Now I Know Why They Wear Burka's

Now I know why they wear Burka's

Let’s talk about being in a hairy situation … literally. Meet Harnaam
Kaur, a bride with a peculiar look that is revolutionizing the internet,
one social cannon at a time. This online sensation has embraced her
beard years ago, at a time where women are still tightly oppressed under
the magnifying glass of society’s beauty standards in which you can
never get it right. It never seems to be enough. If you’re overweight
and you call yourself ‘curvy’, you’re ‘promoting obesity’. If you’re
wearing makeup that could easily be seen on Rupaul’s Drag Race, then
you’re hiding your natural face because you’re ‘ashamed of being ugly’
or ‘covering your real self’. And if you stop shaving, like actress
Monique did a while ago, then you simply ‘let yourself go’, or are just
another feminist mascot parading your agenda around town. But what
happens when you don’t change the social cannon to make a point, but due
to an illness?

That’s exactly what happened with beautiful Harnaam, 23. She may be a
breath of fresh air for some of us, showcasing a type of beauty that you
will never see in any magazines for years, but the reason why she
sports a bear is not to defy society. She was diagnosed with polycystic
ovary syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth. And as you can
imagine, bullying was part of the daily menu being served to Harnaan at
age 16, which is when she started developing a beard. And when teenagers
get bullied, their coping systems are not really developed and they
start to take over the bullying themselves by criticizing their own
bodies and looks. Thousands of dollars were spent trying to get rid of
her now acclaimed looks that virtually make her one of a kind, despite
it being a condition that has existed since ages ago. But after years of
trying to deal with self-acceptance, she embraced her identity and
converted to Sikhism, which is a religion that forbids cutting of the

Ms Kaur let her hair down, (literally!) and started a journey of self
love which eventually payed off. She was recently photographed for an
exhibition that seeks to celebrate the world’s best facial hair. After
the photoshoot, she stated on an interview : ‘When I first started
growing my beard it was for religious reasons but as the years have gone
by I’ve kept it for more personal reasons, It makes me feel like a
brave, confident woman who isn’t afraid to break society’s norms.’ The world agrees with you, Harnaan!

I think I hear Circus Music


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