Colombian Drugs Boss Murdered In Gang Shootout.

One of the world's most wanted drugs lords has been found dead, possibly killed by his own men. The bullet-riddled body of Wilber Varela, the boss of Colombia's biggest cocaine cartel, was found next to the corpse of one of his bodyguards at a motel in Venezuela near the border with Colombia.

He had been on the run in Venezuela, directing his drugs empire, and may have been murdered in a settling of scores among rival gangsters.

Colombian police general Oscar Naranjo said Varela was Colombia's boss of bosses. He started as a hitman, and ended as the top man. It is hoped his death will be a major reverse for Colombia's drugs business.

Varela was a former police sergeant who rose to command the Norte del Valle cartel which sent thousands of tonnes of cocaine to the United States and Europe. There was a five million dollar bounty on his head. Violent disputes among rival Colombian drugs gangs has killed more than 1,000 people in recent years.