Russia’s 200th Motorized Infantry Brigade Documented in the Donbass

The direct open source evidence regarding the participation of the 200th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade (military unit 08274) in the conflict in eastern Ukraine in the summer and autumn of 2014. The primary evidence for this, as presented below by Askai, is that the military equipment photographed and captured in video footage near Luhansk in 2014 were returned to their base in Russia in 2015, with the changed identifying features (yellow numbers, triangles) unchanged since their time in the Donbass.

Going into the warzone in the Donbass, Russian military units paint over the signs of their tactical units on military equipment in order to avoid detection. Some military units apply temporary identification signs. This is done in order to minimize the chance of accidentally opening fire on one’s own combat vehicles in a situation in which the enemy has the same or visually similar military equipment. However, now it is possible to identify which Russian military units fought in
Ukraine by the visible identification signs.

In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, like before in the Soviet Army, so-called tactical signs and hull numbers are applied to military vehicles in each military unit. Before the outbreak of
hostilities in the Donbass, there was not a single tactical mark used for the whole 200th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. Instead, each unit used its own sign.

The first, second, and third motorized infantry battalions had their own tactical symbols (a circle, inverted equilateral triangle, and a circle within a square, respectively, all painted in white), and their own numbering sequences:

In order to hide their participation in hostilities in the Donbass, these white tactical signs and hull numbers were painted over. In their place, new numbers and a tactical sign of a small triangle were painted in yellow. In some cases, the old numbers were painted over, but the new
ones were not put on.

In place of the old hull numbers and tactical signs on the T-72B3 tanks, we can now see new numbers and a triangle tactical sign in yellow:

The armored vehicles with the identifying signs of yellow triangles actually belong to the 200th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, as demonstrated in the photographs below.

A serviceman registered on the Russian social network site “VKontakte” as “” made a post in March on his page. In this post, he published a about how life is horrible for a kontraktnik (contractsoldier) in Pechenga, about the false promises of commanders, and abouta trip to Luhansk with the goal of killing enemies and saving his Slavic brothers. The poem has little value when compared to the photograph below it.

On Kondrashav’s photo, a number of units of military equipment from the 200th Brigade are in a village called “,” near Pechenga, where the unit is located. Dozens of vehicles have the yellow identifying triangles and hull numbers on the front side of the chassis. Also in this photograph is a MT-LB BMK with its “relatives” that is not adorned with white numbers and tactical signs.

Analyzing the accounts of the 200th Brigade servicemen on VKontakte allows us to find seventeen photographs of MT-LB BMKs with yellow numbers. The following list contains the yellow hull numbers on the MT-LB BMK with the original photographs hyperlinked and archives of the
VKontakte pages where the photographs were found.

[*] ([/*][*] ([/*][*] ([/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( ( ( (,,,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ( (,[/*][*] ([/*][*] ( — this photo was taken in Fall 2014 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Russia, and was not taken by a Russian serviceman[/*]
Thus, we have a photograph of the “yellow numbers” in a collection of military equipment in a village near Pechenga, numerous photographs with them on the social network pages of Russian servicemen, and photographs/videos of them in training exercises in the Murmansk oblast’.

There is obviously more than just a mere connection between the 200th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Northern Fleet and the vehicles with yellow triangles and numbers on the front part of their chassis. We will now consider the most direct evidence regarding the participation of this brigade in combat operations in the Donbass.

In early September 2014, a;amp;amp; was uploaded online that was shot from a vehicle on September 3, 2015 near a village Severo-Gundorovsky in the Luhansk oblast’. The video recorder took the GPS coordinates of the vehicle, by which we can establish that the beginning of the video is at,39.8727073,493m/data=%213m2%211e3%214b1%214m2%213m1%211s0x0:0x0, headed northward. The vehicle stops at,39.8729213,493m/data=%213m2%211e3%214b1%214m2%213m1%211s0x0:0x0, where we see a column of military equipment headed southward.

Ahead of the column is a camouflaged jeep ‘UAZ Patriot.” Until the moment when the video ends, we see the following vehicles pass by:

1 BTR-8010 MT-LB BMK transporters3 Strela-10 missile complexes2 T-72B3 tanks7 Ural trucks2 KamAZ trucks7 2B16 Nona-K artillery installations
Judging by the models of the military equipment (the T-72B3 tank, the modified MT-LB BMKs, the Nona-K), it is clear that this column is made up of vehicles from the Russian Armed Forces. The identifying signs on the MT-LB BMK are small yellow triangles, and there are yellow numbers
on the front part of the chassis. These two features on the vehicles clearly point to the 200th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade.

The quality of the video allows us to distinguish the following numbers on the MT-LB BMK vehicles: 775, 784, 785, 790, 791, 792, and 797. From these seven, which were already noticed in the previous list, we can find photographs of the MT-LB BMK vehicles with the yellow hull numbers 792 and 797 on the VKontakte pages of 200th Brigade servicemen.

Photograph from the account of

Additionally, see ( for a second photograph of MT-LB BMK with the number 792 from Maksim Belezersky, and another ( with resemblance to it on the page of “,” another

The MT-LB BMK transporter with the yellow hull number 797 is in the photographs of a Russian registered on VKontakte under the name “,” and also on the page of a under the name

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