Israel Defence Force Yahalom - Special Operations Engineering Unit

General activities[]Sayeret Yahalom is a classified unit and almost none of its special activities are exposed to the public.Public accounts of its activities usually just credit a "combat engineering force"; a term that can equally describe regular Engineering, operators and infantry engineering companies. has claimed that Sayeret Yahalom are working closely with and, by providing them with demolition, explosive and sabotage skills.[] Most of the equipment that Yahalom has developed for its missions is classified. Yahalom maintains secrecy to make it more difficult for enemies to develop countermeasures.

Sub-unitsYAEL ("";) - a commando demolition unit that conducts long range sabotages,,, and maritime engineering missions. The YAEL team has destroyed Palestinian homes and civilian infrastructure that the IDF identified as hiding weapons caches, tunnels used to smuggle weapons, and firing positions.[][/*]YACHSAP ("EOD Unit") - an EOD unit that removes and missile, handles, and ( threats, performs, and accompanies special operations units on missions where there units are at risk of encountering explosive booby traps. YACHSAP is constantly engaged in defusing large IEDs that has set along the and bombs Palestinians have planted in the the[] They often use when executing those missions.[/*]SAMOOR ("";) - a unit whose expertise is finding and destroying and hidden weapon caches. The unit dates back to 2004 when the IDF merged the team into Yahalom to form the SAMOOR platoon.[][/*]MIDRON MUSHLAG ("Snowy Slope") - a unit whose expertise is penetrating buildings using explosives or other methods (פריצה חמה).[/*]HEVZEK ("Flash-light") - a unit that operates military - no longer operates.[/*][/list]Arms and EquipmentFirearms include the,, Commando, and combat[/*][/list]Recent reports indicate that Yahalom has acquired remote-controlled that it can insert into tunnels, obviating the need for human operators to risk their lives.;amp;action=edit&redlink=1 for handling (IEDs), bombs and charges, and advanced EOD vehicles are standard equipment for all engineering units handling explosives. The experts use similar equipment. Yahalom also uses the up-armored and the remote-controlled "Raam HaShachar" version of the D9 (which were found extremely useful for special operation and CT duties), an armored with drills, the CEV, and;amp;action=edit&redlink=1, a modified to Yahalom's requirements.[/*][/list]