US Spy Chief Says Genetic Engineering Is New Weapon of Mass Destruction

James Clapper claims that genome editing with the help of CRISPR technology is a national security issue. reports:

genetic technologies of genome editing allow to carry out some changes
in the cells at the DNA level. Genetic engineers can delete or replace
DNA chains in the human body, that allows to reduce diseases which are
spread at the genetic level.

However, taking into account more
wide spreading, quite low cost and quick rate of these technologies
development, not only doctors can be interested in them.

particular, basic compounds for an effective CRISPR tool may be be
bought through the Internet for $60. This creates a threat for economic
and national security of the US, Clapper noted.

In his report he
concluded that not quite high level of the ethic standards and
professionalism of the supervisory authorities outside the Western
countries may generate potentially dangerous bacteriological bodies and


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