Answer to Propaganda lie - Right Sector robbed pharmacy. Harkov- posted claiming Right Sector robbed a pharmacy.

Facts is Right Sector helped the police to confiscate codeine tablets that was sold from Russian company from St. Petersburg.
Codeine is misused by drug addicts and one of the main components of the (warning very graphic)


<span title="Днем в субботу, 4 июля, в Харькове активисты в балаклавах разгромили диагностический центр «Альфа-Мед» на Героев Труда, 32Б, в котором в большом количестве хранились кодеиносодержащие таблетки.

">During the day on Saturday, July 4, in Kharkov activists in Balaclava
defeated diagnostic center "Alfa-Med" for Heroes of Labour, 32B, in
which a large number of stored codeine tablets.

<span title="Фото: А.Рязанов
">Photo: A.Ryazanov
<span title="Правоохранители пересчитали препараты

">Law enforcers counted preparations

intention to "cover" the pharmacy in advance declared civil wing of the
Interior Ministry special forces battalion "Shidny Corps' 15th
Battalion of the" Right Sector "and volunteer regiment" Azov ". <span title="В назначенное время к месту также подтянулись местные жители, которые снимали происходящее на телефоны.

">At the appointed time to the place and tightened the locals, who were filming happening on the phone.

With the "Gazelle" activists pulled the front grille, and people in the balaclava and camouflage uniforms broke into the room. On
the street, they carried more than a dozen boxes of kodepsin drug - a
drug that is taken for coughs and colds, but in large quantities it
causes hallucinations, as a derivative of opium. Similar
products in recent years, are very popular among addicts - they take
several packs at a time, even directly from the pharmacy. <span title="По словам активистов, всего в помещении они нашли около 2,5 тысяч блистеров кодепсина, а также около 4 тысяч уже пустых пачек.

">According to the activists, only in the room, they found about 2500
kodepsina blisters, and about 4 thousand already empty packs.

<span title="Фото: А.Рязанов

">Photo: A.Ryazanov

"This is proof that they are sold either individually, or it was a brothel. <span title="Масса либо, полностью, либо наполовину вскрытых пачек», - прокомментировал один из мужчин в камуфляже, показывая уже начатый блистер.

">Weight of a fully or half-exposed packs ", - said one of the men in camouflage, showing already begun blister.

drugs in the "pharmacy" almost was not - a few bottles of green fodder,
one package of cotton, a little tsitramona and dipyrone. <span title="Также активисты нашли в помещении деньги и заверили, что решать, на что их потратить будут жильцы дома и активисты – на «песок для детских площадок» или же на нужды бойцов.

">Also, activists have found the money in the room and was assured that
deciding what to spend it will be the tenants and activists - to "sand
for playgrounds" or the needs of the soldiers.

"Now the drugs are made very weak. It
is in every drugstore - "911", "Health", across the road, in any
amount, "- justified by the implementer and at the same time the owner
of the pharmacy Tatiana Kropivkina sitting on preparations which
activists shouting" POA - Ponad truncated "poured out of the boxes on
the street and trampled underfoot.