Russia wants to block YouTube and Instagram over video of oligarch

Yesterday the Russian government threatened to block Youtube and Instagram for its inhabitants if the 2 companies were to refuse to delete a video where Russia's deputy minister Sergei Prikhodko is seen on the yacht of oligarch Oleg Diripaska with the billionaire there in the presence of prostitutes. Alexy Navalny claims the oligarch was the middle man for the alleged Russian interference in the US elections because Paul Manafort was employed multiple times by Diripaska. Today the video was put on the Federal List of Extremist Materials, a list used by the Russian govt to block any kind of footage that would compromise Russian politicans, agents or their actions abroad.


By: Gilgamesj (796.40)

Tags: Vladimir Putin, Paul Manafort, Oleg Diripaska, Sergei Prikhodko, Ukraine, Alexei Navalny, Donald Trump

Location: Moscow, Russia