Old Style Advertising.....

Tally Ho! A short clip delving into my career into the murky ghastly and often 'rapey' world of advertising. You'll no doubt gasp at my acting skills in my first commercial for Gin. Gin? Yes please. I was only 6 months old and mama tells me it took 14 takes and I ruptured my liver. Like a true gentlemen, I shit my nappy and carried on. That was the moment my love affair for gin was born. Alas, it was during the ill fated "Electro Bed" commercial that my life took a down turn. The stunt coordinator forgot to set the voltage correctly and on the 19th take, I lost a testicle, two toes and hair will no longer grow in my arse crack. Thank heaven for small mercies. What in the name of Winston Churchills balls? My gin supply is running dangerously low. Must dash. Toots pip.


By: Lord Spliffington II (6123.80)

Tags: Babies, Gin, Huzzah, Toots, Electro, Bed, Gin, Yes, Please,

Location: United Kingdom