You call that a Weapon, now this is a Weapon Mother Fucker !

A quick-thinking store owner in Redland
City Queensland Australia has launched a surprise attack against two armed robbers with the
help of an improvised flamethrower.CCTV video shows the moment
Alexandra Hills shop owner Dan Rigney defended himself against two armed
thugs using insect spray and a lighter.Blasting the bandits with
a gout of flame, Mr Rigney managed to send the intruders into temporary
retreat, one making for the door while the other fell backwards,
dropping one of his weapons.
The second attacker, recovering, is then seen standing and aiming his
gun directly at Mr Rigney, shouting threats and moving for the cash
register.Mr Rigney took the opportunity to flee while the robbers
laid aside their weapons and began raiding the till before fleeing with
a total of $680.Police are still hunting for the attackers.

Mr Rigney’s act of retaliation marks the second time he has stood his ground against thieves.

In 2010, he chased an armed bandit down the road into the arms of waiting officers.

Regulars at Mr Rigney’s store have expressed admiration for his actions.

“I wouldn't cross him again, that's for sure,” patron Kylie Kidman said.

(all credit goes to 9 news Australia for this story)