Spotted this little critter on the beach in Kerry. So, I thought I'd take a couple of videos with some close-ups for any interested LiveLeakers :) The spider crab is the largest crab found in Irish waters, with a carapace width of up to 20cm and a leg span of 50cm or more. Spider crabs inhabit coarse sand mixed grounds and open bedrock from the shallow sub-littoral zone to a depth of 120m, although highest densities occur between 0 and 70m. Large migrations of spider crabs occur during the early spring when they move into shallower water to spawn. Female crabs become berried (egg-bearing) from April onwards, and by June all mature females are berried. Hatching occurs from July until November, following which the crabs migrate back to deeper water. Juveniles remain in shallow water close to the coast until they mature in their second year. Carapace widths for mature adults are from 8.5cm-20cm for males and 7cm-17.5cm for females.


By: Renegade (246.40)

Tags: liveleakers, spider, crab, kerry, ireland

Location: Ireland