Tolwyn (Gimballock) and Surly Flying IL2 Online

IL2 (Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters, and 1946) is one of the longest-running WW2 Combat Flight Simulations ever. Released in late 2001, I've logged more hours in this thing than I dare admit. And I've been lucky to "fly" with the same great group of guys for roughly as long.

I found this video on a web server that I'm cleaning up and wanted to share it with my Liveleak pals. I am responsible for uploading it to Youtube, so blame me for the embed, I just felt dumb uploading it twice.

The sim is STILL being updated, runs on Win7. Enjoy Surly and I using good lead/wingman contract tactics taking down some HUMAN opponents in a huge on-line war (run by SQL server, maps, resources, etc.).