Germany Conducts Nationwide Raids Over Online Hate Postings

Operation targeted 60 people accused of posting far-right content to a private Facebook groups.
If found guilty they have to expect high fines and even prison sentences. Maximum sentence is 5 years in prison with new hate speech laws.

Here are a few examples of recent "hate crimes" in the news. Mind these where all "normal" posters not actively running or posting to groups - just writing comments.

"Slaughter them all"
Next to an image of a dead women who supposedly got killed by a refugee.5 months prison, suspended on probation

„Dieses Pack gehört gesteinigt und an die Wand gestellt. Allen voran diese erbärmliche Drecksau von OB Jung, dieser Voll-Asi“
"This pack belongs stoned and placed against the wall . Above all this miserable bastard of OB Jung [German SPD politician], this piece of trash"
= > 1380 Euro penalty

„Merkel muss öffentlich gesteinigt werden“
" Merkel has to be publicly stoned "
= > 2000 euro fine

„Ich bin dafür, dass wir die Gaskammern wieder öffnen und die ganze Brut da reinstecken“
" I am up for reopening the gas chambers and throw them all in there"
= > 4800 euro fine

„Sogesehen haben die Juden am Holocaust des 2. Weltkrieges auch selber schuld. Vor allem die im Warschauer Ghetto…“
" Looking at it like that, the Jews in the holocaust of world war 2 are also to blame . Especially those in the the Warsaw ghetto ... "
= > 5000 euro fine

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