Armed robbers run away after smoke device goes off during bungled robbery

CCTV:Winchester,England.(Watch the old man at the end try to trip one of the robbers as they run away, haha).

Winchester; three men burst into Jeremy France Jewellers, in Walcote Place, of the High Street, at about 4.30pm on Tuesday, pointing guns at the five staff and four customers on the shop floor, and telling them to get down.

Owner Mr France and his wife, Sarah, were in the store's office with four other staff members at the time. Mrs France said they heard the family's Jack Russell, Daisy, who goes to work with them every day, barking.

It was then that they activated SmokeCloak security devices, and the robbers fled as the shop filled with smoke. The terrifying drama was over in a matter of seconds.

Mrs France said the devices were installed just a few weeks after the shop was hit in a £250,000 raid on November 8 last year.

She said: "We heard the dog barking at them and that alerted us in the office and we hit the SmokeCloak button.