Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Dead

Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country born from Jihad. This all started with the conjoining of two people and their interests: Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the father of Wahhabism, and Muhammad bin Saud, the most powerful tribal warlord.

Together they expanded their control and power over what is today Saudi Arabia. This linkage inextricably aligns the Kingdom with Wahhabism in a marriage of interdependence, mutual benefit, and, very importantly; tolerance of one another.

The unwritten agreement between the royal family and the Wahhabists is based around the principal of we'll leave you alone if you'll leave us alone. The Kingdom could not survive without Wahabi acquiescence.

Funding for Wahabi expansion goes through various Islamic charities and usually starts with shipments of the Koran, funding of schools, etc. The strict indoctrination comes later once a dependence has been established.

You can always tell how devout a Wahhabi is by whether or not he believes the earth to be flat, as the Koran implies.

It would not be unfair to equate Wahhabism and Salafism (two very strict Islamic doctrines) with terrorism. Where you find one, you'll find the other.

* These are a couple of excerpts from Robert Gates' book "Duty" concerning his personal experiences with King Abdullah. It's amazing he lived till 90 years old considering his poor health habits.