War on Terror - Beauty queens edition

whilst bored off my ass today reading random news, I came across an article talking about Iraq's beauty queen Miss Sheyma Kasim being injured in the recent suicide bombing in Kerada Baghdad and I was struck by her beauty....being the spiteful, petty person that I am i decided to compare the beauty queens from the countries currently involved in the middle-east/world conflict and I found the coalition of terrorists to be extremely wanting in this regard...

This upload doesnt really serve any purpose but to have fun. So if you are gay and your feelings are easily hurt press the back button on your browser.

Terrorist Forces for 2015

ISIS - Beauty Queen - Um Bakr Al baghdadi

USA - Beauty Queen - Miss Kira Kazantsev

France - Beauty Queen - Miss Flora Coquerel

Germany - Beauty Queen - Sarah-Lorraine Riek

Turkey - Beauty Queen - Melissa Uzun

Britain - Beauty Queen - Miss Susan Boyle

Saudi Arabia - Beauty Queen - King Abdullah

Belligerents for 2015

Russia - Beauty Queen - Miss Sofia Nikitchuk

Iraq - Beauty Queen Sheyma Kasim

Iran - Beauty queen - Mahlagha Jaberi

Lebanon - Beauty Queen - Valerie Abou Chacra

Syria - Beauty Queen - Couldn't find a picture for obvious reasons


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