Maidan in Moscow is set!!! Just in case,,,If it will take place!!!

Russian diplomat, political scientist, deputy of the State Duma, Director General of the Institute of Policy Research and a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Parliament Sergei Markov warning that the Nazis prepared in Moscow "Russian Majdan"

He added that the main organizer of the Russian Maidan is opposition party Parnas. For those readers who do not know this party, briefly reminded that the party Partija of National Freedom - the People's Party of Freedom PARNAS / was founded in November 17 to 18 1990 when deputies "Democratic Platform - a fraction of the Soviet parliament - because of quarrels with party colleagues to XXVIII. Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union withdraw from the party and formed his own party. It is a right-wing centrist party, chaired by well-known opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov.

"The Russian Majdan.
Plan of The Russia Majdan is prepared at night from 18 to 19 September or at noon on September 19 According to the plan, tens of thousands of supporters of Parnassus should arrive at the parliamentary elections in Moscow, which will take place on September 18 Here they will be acomodated in own homes of party colleagues. On the night of 18 to 19 September they should organize mass riots and rallies to influence the work of the Central Election Commission. at Sept. 19 should be held mass meeting against the falsification of election results, "says Markov

Here even Ukraine info source on action

They also intends to create a attack force. Their main strike force should become a group of Russian nationalists,
Although Russian nationalists who are willing to cooperate with foreign intelligence services is very low number, but still some can found.

A key figure of this pack of Jackals is currently politician, blogger and nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev.

Today it is the most significant figure in Parnassus.

Together Work with DjomuĆĄkin known nationalist, organizer of the so-called "Old Russian March". also works with Yuri Gorsky, which is associated with the regiment of Azov in Ukraine. This regiment governed by a neo-Nazi, and military criminal Andrej Bileckij,

"The former battalion Azov is currently busily preparing for action in the southeast Ukraine. Currently, AZOV is not governed or Financed by Ukrainian oligarchs, but it is managed directly by the CIA.

There is a high probability that some fighters from Azov also will participated in the riots ala Majdan that neo-Nazis prepared on the base of Parnassus.



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