MH17 victim's credit cards used after crash

MH17 victim's credit cards used after crash
2014-07-24 08:41

Cape Town - The widow of the South African man killed when
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine has been forced to cancel
his credit cards after noticing activity on his account. reported on Thursday that SA rescue helicopter
pilot Cameron Dalziel's widow Reine was stunned to see his cards were being
used in Ukraine after the plane went down.This comes as reports emerge that Ukrainian rebels have used
victims' credit cards, answered their cellphones and rifled through luggage at
the crash site, stealing their belongings. There are also concerns that they
may have gathered scrap metal, sabotaging the investigation into the crash.Cameron Dalziel was a rescue helicopter pilot from Durban,
but had recently moved to Malaysia with his wife and two children. He was
travelling on a British passport. Surreal

His brother-in-law, Shane Hattingh, told on Wednesday that
it felt surreal to watch as coffins carrying the bodies of victims arrived in
the Netherlands and were transported to a Dutch military base where they will
be identified.He said his sister, Reine Dalziel, also watched the
procession, adding that she's "destroyed". All that the family know is that Cameron was sitting in the business
class section of the plane, which reportedly did not sustain much damage. Meanwhile, a team has left South Africa to identify
Cameron's body. His brother Campbell that DNA swabs had
been taken from their parents, and that dental records and identity documents
would also be used. He thanked the British foreign office, his brother's
employer, and others who have supported the family.

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2014-07-24 08:41