Santa Ana Police catch downtown tagger - 2011-10-07

I hate these scumbags and it's yet another reason why Hillary Clinton has got to be told no. On a LL matter however, If you're like me. Commenting on regular subjects like excessive black violence has become impossible, and we have been fucked around by the LL snowflake committee that has overrun the LL moderation team. Please raise hell every chance you can and get Hayden to stop hiring overly zealous snowflakes for moderation. It's time you help get your channel back to a more accessible site Hayden. There are some really fucked mods working for you that have gone too far. Some of us are concerned for the reality we live in and snuffing our voice to rally against crimes committed against whites is prejudiced and racist. Enough is ENOUGH!


By: Stomp your Face (1460.90)

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