The Czech Republic evacuates Ukrainian Czechs from the Western Ukraine.

The situation of the Czech ethnic minority in Ukraine is complicated and demands a rapid solution, Hamacek, Chamber of Deputies chairman said after meeting Ema Snidevych, chairwoman of the Association of Volhynia Czechs in the Zhytomyr Province.

Snidevych asked Czech representatives to help them repatriate roughly 40 Czech families from Volhynia.

"Sobotka (Czech Prime Minister) is ready to assign the interior and foreign ministers to deal with the affair and to prepare a proposed solution with which the Czech Republic should help ethnic Czechs in Ukraine," Hamacek said, adding that he would recommend the steps to Sobotka himself.

"I will tell him that in my view, the situation is urgent and should be resolved in a few days' time," Hamacek said.

Hamacek said the Czech Republic was able to offer repatriation to ethnic Czechs from Ukraine.

"If the Czech Republic allotted 50 million crowns to the support for NGO projects in Ukraine, it would be right to find a similar sum in the budget and to approve the help to the Czech community," Hamacek said, speaking about the sum recently approved by the government for help to Ukraine.

Snidevych said crime had soared in Ukraine after the police had left to protect the border.

"If something happens, there is no one to ask for help. Bandits are appearing who call themselves home defence and the police is not working," she said.

"The situation is worsening by the day and one cannot expect anything good," Snidevych added.

Some 20,000 Czechs live in Ukraine, most of them in Volhynia, Western Ukraine, where they established tens of settlements in the second half of the 19th century.