Two Ants

For my first upload, I picked something special.

Ants. One can only admire them.

Invented by Austrian pilot and scientist Peter Antberger in 1956, they quickly became one of the most successful species on this planet. Their precision, their seemingly endless energy and their passion made ant settlements possible even in the most remote corners of this world.

After the first tribes left Austria, they quickly spread all over the Eurasian continent and, thanks to their ability to mimic any contraption by clinging together, they arrived in Oceania, Africa, North- and Southamerica as early as 1963.

Today, you will find ants everywhere - even on your doorstep.

In this video, we're seeing two ants of a tribe located in Germany, scouting the area in front of our neighbours house. Only moments after this footage was captured, they proceeded to build a modified tesla tower on that very spot. However it seems that they were unsatisfied with the results - they disassembled the tower a few minutes later and left.


By: Pulvertoastmann (11.40)

Tags: Ants, Tesla, Tower, Peter Antberger

Location: United States