The Cremaster Cycle (Matthew Barney)

The Cremaster Cycle is a series of five feature-length films, together with related sculptures, photographs, drawings, and artist's books, created by American visual artist and filmmaker

The Cremaster Cycle was made over a period of eight years (1994–2002) and culminated in a major museum exhibition organized by Nancy Spector of the in New York City, which traveled to the in Cologne and the in Paris from 2002-03. Barney's longtime collaborator Jonathan Bepler composed and arranged the soundtracks for the films.

The films are not available on mass-market DVDs, and according to the press release for the 2010 US tour, the cycle "is Not Now Nor Will it Ever be Available on DVD". The films are primarily available via periodic screenings., the distributor, has not made the series available on DVD, though there were some rumors and announcements to this effect in 2003. So far, only an excerpt, "The Order" (from episode 3) has been released on mass-market DVD.

The full series was released in a limited series of 20 sets of DVDs, sold each for at least $100,000, in custom packaging – as fine art, rather than mass-market movies. In 2007 one disc (Cremaster 2) sold for $571,000.

Guggenheim release regarding The Cremaster Cycle;amp;print=1

The films were not in sequence in production, but follow a linear course of progression through the numerical release. The films were not made in numerical order (1–5), but rather in the order 4, 1, 5, 2, 3 – precisely, 4 in 1994, 1 in 1995, 5 in 1997, 2 in 1999, 3 in 2002. The numerical order is the thematic order, while in order of production the films increase in production quality and ambition, and they can alternatively be viewed in any order, as different views of a set of themes and preoccupations.

I present to you The Cremaster Cycle. Enjoy!

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 1 (1995)

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 2 (1999)

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 3 (1st Part 2002)

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 3 (2nd Part 2002)

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 4 (1994)

The Cremaster Cycle: Part 5 (1997)

Filmed during the preparation of the exhibition "The Cremaster Cycle" at the Astrup Fearney Museum of Modern Art, Oslo.
Interview of Matthew Barney regarding The Cremaster Cycle: