I think I taught this thief a valuable life lesson

... leave my shit alone!

Teenagers had been going through the neighborhood and stealing stuff out of peoples cars. After watching a few of the 'porch pirate' videos on here, I light bulb went off and figured I'd rig up something special for the next would-be thief. Needless to say, the idiot tried getting into my car only a couple hours after dark!
Edit: Insert "fake" or "gay" comments now. For those that says it's fake, oh well, don't watch/comment/etc, and next time, I'll try to find a thief with better acting skills.


By: bigEcod (14344.80)

Tags: stupid,thief,shocked,trying,to,steal,from,my,car

Location: 4526 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116, USA