Gray Racer

I was driving one day and saw a snake in the road in front of me. I stopped the car and got out because I wanted to see how it was doing and perhaps strike (get it?!?!) up a conversation with it but lo and behold it had perished under the rubber of a speeding douche bag.

All was not lost however because I decided that it was too pristine a specimen to ignore. So I scooped little dead buddy up and whisked it away in my car. Of course walking back to my car garnered a few stares from fellow motorists but I happily walked along and waved my snake at them.

It had a few gashes along the dorsal area that I promptly sewed up. I felt like a fucking surgeon! Then I injected its body with denatured alcohol, coiled it up in the jar, filled it with more denatured alcohol and then sealed it up forever.



Tags: yoursay, taxidermy, snakes, reptiles, animal specimen, roadkill

Location: United States