Yoursay: Response to Logitech gaming keyboard

A storm-say about my keyboard, bit ranty, have been up since 5, bleh.

My Maltron dual-handed {with Maltron layout} ... needed it when my RSI from keyboard/mouse use finally caught up with me after decades of typing/gaming ... hasn't got rid of the RSI but really helps keep the symptoms away - no more shooting pains, cramps, frozen shoulder etc ... this is my fourth attempt to say what I wanted to say {knew I should have written a script or at least notes} ... feel free to comment below ;) Most people are curious but many say they couldn't use it ...

And yeah I realise now that 'The' is the most commonly used word in the English language not alphabet ;) ...

So it doesn't have lights, programable keys or monitor but I wouldn't trade it for anything ... it's more important to me than my motorbike as much of the work I do needs typing up ...


mine is on this site, they mainly make keyboards for people with disabilities rather than gaming:

cheaper alternative, looks nicer too :

speed/accuracy test, I'm around 65wpm with no errors - slow because I've retrained from QWERTY to Maltron so if I'd learned Maltron first I would have been faster, good luck :) :

MALTRON's own layout (what I use) ...

... bit busy this week but will keep my eye on this if anyone has any questions about RSI, keyboards etc ... otherwise hope you likey and see you around :)

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