Kremlin fascists exposed with nazi symbolic during the Warsaw Uprising anniversary

The kremlin fascist 5th column stirred outrage in Poland as they displayed nazi symbolic during the anniversary of 1944 Anti-Hitler Warsaw Uprising.

..the Moscowy traitors also used the event to make anti-Ukrainian provocations.

Right wing parties in Poland are well known to be infiltrated by the FSB/GRU and Aleksandr Dugin 'Eurasian' neonazi ideology.

Putin traitors try to trick the Poles that the atrocities done under the NKVD/Abwehr occupation is a fault of Ukrainians. Also the Kremlin is accusing the Ukrainians of genocide of Poles which was done by the NKVD in the 30s/40s - 2 million Poles killed by the Russians in the East of Europe (Gulags,Syberia,Katyn etc).

The traitors are pretending patriots, but are well known as Kremlin fascists and exposed.

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