DHS Checkpoint Blog Entry 10: Man's Best Friend

The Homeland Security checkpoint seizure depicted in this video is the first one where I was stopped & seized in the presence of a drug dog during the day.

This footage should quiet those critics who claim these checkpoints are no big deal because they're only being used to check citizenship status.

Now it would appear that Homeland Security not only suspects everyone of being an illegal immigrant, they also suspect everyone of being drug smugglers as well (except themselves of course).

Remember, this checkpoint is located over 40 miles North of the border along a public highway that never intersects the border at any point.

Lest critics claim the use of drug dogs at internal 'immigration' checkpoints are a rare occurrence, I also point you to an article detailing the use of Homeland Security drug dogs at a Yuma, AZ checkpoint based upon a joint agreement with the Yuma County Sheriff known as 'Operation Citation'. The operation specifically targets recreational drug users & demonstrates the inevitable mission creep associated with the use of suspicionless checkpoints by Homeland security:


I note that the U.S. Supreme Court specifically struck down as unconstitutional checkpoints used to detect the presence of illegal narcotics in City of Indianapolis v. Edmund in 2000.

This prohibition obviously hasn't even slowed down the Department of Homeland Security.