Woman demands refund after she didn't like newly installed rear windshield...

The mechanic DID refund her, but he also fixed her problem with the new windshield...

"Man: Look ma am, I will take a video, to have proof that I'm returning the money. so that way y0u can't say I didn't return the money, ok?
Woman: Im not that kind of person
Man: me neither... I remember y0u saying "I don't want my address to be out there because I fear the reprisals"... Funny how y0u are allowed to not trust me but I can't not trust y0u ...
Man to camera man: hey! film a video of me giving the money back to the lady...
Man: here y0u go. are we good? good, y0u can go now... the windshield is mine, right?
Man: Everythings good, ok... (man goes off camera)
Man: *SMASH* Ok, it's done, y0u can go now.
Woman: “Hey”
Man: “Its done, y0u can go now ma am, have a nice day”
Woman: “Mister, y0u owe me a...”
Man: “If i remove it, i would have to break it anyway,”



By: plakka (2409.10)

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