Islam is Shrinking

Everyone knows the slogan, "Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world".
Is this true or is it propaganda? What are the facts? What are the sources?

Islam is shrinking/dying and believers are leaving by the millions.
A look at UK's figures MrNomorePropaganda


Muslim statistics

Fastest Growing Christianity

Pew Forum

Personal Values

More and more atheists in Muslim majority countries

Iran Muslims not attending mosques;amp;date=2012-11-30

Muslims need to reflect why so many millions are leaving Islam

Millions Are Leaving Islam Every Year

In Africa Alone


Muslims Leaving Islam in Droves

WHY millions are leaving ISLAM

2 Million People In Indonesia Leave Islam For Christianity Every Year

2,000,000 people left Islam Vs 2,000-5000 people embrace Islam

2 million ethnic Muslims in Russia leave islam:;amp;div=513
in every year 6 million African muslims convert to Christianity or Atheisam .
For English Translation :

Muslim Scholars, Mullahs, Imams Leave Islam and Enter Christianity.

200,000 UK Muslims Left Islam,,2-1470584,00.html

50,000 Iranian Muslims have embraced Christianity in Iran in last 2 years

250,000 Muslims left Islam in Malaysia,100000 became christians;amp;task=view%20&id=791&Itemid=28
For English :

10,000 Frech Muslims converted to Christianity in last years,
For English :

Thousands of Kashmiri Muslims leave Islam and Convert to Christianity !

Thousands of Bangladeshi, North African, Kashmiri, Indian Muslims, Central Asian Muslims Leave Islam and Embrace Christ.;amp;task=viewarticle&artid=994

Some 35,000 Turks converted from Islam to Christianity last year

Kyrgyzstan : 100,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity in 3 Years !;amp;PHPSESSID=df81b650d93475f5d699815c7f7da5ad#

Indonesia :
to A.T. Willis and others between 2 or 3 million Muslims converted to
Christianity after the massacres of the communists in Indonesia, in
"Catholic officials stated that approximately 10,000 Muslims convert to Catholicism each year. "

The World's Religions in Figures: An Introduction to International Religious Demography,Todd M. Johnson and Brian J. Grim.

10 myths

Muslim Scholar Leaves Islam


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