Crushing Free Speech-Toronto Police Shut Down Anti-Islamist Protest

For the downtown area, dominated by “open-border” and gay-bar
activists, the painting was a beautiful expression of the “diversity” of
our city, especially considering the fact that this part of it is
gradually being overtaken by Muslims. The problem was that the quote in
question was a verse that is a battle cry, which promises a speedy
victory to the Muslims.
It is verse 13 from chapter 61 (“Al-Saff”) of the Koran, the nice
calligraphy says: “Help from Allah (is near) and a speedy victory (is
assured).” The phrase has been used for centuries to inspire the
jihadists in their wars against the infidels. Today it is routinely used
by the Muslim terrorists.
The militant of the phrase has been emphasized by “distinguished” Muslim scholars:

“According to Ibn Katheer, the 14th century Islamic scholar, in the verse “The Battle Array” (Al-Saff) Muslims are told that if they are willing to sacrifice their lives and possessions in the service of Allah, then not only will they find Paradise after death, but the conquest they desire over their enemy will be theirs very soon after they confront the enemy.

Another contemporary Islamic scholar, Mufti Muhammad Shafi in his nine-volume “Comprehensive commentary on Holy Qur’an”, had this to say about this verse. “There is one blessing that will be granted (by Allah) in this world. Which is the Divine help and imminent victory that is conquests of enemy territories. If the word Qarib (near) is the opposite of Hereafter, it would include all later Islamic conquests of Arab and non-Arab territories.”