Man steals woman's purse and cell phone while her back was turned

A customer at Sparkle Clean Car Wash in Oakland Park was shocked when a thief seized the opportunity to snatch her purse out of her car. Detectives are releasing security video in hopes that the public will help identify this nimble thief.
Just after 10 a.m. May 14, the female customer was vacuuming her car when she noticed a black Volkswagen Passat park alongside her own car. A man got out of the passenger side and began to vacuum the Passat. The victim had opened the passenger side door of her car, reached into her purse and checked her cellphone. She placed the phone back in her purse and continued to clean her car not realizing she had left the passenger side door open. It took only a split second for the thief to reach into the car, grab the purse and drive off.


By: stainless111 (4438.30)

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Location: Australia