Vincent Simmons the African American Man Falsely Accused of Rape by Two Virgin Racists

Sentenced to 100 years in 1977 and still in prison.

After a twenty year struggle he managed to obtain the evidence used against him in the courts which the district attorney office had kept from him and his lawyers and then claimed they had lost after the trial.

This is a video of his parole hearing in 1997 after his receiving the evidence. It was filmed coincidently by a film crew doing a documentary about Angola prison in the USA called 'The Farm'..... The two twins who accused him of raping them both have attended his parole hearings over the past forty years.

No physical evidence was ever found to prove there was a rape. Quiet the contrary when tested the two supposed victims were both found to be virgins. When questioned about the crime as to whether the twins could identify their attacker, the two twins also said in their statement that they could not do that as to them "all n**gers look alike".

His last parole hearing was rejected as can be seen in the video where one of the parole officers also an African American man received some of the 'victims' racial abuse and is seen as being uncomfortable and stressed throughout the hearing.


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