New Evidence as to why US Military has been performing so Poorly

Obesity epidemic 'is a US national security
issue,' says general who warns that America will soon be too fat to
field an armyGeneral
in charge of US Army recruiting has warned that America's massive and uncontrolled obesity epidemic 'is a national security issue'[/*]Major General Allen Batschelet says 70 percent of young men and women are currently refused because they are morbidly obese[/*]Current trends project that the military will be unable to recruit enough qualified soldiers by the end of the decade[/*]Maximum body fat percentage that the army allows for recruits aged 17-20 is 40 percent for men and 50 percent for females[/*]The good news is all US Police Forces are happy to accept the Military Rejects![/*]More good news is that the people that weigh over 450 pounds can be Walmart Security Guards