Schoolgirl, 17, 'raped twice by stranger in park after she lost her friends at nightclub'

A teenage girl separated from her friends on a night out was put in a taxi and driven to a muddy park 25 miles away, where she was raped twice and thought she was going to die, a court heard today.

Arshad Arif, 28, of Slough, Berkshire, allegedly approached the 17-year-old when she was standing cold and wet outside a nightclub in Watford, Hertfordshire, with no money, mobile phone or coat.

Two hours later she banged on a couple’s door in Slough, with her tights hanging off and underwear missing - after being attacked twice by Arif, who had forced her to perform acts, the court was told.

Abigail Husbands, prosecuting, told Reading Crown Court in Berkshire: ‘Her father received a terrible phone call from his daughter - the sort every parent dreads. She had been attacked.’

After meeting friends at one of their parents’ houses, the group had gone a bar in Watford, before ending up at the nightclub Oceana where they drank more wine and shots of spirits.

But she became separated from her friends, who last saw the girl at 1.50am and could not find her.

‘She had no coat, no bag, no money and no phone,’ Ms Husbands added. ‘It was raining. It was late November. She must have been feeling pretty desperate.’

As the mother set off, her daughter was getting into the taxi with the man she had only just met. He spoke to the driver in a language she did not understand, the court was told.

‘When they got to a drop-off point that was in Slough - where the man wanted to go - the female said she didn’t want to get out but the male took her with him,’ Ms Husbands said.

The girl told police that once out of the taxi the man took her into a park and after walking for several minutes they stopped at a muddy area, before he exposed himself and raped her.

Following the attack, she managed to reach a house, where she roused the elderly couple who lived there, the court heard. They comforted her and let her use their phone to call her father.The victim said that during the alleged attack she feared she was going to die. In a police interview played to jurors she said how Arif threatened her and forced her to perform acts.

Arif was allegedly identified after it emerged he had earlier allowed the schoolgirl to use his phone - with her father noting down the number - and a swab taken from the girl allegedly had his semen.

The girl's memory failed her from between 12.30am and 3am - from shortly after drinks were bought for the friends by an Asian man in Oceana and around the time she got the taxi, the court heard.

Arif denies two counts of rape. The trial, before Judge Zoe Smith, continues.