Police shoot down Muslim woman attacking people in Ukkel/Belgium.

In the Brussels commune Uccle, a 52-year-old Filipino woman today stabbed three people with a knife. Images of VTM NEWS shows how the woman sitting quietly on a bench in the mall, while the police are trying to overpower her. When the woman tries to escape, the police shoot her. Please note that the images can be shocking.

The woman attacked for an unknown reason two other passengers on the Chaussée de Waterloo in a bus of the STIB. She attacked them with a knife and wounded them. Afterwards she stepped down and went into a shopping center. There she wounded a third person.

Images of bystanders shows how officers demand she drops the knife, but she refuses. Six policemen try to get closer to the woman, but it succeeds her to run away. On her flight out she throws all kinds of tables and chairs on the ground. The police shoot the woman on the street, in front of many bystanders.

"As the lady did not follow the orders of the police, the police were forced to use their firearms to neutralize the lady," said prosecutor spokeswoman Ine Van Wymersch. The woman is not known to the court. She would have psychiatric problems.

We have been having a wave of attacks in belgium recently and the media all tells us these people have psychiatric problems, infact they are terrorist attacks. Share the truth!



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