Hillary and the DNC Find Perfect Victim?

While listening to the DNC I was contemplating slitting my wrist, to avoid the gloom and doom message of global warming. The thought that people would think Hillary could control the weather, was just too much to bear.
Then, this woman strolls out accompanied by two gays to pet her while she spoke. She was perfect for Hillary and Obama's message they have been trying to sell.

At 1:17 (first video) she tells the story.
1) In high school, he won the Anne Franke (ultimate Jewish victim) humanitarian award for "Gay straight alliance" (need straight to align with gays for her platform).
2) His grand parents met in a Japanese endearment camp. (Some claim this is what Trump wants to do with Muslims).
3) At his birth, she was a Michigan state trooper (She is a cop?). The hospital took her gun, and placed it in a safe. (This is common sense gun laws?)
4) He was a Hillary supporter. (though most gays his age were with Bernie)

At 3;17 she talks about him being killed in Orlando. She says the gun fired 30 shots per minute, and that kind of gun was banned when he was born. What gun doesn't shoot above that rate?

Then I searched her. She is the center for most conspiracy theorist reasoning around the Orlando gay club shootings. She never mentioned ISIS, or Muslims that were the reason the the terrorist attack occurred.

I'm not one that thinks the Orlando shooting was a false flag. However, I am confident that Hillary. or Obama would take advantage of the tragedy to further their agenda.

The bottom videos are just examples of this womans past.


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