P1800S won't start? Suggestions?

I know alot of Liveleakers to be highly intelligent in many ways and so i ask... why does this old bitch of a car need to be "jumped" everytime?
It only seems to holds a charge for a few hours.
The battery is about a year old and this car has'nt left the parkade for over a year.
I like ta fire it ip at least once a month ta keep everything moving/lubed.

I lost the keys a couple months ago and tried "hotwiring" it to no avail.
Is it possible i blew the starter?
Yes, i have since had a locksmith make a new set.
I can't get it into gear either... it used to grind getting in n' out but now nothing. There is no resistance in the clutch!
Oh, the horror of it, i actually saw an old Dodge Kcar with collectors plates the other day and i was like fuuuuuuck!



By: mariachistorm (1664.50)

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