Watch as sovereign beings of the Divine with blood that flows and flesh that lives take control of an unlawful Maritime Admiralty Court and arrest an unlawful judge. Both the Court and the Judge are working under Oleron Law which is controlled by the Rule and Code of The Crown Templar commanded at the very top by the Knights of Malta since the destruction of the Templars in the 14th Century. Everyone must be made aware of the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689! It was the Magna Carta coming out in 1215 which handed this Kingdom over from the Monarch (Moon Arch [Bridge]) to the Knights Templar as the Magna Carta was a breach of contract between the Pope (Pontifex Maximus [BRIDGE BUILDER]) ruling the World through his Temporal Power and the Monarch. Since 1215 England has always been under the Crown which isn't anything to do with the treasonous Queen of today or Monarchs ever 1215 since if the truth is known. The Queen is a member of the Crown but not its leader! This is the true power of the World working still to this day under the Pope. When the mass Knights Templar were destroyed in the 14th Century, the Knights of Malta replaced them by the power of the Pope and have controlled everything and in this case the commercial World ever since. The Commercial Courts work on the Maritime Admiralty system which is known today as Oleron Law, or the Law of the High Sea. This Sea is seen as the Sea of Souls and in the occult World this represents the power of the Moon Goddess Isis who controls the tides and why all ships are feminine named. The Oleron Law is based on VATICAN Canon Law which in these Courts can trump all other laws including Maritime if the Judge is defeated twice already. The Judge will go out of court yet again so as not to bring dishonor before trying once again to attempt to get jurisdiction on you. What you're not aware of is how he's now classed as a High Priest of Baal the God of Jupiter worshiped by the Roman Empire and its continuum today the Catholic Church. We're English people and from a true-Christian Country (not pagan-Catholics disguised as Christians in order to infiltrate, take over and destroy as you're seeing in the Church of England today gradually). We were and still are a Protestant Country and we shall soon once again find our roots and remember who gave us these freedoms we can have again and speak of right now. Long live Oliver Cromwell the greatest being of our land for 400+ years and King John of England who introduced the Magna Carta.. We must get back to following God and only the true Bible, the King James AV1611 which our enemies detest and try to undermine by the day with false bibles, hatred and disinformation to brainwash an ever increasingly dumbed down and easily led populace. Time to stand up and take our Nation of Land back. Its time to pull the plug on this treasonous fraud of water, out to Sea it shall go!

This event took place in an Unlawful commercial Court at Birkenhead, England on the 7th of March 2011. Raymond St Clair is the sovereign being of God speaking.

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