:39pm)
Billy Grimpill: I have to admit it I kinda of like @liveseal. So what eh sue me(12:39pm)
jenva: Yeah creepy(12:39pm)
battlezonebert: blacked out audi shit(12:39pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: false opinion forming bot armies(12:39pm)
SomeTosser: Papa 2016(12:39pm)
zepter00: AKM on squirrel is damn overkillm(12:39pm)
jenva: hay Papa(12:40pm)
TEX: I barked a Squirrel through a arm sized limb with a .243(12:40pm)
PiiaBrazi: Papa!!!(12:40pm)
The White Death: Liveleak is doing great destroying islam. How will you maintain the tempo the incoming years ???(12:40pm)
FFFfffap: I really want to call the police on them,it would really stir up this party(12:40pm)
TNG_3B: How long is this show gonna be?(12:40pm)
papapang2007: Yo Tosser(12:40pm)
suckmylad: LOL(12:40pm)
battlezonebert: cp99(12:40pm)
yzer: False flag squirrel tail(12:40pm)
TouchingFurniture: raging is that uncomfortable he is starting to look like duke brazi(12:40pm)
Stumpafied11: Too long.(12:40pm)
Archer Sterling: papapang...but what about me? (12:40pm)
suckmylad: Good Stuff!(12:40pm)
KoRnPuff: SWAT them lmao @ FFFfffap(12:40pm)
Minchia: Lolol(12:40pm)
brianOwNo: He would...(12:40pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Can u say, HAPPY DIWALI, Hindu new year(12:40pm)
FFFfffap: I don't know the address(12:40pm)
spliffffer: Hey, acknowledge me, Spliffffer, you Wanker!!(12:40pm)
papapang2007: Holla H(12:40pm)
PiiaBrazi: im lucky to have many of these lovley people on fb too. thank you <3(12:40pm)
suckmylad: BRB, JUST POPPING OUT FOR A REAL SNOUT, and see if i can spot that Badger again(12:41pm)
Al Bundy: Squirrel nature's chicken wing(12:41pm)
The White Death: Illuminati bottle !!(12:41pm)
battlezonebert: contrast issue(12:41pm)
MyDisguiseShh: Hayden, is it true you hire your mods from Special Needs schools?(12:41pm)
yzer: where did the squirrel vids go?(12:41pm)
jenva: Piia, you poor love, having LL members as facebook friends. lol(12:41pm)
Archer Sterling: I wanna be validated (12:41pm)
papapang2007: Yes Hayden doing well(12:41pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: son(12:41pm)
FFFfffap: Piia, could you ask duke where the LL offices are?(12:41pm)
KoRnPuff: i hope that's cannabis oil you're putting in there(12:41pm)
PiiaBrazi: why do you think that so?(12:41pm)
cobro: We need this User back Hayden why did you not invited her to the birthday ?????
downwire: Ever watch Royale Family Hayden?(12:41pm)
PvtMadnage: Yes Yes, we know. The world screams for justice(12:41pm)
The White Death: All seeing eye on the bottle !!!!(12:41pm)
Breakerlove: RIP(12:41pm)
battlezonebert: grab the code archer lol(12:41pm)
yzer: can't use for vaping, stupid(12:41pm)
papapang2007: Happy birthday Live leak!(12:41pm)
Darth-Maul: RIP(12:41pm)
ShadyNJ: RIp(12:41pm)
Al Bundy: rip(12:42pm)
hrpuffinstuff: RIP(12:42pm)
SomeTosser: RIP Neckshot(12:42pm)
SomeTosser: Star53 RIP(12:42pm)
Acid Addict 90: Any thoughts on Kim.coms Aquital last week??(12:42pm)
ocnas: RIP(12:42pm)
battlezonebert: bigbertha(12:42pm)
Stumpafied11: That sucks.(12:42pm)
MrFailAlot: Gixxard <3(12:42pm)
moefugger: Been several now.(12:42pm)
TouchingFurniture: did he died(12:42pm)
PiiaBrazi: the best hting that how come out of this is the friends ive gained from ll.(12:42pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: oh crap(12:42pm)
JustSomeUsername: shoenice RIP(12:42pm)
Pete_Moss: TF lol(12:42pm)
jenva: Thank you LL for the husband.(12:42pm)
FFFfffap: that guy in the video from sometosser(12:43pm)
zero-g: slither something?(12:43pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: JON BROKE HIS BACK(12:43pm)
TEX: Once upon a time, deep deep in the jungle,there was a little engine that could.(12:43pm)
papapang2007: Yo Sloop!(12:43pm)
brianOwNo: Jimmy saville died of happiness(12:43pm)
The White Death: We are all dead on the inside(12:43pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: liar(12:43pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Justify Marty with AIDS(12:43pm)
chickadee2: Papapang2016(12:43pm)
PvtMadnage: Those inmates in that Mexican prison. How they cut his face off and shit, that was brutal(12:43pm)
Stumpafied11: Well this just got depressing.(12:43pm)
jenva: No Velkozel here in chat?(12:43pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: quick talk about trump(12:43pm)
pictureofuu: I'm going to start recording and upload all the tweekers were I live. Its like zombie land here.(12:43pm)
Acid Addict 90: my uncle died of face cancer..that was pretty bad(12:43pm)
KoRnPuff: play some Alice in Chains in the background(12:43pm)
Billy Grimpill: the queen is dead biys(12:43pm)
Al Bundy: what did Freddie Mercury die from?(12:43pm)
starskyandhutch69: Whats in that vaporizer?(12:43pm)
Sno0opy: face cancer!(12:44pm)
papapang2007: Much love Chicka(12:44pm)
MyDisguiseShh: those guys beside Connor could be killed if Connor wanted to flex his muscles(12:44pm)
Billy Grimpill: That was funny(12:44pm)
Stumpafied11: Had a. Few friends die from opiates.(12:44pm)
Acid Addict 90: yea started in his sinus(12:44pm)
TNG_3B: No, they just say coont a lot(12:44pm)
Kopernikus: what do you think of Richard D Hall
moefugger: Hey cornholio, your face is on fire or something.(12:44pm)
TEX: I can't feel my legs." I said "they aint there." I looked down, and the little bloody nubbs where kickin'(12:44pm)
The White Death: A guy in my hometown commited suicide by taping dynamite sticks to his neck and blew himself up while bicycling. Awesome way to go(12:44pm)
Jokeren: Why are these nutjobs representing LL? they look like fucking heroin addicted homeless people(12:44pm)
Sno0opy: Acid - had to be HORRIBLE!!(12:44pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Vel how are you're kids ?(12:44pm)
FFFfffap: I like Sometossers version a lot better(12:44pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: chat has taken a morbid direction but still somewhere watching liveleak sits a fat man with an erection(12:44pm)
SomeTosser: Vel is at the Aryan convention selling his semen in straws(12:44pm)
Al Bundy: Good time white death(12:44pm)
LiveSeal: THe longer this goes the mask falls off .... love it(12:44pm)
KoRnPuff: lmao @ Jokeren(12:44pm)
Acid Addict 90: very very bad....wanted to die from a heroin OD....would have been much better tbh(12:44pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Can u say, HAPPY DIWALI, Hindu new year(12:44pm)
TouchingFurniture: holding his gunt(12:44pm)
papapang2007: Hey.. they're not homeless(12:44pm)
TNG_3B: and his name is Fat Bastard(12:45pm)
jenva: Is Vel here though?(12:45pm)
Stumpafied11: You seen that?(12:45pm)
MyDisguiseShh: watching me?(12:45pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: son(12:45pm)
Billy Grimpill: @sometosser made a vid about that did'nt he?(12:45pm)
Acid Addict 90: btw, he'd never touched heroin(12:45pm)
cobro: nothing but fat man here with a boner right ?(12:45pm)
downwire: lol(12:45pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Lazy(12:45pm)
SomeTosser: @billy about what ?(12:45pm)
LiveSeal: Pot illegal but coke all over the place LOL(12:45pm)
Billy Grimpill: I hate that Nicky campell cunt(12:45pm)
mrgod2u: 270-363-2430 IS STAR 53'S NUMBER... IF HE ANSWERS YOU MADE A DEAD CALL(12:45pm)
The White Death: Liveleak is doing great in the fight against islam, how will you keep up the tempo in the fututre ?(12:45pm)
TNG_3B: Coke is not illegal, they sell it by the bottle(12:46pm)
battlezonebert: coke thats mixed with crap(12:46pm)
Stumpafied11: Down on the ground.(12:46pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: get some just for men baldie english twat(12:46pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: telly is going to die off anyway(12:46pm)
yzer: California will legalize weed Nov. 8(12:46pm)
TouchingFurniture: raging looks like he about to shit his pants..someone give that lad a line(12:46pm)
PiiaBrazi: did star53 pass too?(12:46pm)
papapang2007: Mr G!(12:46pm)
Minchia: mrgod2u wtf is that?!(12:46pm)
cobro: i like seeing these muzkie isis die on liveleak(12:46pm)
RustRocket: Since this is a B day show , I want to share those LL'rs that I met or knew of that are no longer here.(12:46pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Yes Piia(12:46pm)
Acid Addict 90: didnt help that you were up against that cunt o'brien(12:46pm)
mrgod2u: YES PIIA A YEAR AGO NOVEMBER(12:46pm)
battlezonebert: wonder where the 100k that was borrowed really went(12:46pm)
Sno0opy: star53 PASSED AWAY!?!?(12:46pm)
RustRocket: Big Lou Bruno(12:46pm)
PiiaBrazi: that was sad news.. what a bad bad year..(12:46pm)
jenva: What happened to star53?(12:46pm)
papapang2007: Holla Duke!(12:46pm)
Acid Addict 90: I fucking hate the O'brien guy(12:46pm)
RustRocket: Mongoose(12:47pm)
Stumpafied11: My condolences.(12:47pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: baldie english mank twat(12:47pm)
SomeTosser: Star53 passed away from cancer(12:47pm)
TEX: the truth is a MOTHERFU... nm(12:47pm)
battlezonebert: thats a cool price on ya head(12:47pm)
RustRocket: Bannanagirl(12:47pm)
brianOwNo: or homework(12:47pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: because his ego revolves around being a false jumped up prick(12:47pm)
PiiaBrazi: as did Neckshot(12:47pm)
jenva: Tosser oh I didnt know that.....(12:47pm)
starskyandhutch69: Who are we looking at in the split screen?(12:47pm)
Sno0opy: Fucking horrible!(12:47pm)
RustRocket: John1054(12:47pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Tru(12:47pm)
papapang2007: Hi Jen(12:47pm)
SomeTosser: yea its sad(12:47pm)
TEX: no shit?(12:47pm)
MyDisguiseShh: Connor vs GSP........we wanna see it!(12:47pm)
cobro: Hayden show this GREAT video here feel good video of the year
RustRocket: CED aka Cat Eat Dog(12:47pm)
Stumpafied11: Not John.(12:47pm)
Breakerlove: Geez we are all dyeing off.(12:47pm)
battlezonebert: dartford bridge boy lol(12:47pm)
Billy Grimpill: its not like you made the videos they bitch about(12:47pm)
jenva: Hi Papapang! xx(12:47pm)
RustRocket: Nanpsx(12:48pm)
SomeTosser: welfare warrior(12:48pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: you have never baned me wales wales(12:48pm)
battlezonebert: kingdomofwessex lives 5 mins away(12:48pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: racists(12:48pm)
Kopernikus: ban Pissraelnomore(12:48pm)
The White Death: Thats racist !(12:48pm)
Stumpafied11: No way,these are my friends.(12:48pm)
RustRocket: Yeah Wellfare Warrior(12:48pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Damn(12:48pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: racists!!!(12:48pm)
battlezonebert: yep u can smile boyo(12:48pm)
yzer: Bundy brothers acquitted. There is a joke.(12:48pm)
Breakerlove: ROFL!!(12:48pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: shut up bran poledarkie(12:48pm)
TEX: thar she nlows Blvd(12:48pm)
SomeTosser: They speak funny in Wales(12:48pm)
PiiaBrazi: im so sorry for all the losses - and here we are with David getting a whole new life...(12:48pm)
blackslock: hh(12:48pm)
Sno0opy: I wanna visit Wales then(12:48pm)
The White Death: Raisists !(12:48pm)
altai8008: Remember that time that guy posted that video and people were all "repost!" n shit...?(12:48pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: a sheep bothering race?(12:48pm)
Billy Grimpill: fuck off you name cunt(12:48pm)
battlezonebert: fuck me its santa claus(12:48pm)
brianOwNo: santa!!!!!!!!!!(12:48pm)
papapang2007: Star was a great patriot(12:49pm)
RustRocket: Jeese so many(12:49pm)
PvtMadnage: Raisins!(12:49pm)
ShadyNJ: It's early(12:49pm)
Kopernikus: ban euro"news" for spewing constant BS(12:49pm)
rmtx25: Suck my Balls!(12:49pm)
Sno0opy: 12 hrs!!!!!!(12:49pm)
jenva: Piia, some of us get lucky, I know I did, I am still here after chemo.(12:49pm)
Stumpafied11: Can't be?(12:49pm)
Darth-Maul: The time is one hour before whatever it is now.(12:49pm)
sureitsme2: popperty ping(12:49pm)
Acid Addict 90: cardiff is sound tbh(12:49pm)
RustRocket: JWL just want life(12:49pm)
battlezonebert: its 10 to 12 u late cunts(12:49pm)
S.Baldrick: cathays?(12:49pm)
altai8008: Clocks go back lads, that's five hours left(12:49pm)
PiiaBrazi: i know jenva. so am i.(12:49pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: cardiff u wot son(12:49pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: acidaddict it certaily is fella(12:49pm)
Billy Grimpill: you better keep it going you light weight(12:49pm)
Acid Addict 90: Loads of good drugs in Cardiff n swansea(12:49pm)
doubletap: Don't forget the Clocks go back tonite/in the morning, so don't be early for work you fuckers.(12:49pm)
PvtMadnage: I NOTICE A BIG YAWN!!(12:49pm)
papapang2007: Holla Bran(12:49pm)
JustSomeUsername: lol(12:49pm)
yzer: It's onloy 22:49, UTC(12:49pm)
Pete_Moss: Rocking party bro.(12:49pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: that's not racist bro(12:49pm)
battlezonebert: die on my ones(12:49pm)
FFFfffap: bring on the strippers and beer(12:49pm)
rmtx25: Google Black Beatles!(12:50pm)
downwire: lol(12:50pm)
KoRnPuff: liberals bitching about racism again?(12:50pm)
The White Death: When i was a kid i always got a beating for christmas present.(12:50pm)
Breakerlove: Youtube videos get posted onto livelak(12:50pm)
MyDisguiseShh: hayden, its not your mods fault...they are retarded(12:50pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: acidaddict you can always get a 5£ bag of brown in a welsh seaside town(12:50pm)
jenva: You TUbe is a cess pit(12:50pm)
zombiestench 2: Anyone else edging themselves?(12:50pm)
JustSomeUsername: hayden what do you think of turkey(12:50pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: jewtube(12:50pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: you can do really racist comments with youtube emojis alone(12:50pm)
battlezonebert: hayden play this one lol
moefugger: Now Duke dad has to go shit.(12:50pm)
PiiaBrazi: yea take care of him. he is not very very strong yet.(12:50pm)
The White Death: Turkey is a hellhole sissling of piss(12:50pm)
jenva: LL is a cess pit too, but I like this cess lol(12:50pm)
Acid Addict 90: lol real mdma ecstasy for top acid too(12:50pm)
Pete_Moss: Wrap it up ffs.(12:50pm)
Stumpafied11: Fuck Trump.(12:50pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: it's mushroom season!!!(12:50pm)
LiveSeal: Check those fingers.... coke much?(12:50pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Ban the filthy scum.(12:51pm)
The White Death: TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP !(12:51pm)
Acid Addict 90: I KNOW!!!!(12:51pm)
LOUIE the LIP: We call Aboriginals ' Black fellers'(12:51pm)
TouchingFurniture: is that colonel sanders beside mc gregor? fucking hell the stars are out tonight(12:51pm)
SomeTosser: lol(12:51pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: son(12:51pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: yeah and bags of mandyyyy(12:51pm)
Sno0opy: Too funny!(12:51pm)
jenva: H....hahaha kids(12:51pm)
Breakerlove: Your son is the boss lol(12:51pm)
Acid Addict 90: fungus season!!!(12:51pm)
Pete_Moss: lol tf(12:51pm)
battlezonebert: its santa off duty(12:51pm)
papapang2007: #PAPA2016(12:51pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: the hills are alive with the sound of mushrooms(12:51pm)
TEX: MO STACK? wtf is a mostack... NOPE(12:51pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: personaly i prefer spice with black mamba and a gram of gocain(12:51pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: you might do(12:51pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: synth drugs are evil shit(12:51pm)
SomeTosser: My mum and sister both agree that I fuck as good as dad does(12:52pm)
MyDisguiseShh: hayden sir...could you pls raise the IQ requirements for your MOD positions(12:52pm)
LiveSeal: HAYDEN... you are fucking up... shut down the show...(12:52pm)
TouchingFurniture: all them nervous stomachs i bet that bathroom stinks of victory(12:52pm)
JustSomeUsername: hayden what do you think of turkey(12:52pm)
battlezonebert: mostack is romford black rap?(12:52pm)
Acid Addict 90: hahaha any seen the salvia video of them guys in jail???(12:52pm)
zepter00: Drugs are Emil shit...Yeah...just use vodka(12:52pm)
RustRocket: Ed Kemper , VelHalla(12:52pm)
Justice Dealer: Hey Peeps! HBD!(12:52pm)
Pete_Moss: Duke has fucked off(12:52pm)
Al Bundy: Coner swill some vodka and smoke a fattie!(12:52pm)
AngryFourByTwo: turdkey...(12:52pm)
moefugger: I will do it.(12:52pm)
The White Death: Hayden remembering the time he got laid in 987(12:52pm)
Stumpafied11: Damn,I figured you for gay for sure.(12:52pm)
JustSomeUsername: hayden what do you think of turkey(12:52pm)
battlezonebert: never heard of giggs?(12:52pm)
The White Death: *1987(12:52pm)
rmtx25: Is that McGregor? He's great!(12:52pm)
RustRocket: Longdongz(12:52pm)
TyrionReigns: Hi is Nes0 still alive?(12:52pm)
PvtMadnage: ISRAEL(12:52pm)
JustSomeUsername: you like turkey(12:52pm)
downwire: Grammar Hitler here. I would like to volunteer my services. I have no life.(12:52pm)
yzer: YouTube must have close to 1000 employees now(12:52pm)
jenva: Jeezuz H, that Vape is going to do you in(12:53pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: oof(12:53pm)
willybilly: thats right hayden(12:53pm)
Acid Addict 90: EPIC SHOW BTW MEN!!!(12:53pm)
yzer: Vape unflavored(12:53pm)
TNG_3B: It' all SHITE(12:53pm)
moefugger: What about the country of Florida. You must like this country.(12:53pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: that's a loow blow(12:53pm)
JustSomeUsername: you like turkey(12:53pm)
The White Death: What do you think of Finland Hayden ??? Finland is nice, right ??+(12:53pm)
battlezonebert: ksi.s pocketed cash for years from youtube(12:53pm)
FifthHorseman: The US is wicked. Screw this Hater! Western values are superior values!(12:53pm)
RustRocket: fuchajen(12:53pm)
SomeTosser: Poland makes some good sausage(12:53pm)
suckmylad: SERBIA = Euro Pikeys(12:53pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: including england and its brextard inhabitants(12:53pm)
Breakerlove: WB DUKE(12:53pm)
TEX: Grab som BBQand a Gun and enjoy Texas(12:53pm)
RustRocket: keepclosed(12:53pm)
suckmylad: Haydon, do you know any SICK JOKES?(12:53pm)
JustSomeUsername: what do you think of turkey(12:53pm)
kthxplzdrivthru: It's Connor McGregor? Hey was that really you in that video breaking up a fight between 2 kids or just some irish dude in a suit?(12:53pm)
PvtMadnage: Is Texas a country?(12:53pm)
papapang2007: DUKE!(12:53pm)
TNG_3B: VapeLungsMatter(12:53pm)
willybilly: not for a long time pvt(12:53pm)
jenva: Cold turkey up(12:54pm)
RustRocket: Gravematter(12:54pm)
PiiaBrazi: yes Papa - he is there!(12:54pm)
Stumpafied11: It's south oklahoma.(12:54pm)
TyrionReigns: How is bran not here?(12:54pm)
Sno0opy: LiveSeal blows Chicago homeless for kicks(12:54pm)
jenva: I miss ciggies(12:54pm)
RustRocket: Chris6900(12:54pm)
PiiaBrazi: yes, the whte death.(12:54pm)
TNG_3B: He's eating his Bran Flakes(12:54pm)
dim_0100: They've got Steve 'n seaguls in finland(12:54pm)
zepter00: Yes i am from Poland!(12:54pm)
Joe54321: cheese is a culture(12:54pm)
TouchingFurniture: that toilet pot will never be the same again(12:54pm)
JustSomeUsername: poland cannot into space(12:54pm)
battlezonebert: hes not a martial artist hes not irish hes from yorkshire country of pies and he boxes nothing to do with martial fucking arts(12:54pm)
RustRocket: Pootsi Malaka(12:54pm)
Sno0opy: Joe - LMAO!(12:54pm)
cobro: Finland fought of the Ruskies so they should be mention(12:54pm)
moefugger: Bran has a badger under his shirt.(12:54pm)
The White Death: cool story bro(12:54pm)
downwire: Time for some battlefield1(12:54pm)
RustRocket: Arnold R Lane(12:54pm)
suckmylad: Here's an Oldie but Goodie WHAT'S GOT ONE BALL AND FUCKS WOMEN?(12:54pm)
Darth-Maul: If he's run them over, then wouldn't reversing put the badger out of their misery(12:54pm)
Acid Addict 90: BRANN - ZZZZZZZZZZZ(12:54pm)
rmtx25: HAHA!(12:54pm)
FFFfffap: Most badgers are cunts, except for cunty the cunty badger(12:55pm)
cobro: Cool story bro , tell it again(12:55pm)
RustRocket: Unpossible(12:55pm)
TNG_3B: Pootsi Malaka Makkogoloney(12:55pm)
jenva: Bran is looking so well he has become
Sno0opy: Chupacabra?!?(12:55pm)
Breakerlove: The guy in the beeny hat looks epic as fuck.(12:55pm)
suckmylad: PETER SUTCLIFFE'S HAMMER(12:55pm)
TyrionReigns: I have a question, who are the irrelevant people in the background?(12:55pm)
battlezonebert: id triangle his neck and get disqualed lol(12:55pm)
Acid Addict 90: Bran could talk a glass eye asleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(12:55pm)
Justice Dealer: Did Hayden say that Serbia is the worst country???(12:55pm)
Tarkushead: Goat sucker?(12:55pm)
AngryFourByTwo: Badgers rule...(12:55pm)
Cup Of Tea.: Badgers have sexy anus,(12:55pm)
TouchingFurniture: ya and your gay as fuck(12:55pm)
RustRocket: Ruffus(12:55pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: swiper , no swiping(12:55pm)
TEX: zoo(12:55pm)
Stumpafied11: Oh no?not a badger.(12:55pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: some tosser made a video about a fucking badger and it died and turned into a fucking zombie and ate his girlfriend.(12:55pm)
rmtx25: And mean!(12:55pm)
Pete_Moss: That was no badger mate.(12:55pm)
TNG_3B: Honey badger just don't give a shit(12:55pm)
altai8008: I saw a badger in real life, it was about the size of a muscular showbox(12:55pm)
Smokepole: Rouge badgers no way(12:55pm)
RustRocket: Ramsy44(12:56pm)
MurkyFogsFutureLogs: need some jaws music(12:56pm)
dim_0100: midget elephant(12:56pm)
Billy Grimpill: badgers rule(12:56pm)
Sno0opy: Badges... we don't need no stinkin' badges!!!(12:56pm)
TNG_3B: We don't need no stinking badgers(12:56pm)
TyrionReigns: Need some fucking tumbleweed music(12:56pm)
battlezonebert: ud think a mouse wouldnt fit in a crack but it fucking does(12:56pm)
RustRocket: MrShuearie(12:56pm)
Acid Addict 90: someone turn Brann off(12:56pm)
TyrionReigns: Combined with crickets(12:56pm)
Al Bundy: lol Honey badgers are bad ass.(12:56pm)
The White Death: Now we are REALLY redefining the media(12:56pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: lol(12:56pm)
Billy Grimpill: eating honey>(12:56pm)
Pete_Moss: Acid lol(12:56pm)
Buckaroo: I'm here. We can start now.(12:56pm)
TEX: eating honey./.. FUK BADGERS(12:56pm)
RustRocket: 85cmorning(12:56pm)
zepter00: Yeah Poles are often atacked in London(12:56pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: haha(12:56pm)
jenva: what about moles?(12:56pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: check their teeth foreign badgers(12:57pm)
TEX: leave my bees alone(12:57pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(12:57pm)
Smokepole: Badgers love mushrooms not honey(12:57pm)
RustRocket: SillyLilly(12:57pm)
Cup Of Tea.: That was me me Bran . DISGUIESD INNIT.(12:57pm)
TNG_3B: I have a few moles(12:57pm)
rmtx25: are you allowed to talk about the UFC? If hows the fighters liking the new ownership?(12:57pm)
TyrionReigns: Wolverines eat badgers. Now where is Nes0(12:57pm)
Acid Addict 90: fuck off brann(12:57pm)
battlezonebert: die on his ones(12:57pm)
RustRocket: TheAnswer(12:57pm)
kthxplzdrivthru: .(12:57pm)
cobro: Poles some of them are scums but most of them i really like(12:57pm)
Darth-Maul: Hedgehogs dig tunnels under the fence/hedge(12:57pm)
Falcko Delaweena: Hi Buckaroo, thanks for covering the Trump rally in Cedar Rapids!(12:57pm)
Billy Grimpill: I love that word though Badger"(12:57pm)
TNG_3B: in my yard, I had a few moles(12:57pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: I have no pets, and my garden has shit everywhere(12:57pm)
Sno0opy: ...don't say mole... MOLEE MOLEE MOLEEE(12:57pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: bran and his dog shit covered fucking postage stamp garden(12:57pm)
TyrionReigns: Yes, fuck off bran(12:57pm)
The White Death: vaild(12:57pm)
manlyman785: Trumps wall will have no holes.(12:57pm)
RustRocket: brontemark(12:57pm)
AngryFourByTwo: badgers love peanut butter...(12:57pm)
Acid Addict 90: Fuck off bran(12:57pm)
papapang2007: Gotta go gang...Long live Liveleak!(12:57pm)
jenva: ten years? really is has been 10 years? shit I need to get a life. He MInch are you still here?(12:57pm)
RustRocket: MAKMAK(12:57pm)
TyrionReigns: ALL IN TOGETHER NOW!(12:57pm)
Buckaroo: Hillary is toast.(12:58pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: sorry bran cat shit covered garden(12:58pm)
Pete_Moss: Fuckin autumn watch(12:58pm)
TNG_3B: GuacaMOLE(12:58pm)
TEX: makes their Hear pound outta their chest(12:58pm)
RustRocket: JFM8561(12:58pm)
Acid Addict 90: lol(12:58pm)
Sno0opy: Manlyman - the only holes in the wall would be firing holes(12:58pm)
Billy Grimpill: BADGER(12:58pm)
PiiaBrazi: Bee <3(12:58pm)
pictureofuu: Badgers love to eat the asshole out of things(12:58pm)
cobro: Hayden can you see on your site how many people have Safe mode ON ???(12:58pm)
zombiestench 2: Anyone else naked?(12:58pm)
battlezonebert: this feels like a halloween show but hang on thats not yet(12:58pm)
TEX: heart beat rises(12:58pm)
Falcko Delaweena: Hillary is wet toast(12:58pm)
The White Death: Hillary is going to prison ! It is all over the news !(12:58pm)
Cup Of Tea.: I SHIT I IN bRAN,S GARDEN FOR LOLS,(12:58pm)
Sno0opy: TNG!!! LMAO!!!!(12:58pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: can we see a poop scoop vid H(12:58pm)
suckmylad: PUGS ARE GAY(12:58pm)
RustRocket: 2Crazy4u(12:58pm)
FFFfffap: I still have one sock(12:58pm)
PiiaBrazi: Bee <3(12:58pm)
Tarkushead: Congrats on 10 years - many more to liveleak!(12:58pm)
TyrionReigns: public groups are gay yes(12:58pm)
SomeTosser: My dog used to lick my feet and it felt good. Now it licks my arse and balls and that feels good too.(12:58pm)
zombiestench 2: FFFffap! LOL(12:59pm)
Billy Grimpill: Nowt wrong with Badgers(12:59pm)
TNG_3B: (12:59pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are heading towards WW3 with Russia?(12:59pm)
TEX: Pugs have No snout... but still have all the teeth(12:59pm)
PiiaBrazi: Bee <3(12:59pm)
TyrionReigns: DID YOU HAVE TO BUY OGRISH AND ITS CONTENT?!??!?!?!?(12:59pm)
The White Death: that guy makes me cringe(12:59pm)
battlezonebert: ignorant fucking bastard lol(12:59pm)
jenva: have fleas too huh?(12:59pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: make a video soon sometosser(12:59pm)
zepter00: Witcher 3 is from Poland and 22 milions of People just recognize that we exist(12:59pm)
RustRocket: brOt(12:59pm)
TNG_3B: Show us your badgers(12:59pm)
Billy Grimpill: light weights(12:59pm)
manlyman785: Does Hayden's head suck into his body when it's cold outside?(12:59pm)
RustRocket: sitelook(12:59pm)
jenva: gore is old hat now(12:59pm)
PvtMadnage: Illegalize blood!(12:59pm)
pictureofuu: Yes WWIII is right around the corner(12:59pm)
Acid Addict 90: duke...send Brann to Valhalla(12:59pm)
TNG_3B: Ban gore(12:59pm)
The White Death: hhahaha Acid(12:59pm)
Pete_Moss: 12 bells, wrap it up(12:59pm)
altai8008: Hayden? Packam. Wanna buy a badger?(12:59pm)
TEX: DO YA ALLOW IT(12:59pm)
Sno0opy: Ban banning(12:59pm)
rmtx25: put the fart porn back on already!(1:00pm)
groovybaby: happy birthday(1:00pm)
PiiaBrazi: Bee <3(1:00pm)
The White Death: Ban banning ban !(1:00pm)
TNG_3B: Ban banners(1:00pm)
RustRocket: Chitaiyah(1:00pm)
Buckaroo: Badger Badger Badger . . . Mushroom(1:00pm)
yzer: I only watch domestic gore anymore. Developing world gore, no.(1:00pm)
KoRnPuff: Easy(1:00pm)
JustSomeUsername: its called islam(1:00pm)
dav781: ban islam(1:00pm)
RustRocket: SaftyChuck2(1:00pm)
TyrionReigns: If someone touched my daughter I would have no PROBLEM shooting them in the fucking face(1:00pm)
moefugger: They are the enemy.(1:00pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: easily if you start it when they are small....(1:00pm)
willybilly: glenns eye popped out(1:00pm)
battlezonebert: u see red and u flip then its hiding it time lol(1:00pm)
TNG_3B: Isis has the most disgusting vids(1:00pm)
RustRocket: Blits30(1:00pm)
Sno0opy: The enemy MUST die!!!(1:00pm)
TEX: blank slate...........(1:00pm)
rmtx25: war is ugly.(1:00pm)
Falcko Delaweena: no girls on this show, just old gays(1:00pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are heading towards WW3 with Russia?(1:00pm)
The White Death: Liveleak is doing great in the battle against islam, how will it keep up the tempo incoming years ?(1:00pm)
RustRocket: ezwider(1:00pm)
Cup Of Tea.: sexy bRAN LEAVE Trish AND GET WITH WE .(1:00pm)
Acid Addict 90: agreed H(1:01pm)
Sno0opy: FALCKO!!!!(1:01pm)
bigdawg1888: just watch ice man(1:01pm)
FFFfffap: Maybe it helps if you think about the fact that the earth is really overpopulated(1:01pm)
cobro: I am ready for the final battle with the muslim scum(1:01pm)
rmtx25: haha(1:01pm)
RustRocket: Yadong(1:01pm)
battlezonebert: i left it on in a library yesterday(1:01pm)
Falcko Delaweena: hi snooopy(1:01pm)
jenva: gay, grey old men? lol(1:01pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are heading towards WW3 with Russia?(1:01pm)
TyrionReigns: I'll pop glenns eye out and fuck the hole(1:01pm)
RustRocket: k-doe(1:01pm)
Billy Grimpill: You seen one decapitated corpse you have seen them all. I want creative Darwinism(1:01pm)
TEX: soo bring in a Token Female next show(1:01pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: how you doingkeithmoon recovered from the injury(1:01pm)
Acid Addict 90: them shotguns vids are madnesssssss(1:01pm)
jenva: lol luv ya Jon...dont listen to H(1:01pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are heading towards WW3 with Russia?(1:01pm)
moefugger: too bad our avatars do not show in here.(1:01pm)
sureitsme2: johns woke up(1:01pm)
Sno0opy: broke his back in half off a ladder(1:01pm)
suckmylad: HOMOs In a Northern Accent! LOL(1:01pm)
The White Death: Where are all the black hosts ??? RACISTS !!(1:01pm)
RustRocket: MandyMarieMeche(1:01pm)
PiiaBrazi: wish i could be there but simpson isnt really allowed to stay at home alone (1:02pm)
Acid Addict 90: NO ONE CAN AFFORD WW3(1:02pm)
battlezonebert: its not the shot its when there picking the pellets out(1:02pm)
Justice Dealer: What strain is in the vape Hayden?(1:02pm)
cobro: hehehehe(1:02pm)
TouchingFurniture: pretty fucking awkward situation(1:02pm)
RustRocket: figatomek(1:02pm)
FFFfffap: wait, I'm not done yet!(1:02pm)
Falcko Delaweena: So this is the 100th anniversary?(1:02pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: 1073(1:02pm)
Equix: 1073(1:02pm)
moefugger: 1073(1:02pm)
SomeTosser: 1073(1:02pm)
Billy Grimpill: ู้้̊์ูัৣ࿆࿆˜ৣૣؙؖ⁾ؙ➯⤫(1:02pm)
TEX: High & Tight??? U a Merine?(1:02pm)
fat belly: ass raping time(1:02pm)
yzer: I live for russian crash vids.(1:02pm)
Acid Addict 90: PROXY WARS INSTEAD(1:02pm)
TyrionReigns: So Hayden what are the rules, last team to all cum on the cracker has to eat it?(1:02pm)
Sno0opy: 1073(1:02pm)
PvtMadnage: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭..(1:02pm)
Weird Beard: Who are the photos of in front of John(1:02pm)
suckmylad: 1073(1:02pm)
TNG_3B: Hayden, are you down to play some GTAV online with me tonight?(1:02pm)
Darth-Maul: all of us(1:02pm)
TEX: Marine(1:02pm)
Billy Grimpill: فͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉ͪ҈ͫ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͨ҈ͬ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͦ҈ͨ҉ͥ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͫ҉ͭ҈ͯ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͭفͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ..(1:02pm)
WTF, LMAO, LOL: Do you think we are heading towards WW3 with Russia?(1:02pm)
anglosaxonwarlord: get back to the gay chem sex orgy now huh(1:02pm)
Equix: 1102 now(1:02pm)
ChosennOne: Hail Hayden!(1:02pm)
RustRocket: goervideos(1:02pm)
aphidlip: Great show guys! God bless(1:02pm)
Cup Of Tea.: lol fAT BELLY. lol(1:02pm)
Darth-Maul: or 1073(1:02pm)
PvtMadnage: Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖(1:02pm)
The White Death: Who fucks up the chat ?(1:02pm)
jenva: 11000 tossers with no life. lol(1:02pm)
-sloop-: Laterz!(1:02pm)
SomeTosser: I'm off to mow the yard now(1:02pm)
Billy Grimpill: Dont gooooo(1:02pm)
TNG_3B: give me your psn (1:02pm)
RustRocket: livelurked(1:02pm)
zepter00: Wouldnt be such thing as ww3... i hope... and Russian Iskanders M are pointing at me right now..(1:02pm)
brianOwNo: Happy bday,great fucked up show as all ways(1:02pm)
Acid Addict 90: TOP SHOW MEN...CREDIT TO YOU(1:02pm)
hrpuffinstuff: ACTUAL STREAM COUNT = 176(1:02pm)
Sno0opy: ...IF Graham presses RECORD!!!(1:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: فͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉ͪ҈ͫ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͨ҈ͬ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͦ҈ͨ҉ͥ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͫ҉ͭ҈ͯ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͭفͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ..(1:03pm)
Acid Addict 90: 1090(1:03pm)
Pete_Moss: 3 hours of cack(1:03pm)
TNG_3B: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo(1:03pm)
dirtyarris: wtf, connor mcgregor?(1:03pm)
willybilly: ok then. seeya later guys(1:03pm)
FFFfffap: Worst Show EVER! HAppy birthday LL(1:03pm)
battlezonebert: kaboom(1:03pm)
manlyman785: I mastubate to many videos on this site , could you please recommend the best lotion for LL'ers?(1:03pm)
Sno0opy: Nooooooooooooooooooo(1:03pm)
PiiaBrazi: have fun now you guys!(1:03pm)
Cipher This: Well.....bye(1:03pm)
chickadee2: It was a great show..Congrats!(1:03pm)
Coosty: hellou(1:03pm)
fat belly: no wardrobe (1:03pm)
Kopernikus: off2trump
suckmylad: Pete_Moss = LOL(1:03pm)
Stone Cold Steve Slacker: i just came online u cant go now -.-(1:03pm)
PvtMadnage: NỎ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭..(1:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: VIVA LIVELEAK(1:03pm)
The White Death: happy christmas !(1:03pm)
yzer: Snoden/Putin is messing with chat again(1:03pm)
jenva: Bye Bran and look great!!(1:03pm)
doubletap: Dont forget to put the clocks Back fuckers(1:03pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: did graham press record yet(1:03pm)
TEX: Bat Channel, Bat Time,, be There(1:03pm)
RustRocket: sexysuzie(1:03pm)
TNG_3B: Pat!(1:03pm)
PvtMadnage: DỎ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖NT LEAVE!(1:03pm)
Equix: thx all,good show !(1:03pm)
The White Death: Beat up Brenn now he deserves it(1:03pm)
Kopernikus: was a pleasure, thanks everybody(1:03pm)
Cup Of Tea.: tRISHA PURE SEX(1:03pm)
RustRocket: Vorna(1:03pm)
FFFfffap: Did you drag Duke al the way over for just this?(1:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: ͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉ͪ҈ͫ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͨ҈ͬ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͬ҈ͭ҉ͦ҈ͨ҉ͥ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͫ҉ͭ҈ͯ҉ͦ҈ͥ҉ͧ҈ͩ҉ͭ҈ͨ҉ͣ҈ͪ҉ͧ҈ͭ҉ͩ҈ͤ҉ͮ҈ͯ҉ͧ҈ͣ҉ͨ҈ͧ҉ͯ҈ͮ҉ͭ҈ͤ҉ͭفͤ҈ͥ҉ͦ҈ͧ҉ͨ҈ͩ҉..(1:03pm)
yzer: Great 10 years!(1:03pm)
battlezonebert: let us know ther esult black eyes lol(1:03pm)
brianOwNo: he looks disgusted ahaha(1:03pm)
LiveSeal: Cock sucking time !!!!(1:03pm)
Falcko Delaweena: ok, let the show begin.(1:04pm)
PvtMadnage: WE HAVE SỎ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖ MUCH TO T..(1:04pm)
battlezonebert: itll be the reverse(1:04pm)
Cipher This: Rip someone a new one....heh(1:04pm)
AngryFourByTwo: good show guys...(1:04pm)
Billy Grimpill: KNock em raging(1:04pm)
TEX: I will watch.. but ya have to reminf us(1:04pm)
Acid Addict 90: DUKE DUKE DUKE(1:04pm)
dirtyarris: fuck me thought he was connor mcgregor ffs, love to see him fight(1:04pm)
Cipher This: Too cool(1:04pm)
Sno0opy: 19th of November... I'm going to wash my car. FUCK that redheaded ASSHOLE(1:04pm)
Pete_Moss: will do(1:04pm)
The White Death: Wow i didnt notice santa joined the gang in the sofa(1:04pm)
zero-g: you cant leave(1:04pm)
Coosty: hellou from romania(1:04pm)
jenva: zero-g!! oi(1:04pm)
Billy Grimpill: no problem(1:04pm)
Gragster: watch out for badgers(1:04pm)
Goliath: santa is the gay boss(1:04pm)
TNG_3B: LOl, Santa!(1:04pm)
Kopernikus: RIGHT IN THE KISSER(1:04pm)
PiiaBrazi: piiahugs to the gang over htere! (1:04pm)
TouchingFurniture: hope that cunt gets knocked out(1:05pm)
TEX: RIP(1:05pm)
zero-g: oi jenva(1:05pm)
PvtMadnage: I LIKE LEMỎ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖N!!!!!!(1:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: HE BETTER WIN!!!!!!!!(1:05pm)
Pete_Moss: can't wait till the next one.(1:05pm)
Acid Addict 90: BUGMAN....YOUR NOW FREE(1:05pm)
Sno0opy: Happy Birthday BASTARDS!!!!(1:05pm)
moefugger: Pvtmage stop with your stupid spam.(1:05pm)
Acid Addict 90: YOU BIATCH(1:05pm)
TNG_3B: good show men, good show(1:05pm)
zero-g: been forever(1:05pm)
Kopernikus: lols(1:05pm)
TEX: do your pugs fart a lot?(1:05pm)
battlezonebert: i bet he does go down tho lol(1:05pm)
The White Death: Lets discuss badgers for another two hours shall we ?(1:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: Meh Graham(1:05pm)
FFFfffap: happy birthday, now fuck off!(1:05pm)
suckmylad: CHEERS CHAPS! - You DAFT BRUSHES!(1:05pm)
TNG_3B: Happy LL Day(1:05pm)
TouchingFurniture: couldn't kick snow of a rope the poor lad(1:05pm)
LiveSeal: Recorded the whole show.... 35 k If you want it(1:05pm)
moefugger: 10 y e a r s(1:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: I'll drink to that(1:05pm)
RustRocket: Ten years and three hours.(1:05pm)
dirtyarris: martin house? is that in the lakes?(1:05pm)
Equix: 70 lol(1:05pm)
PiiaBrazi: fucking youngsters.. (1:05pm)
Sno0opy: Happy 10th you scallywags!!!!(1:06pm)
Weird Beard: many happy returns(1:06pm)
PvtMadnage: butthurt moefugger @ it again(1:06pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: Happy birthday(1:06pm)
Pete_Moss: Best show ever(1:06pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: the grey will be greyer(1:06pm)
Buckaroo: 3 hours.(1:06pm)
zero-g: liveseal, glad someone did(1:06pm)
jenva: ten years ago I was cursing the screen and looking for Ogrish(1:06pm)
Billy Grimpill: HUZZAH(1:06pm)
Sno0opy: FUCK YOU LiveSeal piece of shit.(1:06pm)
Falcko Delaweena: ok, happy gangbanging you eight gays(1:06pm)
battlezonebert: i got a chip in the jaw from a fight so i can experience what its like but yet the guy got one back and he ended up the worst this is without gloves(1:06pm)
right hii: u didnt show the best videos of the last ten years(1:06pm)
yzer: Now, lets go troll Trumpster vids!(1:06pm)
Jayjo: 'Night all (1:06pm)
brianOwNo: Stalker's tend to be consistent(1:06pm)
Darth-Maul: all (1:06pm)
zero-g: damn you graham(1:06pm)
Zeaux: I just got here(1:06pm)
Sno0opy: Did Graham record???(1:06pm)
StinkyGreenBud: WOOOO Happy 10 bitches(1:06pm)
shooterbret: papa bless(1:06pm)
Kopernikus: good night everybody, bye folks, stay sweet Bran Duke Bull All (1:06pm)
SomeTosser: There are 1000 people in the world with nothing better to do(1:06pm)
TNG_3B: 10 years old, LL is still a child (1:06pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: at least I was here, late but the importhing is that I am here(1:06pm)
altai8008: "I'll tell them again next week" translation: Wrap it u youth, I'm knackered(1:06pm)
Justice Dealer: OK fuckers, see ya on LL!(1:06pm)
FFFfffap: do you have any emails, graham?(1:06pm)
Cipher This: An Irish Prayer to ya.....(1:07pm)
Buckaroo: I just got here.(1:07pm)
Equix: Thx all (1:07pm)
LiveleakShowUsername: remember to end the recording graham!(1:07pm)
hrpuffinstuff: HAyden, You Rock! (1:07pm)
Pete_Moss: Time for a vid(1:07pm)
SomeTosser: night all(1:07pm)
VikingHelm: Thanks for the show.. Great crowd! Happy B-day.(1:07pm)
Acid Addict 90: ONE LOVE H, GRAHAM AND JOHN(1:07pm)
willybilly: seeya guys(1:07pm)
Sno0opy: YEAH!!!!!!(1:07pm)
allstars88: cunts(1:07pm)
Falcko Delaweena: Hayden is only 44? He looks much older(1:07pm)
Kopernikus: slow clap(1:07pm)
ShadyNJ: Later(1:07pm)
fat belly: bye everyone..happy birthday (1:07pm)
jenva: byee. happy birthday LL(1:07pm)
TNG_3B: Later brosky(1:07pm)
LiveSeal: Ciao from SERBIA!(1:07pm)
suckmylad: SEEYA LOSERS!! Next Time :-D(1:07pm)
battlezonebert: now hes in manky manc for a week lol oh fun(1:07pm)
zero-g: Happy Birthday LL you fukkers(1:07pm)
aHuman: ciao(1:07pm)
TEX: --------- enjoy----(1:07pm)
zepter00: ????(1:07pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: So what the fuck was this about?(1:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: Fair play to yah u bunch of cunts(1:07pm)
RustRocket: Thanks for streaming LL crew(1:07pm)
allstars88: shagarses(1:07pm)
FFFfffap: cu in 10 years(1:07pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: pull him back in(1:07pm)
Kopernikus: SHit just got unreal(1:07pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: given?(1:07pm)
TEX: TRUMP 2016(1:07pm)
YOU-people: Nigger(1:07pm)
Cup Of Tea.: SUCK IT. ASSAD 4TW(1:07pm)
allstars88: fagot(1:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: MORE(1:07pm)
fat belly: change the i to a candle(1:07pm)
Acid Addict 90: VIGOROUS AOP(1:07pm)
PiiaBrazi: thank you all. my David is there still alive. im happy. <3(1:07pm)
Equix: LOL !(1:07pm)
shooterbret: LOLOLOL(1:08pm)
battlezonebert: lol(1:08pm)
The White Death: Ok im listening(1:08pm)
TNG_3B: Not the Hayden!(1:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(1:08pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: Any prizes given? spread the wealth(1:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: VIGOROUS APPLUASE(1:08pm)
hrpuffinstuff: LOL(1:08pm)
SomeTosser: Check Bran's pants for badgers(1:08pm)
RustRocket: He looks good Piia(1:08pm)
FFFfffap: lol(1:08pm)
brianOwNo: more veiws then Hayden(1:08pm)
battlezonebert: council complaint?(1:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: I love badgers(1:08pm)
The White Death: Really ? That is fascinating(1:08pm)
TouchingFurniture: lol still alive(1:08pm)
brianOwNo: Cool(1:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: FUCK OFF(1:08pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: but I love hedgehogs(1:08pm)
allstars88: GIJOe @ YOU DOWNVOTING FAGOT(1:08pm)
PiiaBrazi: and i have my tent space at brans backyard (1:08pm)
Acid Addict 90: UR BORING MATE(1:08pm)
Kopernikus: sounds like a challenge(1:08pm)
TNG_3B: Badger of Honor(1:08pm)
TEX: The badger will be attacked by Peacocks with Big Ding Dings(1:08pm)
The White Death: Your tattoos needs more ink(1:08pm)
RustRocket: Where's Simpson going to sleep?(1:09pm)
battlezonebert: he continues lol(1:09pm)
Acid Addict 90: ZZZZZZZZZZ(1:09pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: this sounds like Autumn Watch(1:09pm)
Equix: ahhahaha(1:09pm)
shooterbret: NO FUCK YOU, BADGERS ARE LIFE(1:09pm)
bigdawg1888: Hey Bran(1:09pm)
Pete_Moss: Who is this guy?(1:09pm)
SomeTosser: Sing the Kitty song(1:09pm)
TouchingFurniture: there some shit on your finger bran(1:09pm)
battlezonebert: comedy sketch lol(1:09pm)
Acid Addict 90: Zzzzzz(1:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: bet he is(1:09pm)
TNG_3B: photobomb(1:09pm)
PiiaBrazi: besides me of course RR (1:09pm)
Kopernikus: aftershowparty(1:09pm)
zero-g: they also run off with gramma bigfoot's knickers(1:09pm)
Goliath: that's haydens brother(1:09pm)
SomeTosser: Kitty song(1:09pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Brokeback Badgers(1:09pm)
Acid Addict 90: zzzzzzzzz(1:09pm)
Falcko Delaweena: So you are a liberal. allstar88?(1:09pm)
The White Death: Here we see the proud future of liveleak(1:09pm)
YOU-people: Because we don't need no stinking badgers(1:09pm)
brianOwNo: badgers(1:09pm)
PiiaBrazi: sing about simpson(1:09pm)
TEX: Show you scare!(1:09pm)
TNG_3B: uh oh(1:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: badgers(1:09pm)
Gragster: topic: badgers(1:09pm)
RustRocket: That's a good spot , ha!(1:09pm)
Acid Addict 90: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(1:09pm)
PvtMadnage: Lets discuss the patch!(1:09pm)
PiiaBrazi: haha(1:09pm)
battlezonebert: YOU ARE LIVE(1:09pm)
shooterbret: sing about badgers(1:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: G FOR THE BADGERS(1:09pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: viwer counter has dropped 20%(1:09pm)
FFFfffap: cunty the cunty badger(1:09pm)
Acid Addict 90: DUKE!!!!!(1:09pm)
Kopernikus: hahha(1:09pm)
SomeTosser: Sing the kitty song(1:09pm)
TEX: Do you Ride??(1:09pm)
pontiaku: SNAKE(1:09pm)
The White Death: What have you contributed with in the battle against islam ?(1:10pm)
Goliath: lol(1:10pm)
cobro: SONS of ODIN(1:10pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Let's do a LL poll of Warrgypzy's Gender(1:10pm)
zero-g: we love youy bran(1:10pm)
Acid Addict 90: NO FUCK OFF(1:10pm)
TNG_3B: Badgers can be such coooooonts(1:10pm)
Buckaroo: Make a song about Badger Badger Badger(1:10pm)
VikingHelm: lol HR(1:10pm)
Pete_Moss: Go home(1:10pm)
PiiaBrazi: get david in there too(1:10pm)
battlezonebert: hayden got older(1:10pm)
Buckaroo: Mushroom(1:10pm)
FFFfffap: viewers numbers are seriously dropping(1:10pm)
Billy Grimpill: TELL ME ABOUT THE BADGER(1:10pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: Who's getting banned and why?(1:10pm)
brianOwNo: and grew hair(1:10pm)
SomeTosser: Sing the kitty song Bran, gets me hard(1:10pm)
FFFfffap: get a haircut, hippy!(1:10pm)
allstars88: who is this prick(1:10pm)
Acid Addict 90: WE HATE YOU(1:11pm)
RustRocket: Which is meaner , a badger or a wolverine?(1:11pm)
shooterbret: No sing about badgers(1:11pm)
PiiaBrazi: aww. wish i couldve been there(1:11pm)
Pete_Moss: H R It is a tranny(1:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: songs for badgers(1:11pm)
Mexihcah Reptiliano: WTF?(1:11pm)
TEX: Filling his Pen bottle(1:11pm)
SomeTosser: lol(1:11pm)
JustSomeUsername: gayden(1:11pm)
TNG_3B: Raped!(1:11pm)
Acid Addict 90: ZZZZZZ(1:11pm)
Kopernikus: i knew it(1:11pm)
Equix: hahaa(1:11pm)
battlezonebert: oh ffs(1:11pm)
Cup Of Tea.: sexy BOY PUNCH h AND THE TRAMP,(1:11pm)
TEX: just happen to have that close by???(1:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: WEINERS OUT!(1:11pm)
Equix: G'night(1:11pm)
PiiaBrazi: hahahaha(1:11pm)
Kopernikus: (1:11pm)
brianOwNo: top fucking kek(1:11pm)
battlezonebert: mcgregor shud of bent the fuck over(1:11pm)
zepter00: Hayden don't PiS on wall(1:11pm)
Mr_Joshua: Good night every one(1:11pm)
TNG_3B: the LL dildo finally made it back to the show(1:11pm)
fat belly: now the party really starts lol(1:11pm)
JustSomeUsername: lol(1:11pm)
Acid Addict 90: GO DO SOME AID WORK IN SYRIA(1:11pm)
shooterbret: that is the mod's dildo(1:11pm)
hrpuffinstuff: Marty didn't approve of hayden using his Dildo(1:12pm)
Kopernikus: nite night(1:12pm)
battlezonebert: lmao(1:12pm)
SomeTosser: That Dildo smells like Marty(1:12pm)
Falcko Delaweena: show is getting better every minute(1:12pm)
PiiaBrazi: awww.(1:12pm)
RustRocket: Ha Hr(1:12pm)
Kopernikus: lol(1:12pm)
cobro: Hey DUKE Greetz from ICeland(1:12pm)
SomeTosser: Duke(1:12pm)
The White Death: Sweden sucks. Greetings from Finland(1:12pm)
Equix: HAHA(1:12pm)
TEX: Cheers(1:12pm)
brianOwNo: lmao(1:12pm)
YOU-people: SUCK IT!!!(1:12pm)
TNG_3B: They store it up in the shit shack(1:12pm)
RustRocket: Duke , you're a natural(1:12pm)
Mr_Joshua: Would the last one out, please turn off the lights...(1:12pm)
Acid Addict 90: SVENSKA!!!(1:12pm)
Kempe: IS bomb(1:12pm)
TEX: a proper ending for once(1:12pm)
Darth-Maul: @cobro Are the Pirates in power now?(1:12pm)
allstars88: just go(1:12pm)
Al Bundy: Later All(1:12pm)
TouchingFurniture: that used to go up jays ass(1:12pm)
Gragster: skåne til danmark!(1:12pm)
Billy Grimpill: moooore!(1:12pm)
PvtMadnage: "Technical Error"(1:12pm)
Mike Kirk: =)(1:12pm)
Acid Addict 90: DUKE!!!!!(1:12pm)
fat belly: no wardrobe (1:12pm)
TNG_3B: Encore(1:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: REPRISE(1:13pm)
zepter00: Sayonara(1:13pm)
brianOwNo: should we make racist comments about the black screen?(1:13pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: why is there even a massive dildo in the studio ?(1:13pm)
PiiaBrazi: my david acid.(1:13pm)
The White Death: Sverige är ett babbeland(1:13pm)
battlezonebert: rather weird how a gimp in a mask turned into a look alike of mcgregor in a few weeks lol(1:13pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: who brought it ?(1:13pm)
Acid Addict 90: Graham WHY didn't YOU record MAN??(1:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: WAH WAH WAH(1:13pm)
zepter00: Massive dildo is forvself defence(1:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: WAH WAH WAH(1:13pm)
SomeTosser: What do you call two black people flying a plane ? pilots(1:13pm)
The White Death: you fuking racist(1:13pm)
TNG_3B: Good questions Major(1:14pm)
TouchingFurniture: thief's(1:14pm)
shooterbret: it is Bullshit_Detector's dildo(1:14pm)
battlezonebert: pielots lol(1:14pm)
pancaketitties: Dead on arrival(1:14pm)
Acid Addict 90: Asif someone tweeted in reg me and bugman...OWNED MAN!!! HAHAHAHA(1:14pm)
The White Death: TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP !!!!(1:14pm)
brianOwNo: racisssssmmmmm all around!(1:14pm)
PiiaBrazi: so freaking weird to watch him over htere - and im pretty sure the party starts right now hahaha(1:14pm)
hrpuffinstuff: lol(1:14pm)
SnAg: Wazzup Piia!?(1:14pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: for the after party(1:14pm)
battlezonebert: sausage fest(1:15pm)
timmymallet: after party?(1:15pm)
Acid Addict 90: Pleasure people...behave yourselves LOL(1:15pm)
RustRocket: Probably going to the Chipy's for some fish and chips , that's where I'd go.(1:15pm)
zepter00: How is fence in french language? De fence(1:15pm)
PiiaBrazi: heyyyy my snagsi - i mhere at home partying with one of my boys still home (1:15pm)
Billy Grimpill: that's it i have it with this site you are all so awful, I mean come show a ittle respect here ffs(1:15pm)
battlezonebert: i eat a large kebab durin the show it was fucking lovely(1:15pm)
brianOwNo: If you vote trump your racist and if you vote hillary then your a cunt and if your American to begin with....guess(1:15pm)
SnAg: Hello Simpson.(1:15pm)
PiiaBrazi: woop woop (1:16pm)
TNG_3B: That's racist!(1:16pm)
SnAg: lol(1:16pm)
timmymallet: I'm eating my own's brown(1:16pm)
Billy Grimpill: plurrrrbah pish(1:16pm)
battlezonebert: lol(1:16pm)
brianOwNo: I had a dram where i was sucking my own cock and woke up next to Hayden(1:16pm)
Billy Grimpill: funk nozzle(1:16pm)
TNG_3B: Turd balls(1:16pm)
PiiaBrazi: been a stressful time evne though he is there and im here. ill tell you that Snagsi(1:16pm)
RustRocket: I'm so sick of politics(1:16pm)
SnAg: All will be just fine.(1:16pm)
Stumpafied11: Me too.(1:16pm)
Billy Grimpill: badgder fuckerz(1:17pm)
zepter00: My batery is see you later(1:17pm)
PiiaBrazi: my gawd - its been ongoing since yesterday. but more calm tonight at least (1:17pm)
Stumpafied11: Peace.(1:17pm)
TNG_3B: You're sooo unPC(1:17pm)
Billy Grimpill: brama lol splat(1:17pm)
timmymallet: I thought it was spaghetti mixed with it but my mate says it's worms(1:17pm)
TNG_3B: Later Stump(1:17pm)
brianOwNo: Night Night cocksucker's....and....gentlemen(1:17pm)
Billy Grimpill: drunken baffonerismn(1:17pm)
tibnok: Why such a pussy videos theese days?(1:18pm)
Acid Addict 90: Symphony for the devil - neptunes remix Random tune plug...(1:18pm)
Billy Grimpill: cum quat(1:18pm)
Billy Grimpill: linger berry fuck tart(1:18pm)
PiiaBrazi: take care Zepter.(1:18pm)
TNG_3B: tibnok, have you not noticed, it's now LeakTube(1:18pm)
FFFfffap: so when is this show gonna start(1:18pm)
Acid Addict 90: lol(1:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: Olswald fffffaaaappppppppppppington(1:19pm)
Acid Addict 90: bugman...where is my sandwich??(1:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: for the win(1:19pm)
tibnok: tng:3B: Tnx for updating me :/(1:19pm)
YOU-people: We still got viewers(1:19pm)
Acid Addict 90: I know ur still here(1:19pm)
Billy Grimpill: You are all meme now(1:20pm)
Acid Addict 90: here fishy fishy(1:20pm)
TNG_3B: sucks don't it(1:20pm)
Billy Grimpill: yup(1:20pm)
Billy Grimpill: fishy fishy fish(1:20pm)
YOU-people: Only 5 now (1:20pm)
Acid Addict 90: Take care love(1:20pm)
timmymallet: sucks don't it...a vacuum cleaner(1:21pm)
TNG_3B: Then bestgore is just overkill(1:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: I want you all to know that I hate you free thinking bastards with a passion(1:21pm)
MajorGeneralDespair: I look forward to watching HALF of the recorded show again, when uploaded.(1:21pm)
TNG_3B: I'm touched(1:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: stop thinking and comply(1:21pm)
Billy Grimpill: you have been warned(1:21pm)
timmymallet: I wish I was touched(1:21pm)
TNG_3B: That's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me Billy(1:22pm)
Billy Grimpill: xxxx(1:22pm)
Billy Grimpill: Its all bollocks when you get down to it(1:22pm)
YOU-people: Awww that's cute, now go blow each other(1:22pm)
TNG_3B: (1:22pm)
timmymallet: or up to it(1:22pm)
Billy Grimpill: Arrrggghh(1:23pm)
TNG_3B: You people, so edgy(1:23pm)
Billy Grimpill: EDGY(1:23pm)
YOU-people: Thanks(1:23pm)
TEX: yup...(1:23pm)
Billy Grimpill: what the fuck does that even mean?(1:23pm)Billy Grimpill: EEEDDDGGG
TEX: ont the edgy ready to explode at a moments notice(1:23pm)
Billy Grimpill: boom(1:24pm)
TEX: there ya have it(1:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: sry I farted(1:24pm)
timmymallet: that is a word that is used in the English language when referring to something that you are pointing at(1:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: What like that thing over there(1:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: ?(1:24pm)
TEX: Should I buy the Browning Hi Power(1:24pm)
TNG_3B: where, point to it(1:24pm)
Billy Grimpill: oveer there --->(1:25pm)
TNG_3B: that's an aphidlip(1:25pm)
timmymallet: flymo might be better(1:25pm)
YOU-people: ⬆⬇⬅➡↘↖↙↗⤴⤵↔↕(1:25pm)
Billy Grimpill: but it could be over there <---(1:25pm)
Billy Grimpill: are you the real timmymallet?(1:26pm)TNG_3B: -------
Billy Grimpill: don't lie now it would break my fragile heart(1:26pm)
timmymallet: the cow says moo(1:26pm)
Billy Grimpill: baaa(1:26pm)TNG_3B: ===
> <
timmymallet: oink(1:26pm)
TNG_3B: baa baa black sheep(1:27pm)
YOU-people: The fag says haaay(1:27pm)
Billy Grimpill: heres you wealth cheque(1:27pm)
TNG_3B: you just said it!(1:27pm)
LiveSeal: So it seems this ... and expected a great celebration of LL turned into complete crap, how dissapointing(1:27pm)
timmymallet: the pig says 'Oh fuck! that's why they were fattening me up'(1:27pm)
Billy Grimpill: Oh fuck off you depressive dip shiot(1:27pm)
TNG_3B: it's because I'm sober Seal(1:28pm)
timmymallet: I think you mean shoit(1:28pm)
Billy Grimpill: SRY SHITE(1:28pm)
timmymallet: I was trying some shite earlier as I described(1:28pm)
timmymallet: own and sticky(1:28pm)
Billy Grimpill: he post good content(1:29pm)
timmymallet: and sticky(1:29pm)
timmymallet: like this keyboard(1:29pm)
LiveSeal: lol noticed how the whole thing changed after a few beers and what ever Hayden had?(1:29pm)
Billy Grimpill: dont care about his real life why should I(1:29pm)
TNG_3B: Hayden was drinking some Duff(1:29pm)
Billy Grimpill: Liveseal open up your channel and we shall discuss(1:29pm)
TNG_3B: Yes, they have Duff Beer in the UK(1:30pm)
timmymallet: just had my last oxo cube. I like three square meals a day(1:30pm)
LiveSeal: THey will not allow me to streem(1:30pm)
Billy Grimpill: really?(1:30pm)
LiveSeal: YES really(1:30pm)
timmymallet: really though?(1:30pm)
Billy Grimpill: but they let simplejack?(1:30pm)
LiveSeal: LOL he is harmlesss(1:31pm)
LiveSeal: I am not(1:31pm)
YOU-people: Let's get this circle jerk started last to cum is gay(1:31pm)
TNG_3B: SimpleJack makes funny faces on his show (1:31pm)
Billy Grimpill: I know but what have you brioadcast that let them ba hammer you(1:31pm)
Billy Grimpill: He streams loads of nazi bollocks?(1:31pm)
LiveSeal: THe egging on about abuse(1:31pm)
Billy Grimpill: mmm(1:31pm)
timmymallet: they don't like you to talk about eating your own brown food(1:32pm)
timmymallet: it's pooist(1:32pm)
TNG_3B: how's that shit taste anyway?(1:32pm)
TNG_3B: guessing pretty crappy(1:33pm)
timmymallet: quite palatable except for the worms and sweetcorn(1:33pm)
Billy Grimpill: I don't care what extreme views people haVE. i WANT TO DEBATE THAT SHIT IN AN OPEN FORUM(1:33pm)
LiveSeal: YES!(1:33pm)
Billy Grimpill: SCUSE THE FUCKED CAPS(1:33pm)
TNG_3B: Corn stays whole in your hole(1:33pm)
timmymallet: in or out it's still about(1:33pm)
LiveSeal: well you guys wanna talk about it on skype.... sirbata(1:34pm)
TNG_3B: Nothing like some fresh poopcorn on a Saturday night(1:34pm)
Billy Grimpill: I realise LL is not that forum but there is room for one(1:34pm)
timmymallet: or coop porn if you are a chicken fancier(1:34pm)
TNG_3B: lol(1:35pm)
Billy Grimpill: full and open uncensored debate(1:35pm)
TNG_3B: Only for the chicken chokers(1:35pm)
LiveSeal: YUP(1:35pm)
scrappydoo:;lt;< THIS is why they won't let liveseal stream, they don't like pedo's(1:35pm)
Billy Grimpill: I get that(1:35pm)
timmymallet: I'm not going to even mention my cock(1:35pm)
TNG_3B: cock cock... B"COCK!(1:36pm)
LiveSeal: ohhh really?(1:36pm)
timmymallet: Yes the chicken says, 'Yes don't even bother'.(1:36pm)
timmymallet: Never felt a thing...didn't touch the sides(1:36pm)
TNG_3B: (1:37pm)
Billy Grimpill: I do not give a shit about the right and wrong of his comments what I want is an open forum and not hide from controversial issues(1:37pm)
timmymallet: (1:37pm)
TNG_3B: I gotta run you crazy fuckers, until next time(1:37pm)
timmymallet: Night to all crazy fuckers too (1:38pm)
timmymallet: >>>>>>>>>>>>>Gone(1:38pm)
Billy Grimpill: FREE SPEECH is the last bastion of freedom you cunts we loose that we are done(1:38pm)
TNG_3B: G'nighters(1:38pm)
timmymallet: (1:38pm)
Billy Grimpill: stop hiding from language and discuss(1:39pm)
Billy Grimpill: See nothing(1:40pm)
LiveSeal: Billy.... when that same free speak is twisted around for standing up... gets worst than that(1:40pm)
Billy Grimpill: I want to argue with everyone about everything(1:40pm)
Billy Grimpill: this does not make me a troll(1:41pm)
LiveSeal: agreed(1:41pm)
Billy Grimpill: this makes me a concerned citizen(1:41pm)
LiveSeal: i likr that(1:41pm)
LiveSeal: it does... and more needed(1:42pm)
Billy Grimpill: I am not offended by your views I simply want to understand the reasons why you hold them(1:42pm)
LiveSeal: Likewise.... makes a comfortable place to just simply talk(1:42pm)
Billy Grimpill: And then maybe we can work this shit out, maybe(1:43pm)
LiveSeal: BTW.... Billl what are my views... first time i met you?(1:43pm)
YOU-people: 13 is not too young(1:44pm)
zero-g: you two should get a room,,,or just shoot it out here and now *popcorn*(1:44pm)
LiveSeal: FFS i was trying to make a point while drunk!(1:44pm)
zero-g: and no , 13 isn't too young, if you're 14(1:45pm)
LiveSeal: ughhhh(1:45pm)
YOU-people: I'm 12(1:45pm)
zero-g: are you naked?(1:46pm)
Billy Grimpill: @liveseal your views are mostly taken from other LL's who didn't like something you said in a live feed(1:46pm)
Billy Grimpill: I was not there and cannot judge(1:46pm)
Billy Grimpill: but I have ended up at a lot of your content lately and like it nuff said(1:46pm)
LiveSeal: Bill well obviously.... mainly ... aphidlip, jaquie, shitlocks and the alike(1:47pm)
LiveSeal: I trolled the fat cunt... then the hounds attacked... kinda expected(1:48pm)
Billy Grimpill: they did have a point from what I can tell. But like I said to me it is hear say. So I cannot judge(1:48pm)
YOU-people: So for the record you'd Fuck a 13 year old yes__ No__(1:49pm)
LiveSeal: Are you fucking kidding me? since a boy i was into MILFS.... GTFOHEEE(1:50pm)
Billy Grimpill: Does this really need to turn in to a burn the witch scenario or can we debate like adults?(1:50pm)
Billy Grimpill: probably not(1:50pm)
LiveSeal: OK... what is the subject of the debate?(1:50pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(1:51pm)
Billy Grimpill: free speech(1:51pm)
LiveSeal: No... NOT LOL WHAT IS it?(1:51pm)
Billy Grimpill: it is the only issue I truly give a shit about these days(1:51pm)
Billy Grimpill: no free speech = end(1:52pm)
LiveSeal: Ok ... 1st ammendment is not relevant to this story(1:52pm)
YOU-people: Live Seal, You fucking kids(1:52pm)
LiveSeal: hm i fuck kids?(1:53pm)
Billy Grimpill: I could not give a flying fuck about left or right(1:53pm)
YOU-people: I asked a question and you didn't answer so we'll have to assume yes(1:54pm)
Billy Grimpill: but once we loose a ability to truly discuss it we are FUCKED(1:54pm)
LiveSeal: YOU.... do you fuck 70 yr olds?(1:55pm)
Billy Grimpill: YOU-people = shitlocks?(1:55pm)
LiveSeal: Or perhaps 3 yr olds as the jews say no sin there?(1:55pm)
Billy Grimpill: urg(1:55pm)
LiveSeal: Billy... probably... if not one of them(1:56pm)
YOU-people: Now I'm just me , it was fun gotta go now(1:56pm)
YOU-people: *No(1:56pm)
LiveSeal: Sadly no meat to bite in a good debate(1:57pm)
Billy Grimpill: Where is the really true unadulterated place for free speech and expression online?(1:57pm)
LiveSeal: Depends on the site(1:58pm)
Billy Grimpill: link(1:58pm)
LiveSeal: Here i have infractions while fully allowed to scorn the jews and mooslimes.... but no way the blacks ( while raised in Africa)(1:59pm)
Billy Grimpill: ah the blicks(1:59pm)
LiveSeal: So.... there you go(1:59pm)
Billy Grimpill: I would say LL has given you quite a lot of leeway really seal(2:00pm)
Billy Grimpill: they are traveling a fine line(2:00pm)
LiveSeal: Seems to me that objectiveness is dead today due to all the BS political crap(2:01pm)
Billy Grimpill: agreed(2:01pm)
Billy Grimpill: But there is no real alternative to a forum like this(2:01pm)
LiveSeal: Fine line? Due to the slander or my opinions?(2:01pm)
Billy Grimpill: mmm(2:01pm)
LiveSeal: What would you consider the fine line?4(2:03pm)
LiveSeal: Better.... where does it becom pro, or anti something?(2:03pm)
Billy Grimpill: I guess it means people have to traverse this with caution. You frame your words the right way and it gets through(2:03pm)
LiveSeal: I frame my words in such a way that sencitive people are oblivious to them(2:04pm)
Billy Grimpill: If you are straight out anti this or pro that, then it is your fault for not framing the argument better(2:05pm)
LiveSeal: AHHH YES!!!!(2:05pm)
LiveSeal: You NAILED IT!(2:05pm)
Billy Grimpill: You can avoid censorship through wordcraft(2:05pm)
LiveSeal: LOL(2:06pm)
LiveSeal: I have no such intention.... have been tought some.... NO WAY(2:06pm)
LiveSeal: Not interested in tthe few(2:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: Why call a spade a spade when there are a million ways in the English language to play with the ideas and frame it better(2:07pm)
Billy Grimpill: they can not simply ban language entirely its all about how you phrase you ideas(2:08pm)
LiveSeal: I FULLY understand that.... but that would just make me another slimy JEW!(2:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: (((no)))(2:08pm)
Billy Grimpill: And by the way I am not a semite(2:09pm)
LiveSeal: OHHH yes they CAN! And doing so quite successfully(2:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: go on(2:09pm)
LiveSeal: And i am a pronounced Anti semite(2:09pm)
Billy Grimpill: lol(2:10pm)
Billy Grimpill: all that jew gold shit don't get to me to be honest(2:10pm)
LiveSeal: Jwe is just a chunk of it(2:10pm)
Billy Grimpill: It is just simply power in all the wrong places(2:10pm)
LiveSeal: Hmmm.... according to who?(2:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: If you had that power you would be just the same(2:11pm)
Billy Grimpill: You would hold on to it with your last dying breath(2:11pm)
LiveSeal: I would make Saharra best producing self sufficient food farm(2:12pm)
Billy Grimpill: ...(2:12pm)
LiveSeal: no GMOs , no pesticides(2:12pm)
Billy Grimpill: like that(2:12pm)
LiveSeal: Kinda like Gaddaffi did(2:13pm)
LiveSeal: You know... the guy that got killed for it(2:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: AH our bitch in the middle east that we sold down the sewer of geo politics(2:13pm)
Billy Grimpill: I liked Gaddafi he was kind of disco(2:14pm)
LiveSeal: Ummmm NOT Middle East.... AFRICA!(2:14pm)
Billy Grimpill: oops my bad(2:14pm)
Billy Grimpill: same thing though as far we are concerned in the free west(2:15pm)
LiveSeal: Richie.... yeah i do that now and then because your post iffitate me.... still love ya man(2:15pm)
LiveSeal: LMAO iffitate ! AHAHHAHHA Yup God sometimes the posts do that(2:17pm)
LiveSeal: due to huge number of posts in a row(2:22pm)
Billy Grimpill:


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