Horny Teenager Gets Penis Stuck In Toilet Pipe

A horny teenager had to be freed with a circular saw after getting his penis stuck inside a toilet pipe. The randy 16-year-old lad began having sex with the waist-height metal pipework at his home in Johor, Malaysia, on May 20. But mid-way through the bizarre tryst, his privates swelled so much that they became stuck inside the grey alloy tube, which was uncovered and protruding outwards from the wall. The embarrassed lad desperately tried to free himself for over an hour before finally shouting his housemates for help. His pals then called the emergency services. Senior Fire Officer Seniman Idris of the Tangkak Fire and Rescue Station said they received an emergency call from the victim's residence at around 10pm on May 20. He said: "The metal pipe is about six inches in length with a [thickness] of 5 millimetres, and is no longer used. The firemen had to cut the pipe first.''



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Location: Malaysia