Powerful IEDs were meant to explode on IDF troops near Gaza border

A potentially devastating attack was foiled on Friday when IDF engineers found powerful, unexploded improvised explosive devices at the border with Gaza. Some of the devices were connected to remote-controlled timers via a cell phone.

The engineers were examining the location where a similar device detonated earlier in the week near IDF troops. It was the first time since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 that an explosive device was used against IDF troops at the Gaza border.

The Shin Bet and IDF have begun investigating the suspicion that Gaza militants had planned a large-scale attack on IDF troops near Gaza.

Meanwhile, medical sources in Gaza said a 20-year-old Palestinian died after being wounded in clashes near the Gaza border fence. According to the report from Gaza, local hospitals treated about 40 Palestinians wounded in clashes at a number of sites next to the border fence.

Rioters hurled 2 pipe bombs at IDF troops during clashes near Erez Crossing by the border, but these exploded within the Gaza Strip and did not cause any injuries.