Frankie: The polarization of good people and jerks: Like JD1

Our good friend, Frankie, seems to bring out the best and worst of the LiveLeak crowd. He does do his best to info and entertain us and I'm telling you he is accurate on his forecast ! Our buddy does put himself out there for the public, so to some he is fair game. Fair game to the pitiful haters that have a miserable life and hate the world. Yesterday a jerkoff crossed a line with me personally !!

His name is JD1. A new troll on here.

Hollrob made a good tribute to Frankie and did a great job. One poster asked an honest question. "What is it about Frankie you like". I answered "If you ever have been around a challenged adult you would find them to be the most loving, peaceful, people on earth. I know this for a fact, my sister happens to be a special adult. She had a near fatal accident when she was 4 years old. I have been caring for her for decades until I had to place her in a nursing facility 5 years ago. To this day I visit this sweet lady a few times a week. We're very close.

The idiot..... JD1..... Said to me, "So she sucks you off and swallows good", along with a barrage of hateful comments about my sister ! I went ballistic on his stupid ass. His dumbass said "I'm semi-retired, debit free and have a great life". We all know that translate that he's a phony that obviously lives with mom and has no life. Most likely never worked hard a day in his life. Just a lonely parasite without friends.

I have had the pleasure to meet so many good and kind people on this great site. It's the trolls like this clown that threaten this site we all enjoy..... Don't let them win. Back Frankie !


By: Sam Shepard (20246.30)

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