Escalation at the Israel-Gaza border continues

3 Palestinians, including 90-year-old man and his grandchild, were killed after a shell hit their home, during fire exchange between IDF and a terror cell which approached the Gaza border fence.

Latest Update: 09.12.10

Three Palestinians have been killed near the Gaza border Sunday after a Palestinian terror cell clashed with IDF troops east of Gaza City.

A Gaza source belonging to one of the Palestinian organizations in the Strip said the army directed artillery fire at the cell.

Palestinian sources said the fatalities are three civilians, including a 90-year-old grandfather, Ibrahim Abu-Asad, and his 14-year-old grandchild, Hussam Abu-Asad. They were said to have been killed after a shell hit their home.

Three other grandchildren were reportedly wounded in the incident. It's unclear whether any of the Palestinian terrorists involved in the clash were killed.

At around 7:30 pm, Palestinian sources said 20-year-old Ismail Abu Uda, who was injured from the artillery fire, had died from his injuries.

Loud blasts in area
Three loud blasts were reported around 5 pm Sunday near a southern Israeli kibbutz, as a Palestinian terror cell was spotted by the IDF as it approached the Gaza border fence.

Cell members apparently fired mortar shells or RPG missiles at IDF troops, who simultaneously fired back at the terrorists.

During the incident, military officials assessed the situation and debated whether to order local residents to enter bomb shelters in the area. Following discussion, officials decided to maintain the routine and not order residents to take cover, while keeping troops in the area on high alert.

An IDF spokesman responded to the incident, saying forces "identified a number of suspects trying to shoot anti-tank rockets at our forces. The IDF returned fire towards the suspects and identified a casualty."

Tensions have been high in the south in recent days, after Palestinian terror groups fired several Qassam rockets at Israeli communities during and after Rosh Hashana.,7340,L-3953000,00.html