Amtrak Train Collision in Chicago

November 30 2007
An Amtrak train arriving in Chicago collided with a freight train today on the city's South Side, leaving at least five people with critical and serious injuries.
The five were in the Amtrak engine, which climbed top of the
last car of the freight train during the accident.
Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford says the train's three
double-decker passenger cars remained upright as the train came to
a "very hard stop."
He says none of the 100 to 150 passengers appear to have
suffered serious injuries.
An Amtrak spokesman says the train was arriving in Chicago from
Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Firefighters could be seen leading passengers away from the
train, some of them children holding the hands of adults.
Investigators don't know what caused the accident, but say the
two trains were on the same track.