Republicans Want Guns In Schools But Not At Their National Convention

In response to an epidemic of gun violence in America, Republicans reject any effort to control gun use. The solution, instead, is more guns.

One idea that is subject to particular derision is the idea of “gun-free zones.” Instead of creating safe spaces, Republicans argue, gun-free zones just create attractive targets for criminals.

So it might come as some surprise that this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland will completely bans guns. The event will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena where “” (Guns at the 2012 Republican National Convention as well.)At lot of people are trying to change that. More than have signed a petition demanding Republicans “allow open carry of firearms” during the convention.

It’s unclear if the person who started the petition really wants people to bring guns to the convention or is just trying to make a point — although it appears to be the latter. Many of the signatories, undoubtedly, are just trolling.

Ultimately, it won’t matter. Security at the convention is controlled by There is that gun-free zones provide an attractive target for mass shooters. Since the Secret Service is charged with protecting the safety of the candidates, not right-wing ideology, expect guns to remain banned.

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump was asked if he supported the petition and allowing people to bring guns to the convention. Trump said he needed to look at the petition before commenting but that he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.


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