Chicago Cyclist Sent Flying Into The Air

A 32 year old male cyclist (heading south along Halsted Street) was hit at the intersection by a car travelling (west along Roosevelt) in the University Village community near the University of Illinois at Chicago, resulting in a severe impact that sent the cyclist flying up into the air over the vehicle- partially landing along the sedan's rear, before crashing back down onto the street where he laid motionless indefinitely.

The 22 year old female driver remained on the scene and was not cited by the Chicago Police. A Chicago Fire Department paramedic engine is seen arriving on scene, as bystanders offer first aid and block traffic. Moments later other cyclists are seen traversing down the same bike lane.

Illinois state law allows for cyclists to slow down, or slow pedal, at stop signs: however, it requires them to come to a full stop at red traffic lights and obey the same rules of the road that apply to drivers.

In 2016 6 cyclists were killed in Chicago and in 2015 7 were killed, with dozens more injured, prompting the city to launch a Vision Zero campaign to change cycling and driving behaviors and street infrastructure.



By: CmdrBuzzLightyear (64.50)

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