Code Pink hula-hoops for nuclear peace deal with Iran

On the 4th of August, Code Pink set up on the H st side of Lafayette Park with hula hoops and signs supporting the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran. The GOP and politicians funded by AIPAC are doing everything they can to kill this deal on Capitol Hill. It is possible that gas fracking and shale oil interests would also fund efforts to kill the deal, as the lifting of sactions on Iran could cause crude oil and gas prices to plunge. That could make fracking and tar sands unprofitable for years to come.

The US and EU sanctions against Iran could end as early as sometime in 2016 under the proposed accord. At that point Iran could begin ramping up their conventional oil and gas production. Already Iran is stockpiling oil to sell, that oil would appear in the market almost immediately, well ahead of any posssible completion of the Keystone XL, and ahead of any capture of the White House by the GOP that could make construction of the pipeline more likely. As Iran ramps up oil production, gas production will also increase, again ahead of Dominion Energy's gas export plant at Cove Point, MD going into service. Thus both Dominion and TransCanada have a lot to lose if this deal is ratified.

The Israeli lobby AIPAC too has much to lose, as they fear loss of Israel's nuclear weapons monopoly in the Midde East. They feare this even though Iran is agreeing to give up their facilities useful for nuclear weapons production. AIPAC, many in the GOP, and the Israeli right wing prefer a long campaign of airstrikes against current Iranian nuclear faclities, with all-out war as an expected and accepted outcome. If the deal goes through, AIPAC can forget about pre-emptive war and also will have taken a serious defeat in the US Congress. That, in turn, might reduce their influence in Congress in future debates.