09.05.1945 - The official end of WW2 (in Europe)

few amazing archive footeges from tjhis time.

1) Russian soldiers supervise the unloading of German prisoners of war on East bank of Elbe River, Grieben, Germany, end of WWII

Return of German prisoners of war to Russian soldiers, by the US Army in Grieben, Germany at the end of World War II. A large river barge loaded with German prisoners returning to the east bank of the Elbe river. Russian soldiers on the east bank supervise the unloading of several barges filled with German prisoners of war. Location: Grieben Germany. Date: May 8, 1945.

2) Polish 1st armoured Division (Members of 3rd in numbers western ally) after 283 days of fight, ended their 1800 kilometers long combat trail by taking main base of germna navy - Kreigsmarine in Wilhelmshaven. they liberated part of France, were main force in blocking retreat of 2 German armies in Falaise Pocket - Chambois, liberetad almost whole Belgium and Norther part of Netherlands, took north western part of Germany. Germans in Wilhelmshaven signed unconditional capitulation in front of General Stanisław Maczek, commander of Polish 1st Armored Division. 5-6 May 1945. Unfortunately they had not reach Poland what was "sold" to the soviets by American and British allies

3) The unconditional Surrender of The Third Reich in Berlin 8 May 1945

4) Humiliating parade of 60.000 German POW's in Moscov. Later they were send to Siberia as firced labours to repay their crimes.


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