Victoria Nuland buries Minsk-2 and visits a musical zoo in Kiev

Oh the grandeur of the Empire’s foreign policy! Victoria Nuland flew
to Kiev and, immediately, the impact of her presence was felt.
First, Poroshenko presented a law which really gave no special
autonomy for the Donbass and which was never discussed with the
representatives of the DNR and LNR. In other words, the USA gave its imprimatur to the official and finally burial of Minsk-2.
Then Victoria Nuland visited the local zoo, also known as the
“Ukrainian Rada”. While this noble institution is mostly famous for not
dealing with the economy, rehabilitating dead Nazis and its epic
fights, today the menagerie of Ukrofreaks treaded Nuland and US
Ambassador Pyatt to a competition of “who sings the national anthem
It all began when my “favorite” Ukrofreak – Oleg Liashko – ended his speech by reminding Poroshenko that “the Ukraine has not died yet”
– which are, I kid you not, the first words of the Ukrainian national
anthem. Poroshenko had to stand up and join the singing, but without
putting his hand on his heart. Then it was Poroshenko’s turn to take
the floor and also end his speech with his own version of the national
anthem, with hand on heart this time. See for yourself:

And, each time, the assembled menagerie had to join in, lest they be accused on un-patriotic behavior.

And since we are talking about the Ukronazi national anthem, let me share a few hilarious facts about it.

First, it’s words are a direct copy of the Polish national anthem (“Poland has not perished yet“). So much for being original or even Ukrainian. But it gets better. The melody was written by, I kid you not, a Latin Priest. So far we have Poland and the Papacy. What is missing?

Guess where the hand on heart symbol comes from? It is a Masonic sign of allegiance (meaning “let my heart be torn out if I betray”) which was adopted in the USA after the so-called;amp;rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB8QFjAAahUKEwih6fzRnuDGAhXFth4KHR2NAvw&,d.dmo which looked way too “Nazi” to be used.

Obviously, our “proud Ukrainians” have no idea that they are aping a Polish-Latin-Masonic-US ritual when they sing “their” national
anthem and stand like a classroom of good American boys and girls
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Pathetic beyond words and worthy of
either hysterical laughter or tears (or both!).
The session than ended in the now traditional fist fight: