Va Beach research tower dive

Fairly boring video of a dive. Stared at some stuff. Annoyed a starfish. Chased some bait fish... Some of the other divers said they saw a huge stingray.

This was the second dive of the day. The first was short. I got stuck buddying up with a fat guy that consumed all his air in like 24 minutes. I am certainly no pro, but this guy was flopping around and having a crappy time in general.

If you want to see a picture of the tower get on Google Earth and scan about 15.5 miles off the north side of the beach for a picture titled "Wave Daze 2009 Tower Challenge."

On my channel, I also have another video like this of me diving in Hawaii earlier this year.

If you don't like the music, hit the mute button. I think it is fitting.


By: Dylan_Carbon (6915.80)

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey