Website of UK Journalist in Bangkok to be closed - Andrew Drummond rumoured to have been detained by Thai Junta!

In a bizarre article published on his web site at around 1730hrs last night, a UK journalist in Thailand described his website as 'finito'.

In an article titled ' , Andrew Drummond said 'this site has to close down'.

Drummond went on to talk about 'Gestapo like secret arrests' and that he 'will interview a general'.

Drummond then goes on in the article to say 'the general is a grunt' and refers to a 'dastardly coup'.

The article then goes on to say Drummond expects to be 'brought home by men in uniform'.

Speculation is rife that the bizarre article has been posted because Drummond has been contacted, summonsed or even detained by the Thai military junta following a number of articles being published on the site that were critical of alleged human rights abuses in Thailand following the military coup on May 22nd 2014.

Sources within the army have confirmed that all foreign media, especially websites, are under constant surveillance.

The bizarre web article comes on the same day that Drummond was ordered to appear in Koh Samui Provincial Court on August 7th on charges of contempt of court.